Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race 2008

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Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE - participated in the 2008 Annapolis Bermuda Race onboard SSTV KUAN YIN from 13 - 20 June 2008.  

Here are some links of interest about this race.

Video of the Pasadena to Annapolis Positioning Leg, "Race to Bermuda" by Bill Kalina of The York Dispatch

Video of Brian Kurzik's race photos, from YouTube (for full screen, click on lower right corner)

John Dawson's Race Footage - Part 1 (Ocean section)

John Dawson's Race Footage - Part 2 (Bermuda section)

Michelle's Most Excellent Bermuda Adventure - photo/video from YouTube

Eastport Yacht Club Bermuda Ocean Race Page

Weather Information 

St. George's, Bermuda Information

Here are the underlying files that can make up a comprehensive history of the adventure.  If you care to print them out and assemble them, you will have a nice, complete log of the race down to Bermuda.  Most files are in Microsoft Word format, and the rest are in Microsoft Excel format.

                                Deck Log Cover Sheet and Table of Contents

Rough Deck Log

Garmin Chart Printouts

Selected Iboat Tracks 

Watch Bill

Dispatch News Article "York County Sea Scouts Sail in Bermuda Race"

Hanover Evening Sun Article "Ocean Race - Hanover Teen Shoves off for Bermuda"

Various Narratives from the Race

Kuan Yin Nighttime Running Procedures

Kuan Yin Head Operating Procedures

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Amendment to Sailing Instructions

Race Results Chesapeake Portion

Race Results Ocean Portion

Race Results Overall

Okay, so we got a DNF (Did Not Finish in Allotted Time) for the ocean portion and overall.  At least we weren't the last one out of the Bay.  We have a heavy-weather boat, and we had very light, adverse winds at the start of the race.  It got to the point that in order to make the celebrations in Bermuda and connecting plane flights, we eventually had to motor some of the time, hence the DNF.  Nevertheless, we met our three-part goals:  get the crew there safely, get the boat there safely, and have fun in the process.  By those standards, it was a huge win for us all the way around.  It validates one of the unofficial Sea Scout mottos: "Join Sea Scouts and see the world!"

        Some trip statistics:

           Nautical Miles Covered Through Water By Raymarine knotlog: 931 Nm

Nautical Miles Covered Over Ground By Furuno GPS: 820 Nm

Nautical Miles Covered Over Ground By Garmin GPS: 824 Nm

Total Time Starting Line To Customs: 6 Days 20 Hours 6 Minutes

Total Time Starting Line To Customs: 164.1 Hours

Total Time Under Power Starting Line To Customs: 84.1 Hours

Percentage To Time Starting Line To Customs Under Power: 51%

Gallons Of Diesel Fuel Used (Estimated): 75.7 Gallons

iBoat Tracker Page - follow the progress of Ship 25 in KUAN YIN online 24/7 from 13 June -20 June 2008.  Select the Annapolis-Bermuda Ocean Race and watch the track of all boats, or just selected boats, in the race.  Updated every two hours.  Discontinued as of 1 July 2008.  For selected archived tracks, click here.

For information about our participation in the 2004 and 2006 Annapolis Bermuda Races, click here


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