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Sea Base Emigsville
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S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's Home Port

Sea Scout sweater patch from the 1930's, S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's adopted unit emblem.


Sea Scout Ship 25

    York-Adams Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

First Chartered May  15, 2000 to

Yorkshire United Methodist Church, 125 Edgewood Road, York, PA 17402

We are proud members of Yorkshire Church's family of Scouting programs 
(Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Sea Scouts)

Standard Sea Scout Unit patch - Ship 25 qualified as of 31 March 2003.

We are named SSS YORKSHIRE both for our sponsor as well as for the famous clipper ship Yorkshire.

NE Regional Commodore's Award of Excellence - Ship 25 qualified as of 4 April 2005.

We meet Monday evenings throughout the year from 1930 - 2100 hours (7:30 - 9:00 p.m.) except on holidays.  Often, in April through September, the meetings are held at the Emigsville Sea Scout Base, 3591 Liverpool Turnpike, Emigsville, PA.  For directions and map to Sea Base Emigsville, click here.  

When not at Sea Base Emigsville in the summer months, and in October through March, we meet at the Manchester Sea Scout Base, Garrod Hydraulics, 1050 Locust Point Road, Manchester, PA.  For directions and map to Sea Base Manchester, click here.

The first Monday meeting of the month is generally a Quarterdeck meeting for the youth officers and a Parents' Committee meeting for the parents.  The remaining Monday meetings each month are generally special programs or theme oriented.  See our Activities Calendar for current details.

We warmly welcome prospective new members who are age 13 and have completed the 8th grade through age 21.  We are a co-ed group, with male and female adult advisors.  Prior Scouting experience is not required.

We strive to conduct all our programs in accordance with the programs and policies of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America and the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting.

We are a very active group that goes out and does things.  We don't sit and talk - we do it.

Regular meetings may consist of seamanship and/or Scouting skills practice.

Special activities include regattas, tours, and special events.

We have access to one 12' Whitehall rowing boat, one Vanguard 470 racing sloop, one 24' Windrose day sailer, one 19' Chrysler Buccaneer, a 34' Silverton twin-engine flybridge cruiser, a 43' Mason ketch, and a 46' Morgan ketch.

As Sea Scouts, we subscribe to the Sea Promise, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law.

As of 31 March 2003 we met our interim goal to qualify as a Standard Sea Scout Unit.  On 2 April 2005 we met our goal of becoming a Regional Standard Ship by earning the Northeast Regional Commodore's Award of Excellence.  Now our goal is to qualify as a Sea Scout National Flagship.


WOSM - our ship is a member of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement.

National  Sea Scout Fleet, B.S.A. - our Ship is a member of Sea Scouts B.S.A.

Northeast Region Sea Scout Fleet, B.S.A. - our Ship is a member of this Region.

Chesapeake Sea Scout Flotilla, B.S.A. - our Ship is a member of this Flotilla.

New Birth of Freedom Council Sea Scout Squadron (formerly York-Adams Area Council) - our Ship is a member of this Council.

Troop 25 B.S.A. - many of our crewmembers are also members of  this Scout troop.

UK Sea Scouts - better prepared.jpg (48945 bytes)

Thanks to our British Sea Scout cousins for the above logo

P.O.C. - Point of Contact:

George Hay Kain, III
Skipper, Sea Scout Ship 25
3592 Liverpool Turnpike
P.O. Box 14
Emigsville, PA 17318
email: skipper@ship25bsa.org (for adult matters) or boatswain@ship25bsa.org (for youth matters)
Telephone 717-880-8730 (24/7 mobile) 

Facebook Group: Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE - York, PA

AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: skipperkain

This page is from the website of SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25, York, PA, USA - http://ship25bsa.org