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S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's 2003 Sea Scout of the Year  

National Sea Scout Committeeman Ryck Lydecker, Associated Editor of BoatUS Magazine, presents the 2003 YORKSHIRE Sea Scout of the Year Award to Yeoman Amanda Rose Klinedinst as YORKSHIRE Skipper George Kain looks on.

S.S.S. YORKSHIRE Ship's Yeoman Amanda Rose Klinedinst 

Receives the Ship's  2003 Sea Scout of the Year Award from 

National Sea Scout Committeeman Ryck Lydecker as

Skipper George Kain looks on

Recommendation made by: George Hay Kain, III, Skipper, S.S.S. YORKSHIRE

Ship: SSS YORKSHIRE – Sea Scout Ship 25                         City: York   State: PA


Current leadership position / rank:  Yeoman, Ship 25

Length of time with Ship: One Year

Past positions held: Ship's Yeoman

Noteworthy contribution to Ship:

Despite this being her first year with our Ship and with being our youngest member, Amanda Rose Klinedinst has been the most enthusiastic and energetic member of our Ship.  She has accumulated the most points in our Ship’s Uniform and Attendance Competition, and has accumulated the most hours (over 50) in our Ship’s Work Hours and Community Service Hours Competition.  She has been diligent in her work as Ship’s Yeoman.  She is the only member of our Ship to have earned the U.S. Heritage Gold Award, and one of our few members to earn her Small Boat Handler Bar during our Long Cruise this past summer.  She has also advanced one rank during the year.  Her school notebook cover is decorated with photos from various Sea Scout activities she has attended, and is so talkative about Sea Scouting that one of her teachers has given her the nickname of “Sailor”.  She is the first female to have ever gotten through every single element of the York-Adams Area Council’s Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) course.  She was also a volunteer instructor at our companion Troop 25’s Scout Parent Basic Training Course.

Grade: 9th                                 School: Central York High School

Hometown: York, Pennsylvania

Noteworthy contribution to community: She accumulated over 12 service hours assisting as staff at the Multiple Sclerosis Bikeathon this past summer.

Church/Synagogue/Temple/Congregation: Church of the Open Door, Shiloh, PA

Final comment about candidate:

Amanda’s enthusiasm and dedication reflect great credit upon herself, her Ship, and Sea Scout program of the Boy Scouts of America.

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