Kuan Yin's Future Plans

Updated 06/10/2008 15:32


Kuan Yin is looking forward to entering service as S.S.T.V. Kuan Yin, i.e. as a Sea Scout Training Vessel, primarily for members of S.S.S. YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25 of York, Pennsylvania and also for Sea Scouts of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom and the Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America.

As of the moment, plans include:

    8 June 2003 -    Eastport Yacht Club BOR Qualifier - ShortTail Regatta

    18 July 2003 -    23rd Solomons Island Invitational Regatta 

    11 June 2004 -   Bermuda Ocean Race - ~750 nautical miles one-way from Annapolis, MD to Bermuda and return.  For our official entry page and details, see BOR2004.

    2005 -               Marion, MA to Bermuda Race

    2006 -               Newport, RI to Bermuda Race

    2007 -               Trans-Atlantic Crossing to attend the 100th Anniversary of Scouting/21st International Scout Jamboree at Brownsea Island, Poole Harbor, UK


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