BOR 2004 - The Bermuda Ocean Race

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This page was created before the start of the Bermuda Ocean Race to outline our plans for the race.  To jump ahead to the completed story of how the actual race turned out, and to see photos from the race itself, click here.

Proposed  Sea Scout BOR Crew Shirt Logo:  the flag of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda on a gray background (the hull color of Kuan Yin, with red and blue lettering, the colors of the Sea Scout flag.

IT'S OFFICIAL - Sea Scout Training Vessel Kuan Yin is a listed entrant in the 2004 running of the biennial Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race - with an all Sea Scout crew!  Here's the deal:

The Boat:      a Mason 43 Ketch, SSTV Kuan Yin. (Click on photo to enlarge)

SSTV Kuan Yin - a 43' Mason Ketch.  The Sea Scout entry in the 2004 Bermuda Ocean Race.  Click on photo to enlarge.

The Crew:     Youth Members:
                    Drew Kenneth Brenneman - Life Scout, Ship 25 Specialist Boat Captain
                    Carl Chindblom - Sea Scout Ordinary - Ship 25 Boatswain's Mate for Program
                    Philip Valentino Accardo - Sea Scout Apprentice, Ship 25
                    Bryon Thomas Long - Sea Scout Apprentice, Ship 25
                     Adult Advisors:
                            George Hay Kain, III - Skipper, SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25
                            Stephen Derby Alexander - Chesapeake Sea Scout Flotilla Commodore
                            James Carl Long - Ship 25 Parents' Committee Member
                            John Alan Dawson - Chesapeake Sea Scout Flotilla Committee Member
                            (Lorna Brenneman - Ship 25 Executive Officer, replaces James Long on return voyage)

The Race:       A 750 nautical mile race between approximately 30 large sailboats down the Chesapeake Bay and across  the Atlantic Ocean from Annapolis, MD to the island of Bermuda.

The Prize:     Bermuda: the sense of accomplishment that comes from selecting a goal, preparing properly to meet that goal, and then carrying out the plan and achieving the goal. We'd also like to win first place in our division, but our ultimate priority is a safe voyage for both crew and boat.

Aeriel view of Bermuda.  The harbor of St. George's is in the lower right corner of the photo.

The Route:    The race portion is from Annapolis to Bermuda.  Our crew will then continue on, after a layover in Bermuda, to Beaufort NC, up the ICW (intercoastal waterway) to New Bern NC, Manteo NC, Norfolk VA, and then back up the Chesapeake Bay to our home port of Pasadena, MD.

The Distance: 1,750+ nautical miles for the entire cruise.

The Dates:      Friday, 11 June at 1300 (Race Start at Annapolis MD) to Sunday, 4 July 2004 at 1000 (Return to Pasadena MD).

The Current Situation:  For SITREPS (Situation Reports) during the race, click here.

[NOTE:  Due to communications difficulties with the single sideband radio, no sitreps were actually provided.]

We extend our Special Thanks to the following supporters of our project:

          Jim Cullen and the staff at North Sails, Chesapeake Region, Annapolis MD, who have assisted with our purchase of new state-of-the-art main and mizzen sails with loose foot, full battens, and STRONG TRAC mast hardware.

       The staff at Fawcett Boat Supplies, Annapolis MD, who have always provided us with a Sea Scout discount and excellent advice on the purchase of supplies and equipment.

        Ryck Lydecker, Associate Editor of BoatU.S. Magazine, for his steadfast support of the Sea Scouting programs of the Boy Scouts of America, and Ruth Isler Baumert, our BoatU.S. Marine Insurance Representative, for assisting us with our offshore insurance rider. 

               West Marine, for providing us with a Port Supply discount card.

           Mountain Multigrams, Dover, PA for providing us with a great logo and a price break on our Ship 25 BOR crew shirts.

        Weems and Plath classic brass nautical clocks, barometers, oil lamps, nautical gifts, tide clocks, binoculars, navigation tools and instruments for providing us with an elegant navigator's kit in mahogany box to use as a navigation prize for the youth crew members.

        sea anchors Zack Smith and the Fiorentino Para-Anchor Company for providing us with the loan of a Fiorentino Sea Anchor, Drogue, and warp.

        United Defense Sue Long and Herb Muktarian of United Defense LP, Ground Systems Division, for the donation of a used IBM Think Pad computer for use in our on-board navigation system.

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