Qualified Seaman

 The Advanced Seamanship Course

Reference: Sea Scout Manual, 33239B, 2000 printing, p. 98.

 Instructor’s outline for eight two-hour sessions

Session One – Aids to Navigation

1.     Aids to navigation.

2.     The buoyage system.

3.     Use of various buoys.

4.     Storm warnings—publications and charts.

5.     Other storm warnings.

6.     Daymarks on vessels.

7.     Dredges, moored vessels, and towing.

8.     Daymarks, beacons, minor lights, and ranges.

9.     Intracoastal waterway markings, buoys, and aids.

10.   Lightships and lighthouses.

11.   Radio beacons.

12.   Government publications—tide tables, Notice to Mariners, etc.

Session Two – Rules of the Road

1.     Purpose of rules of the road.

2.     Danger zone, right-of-way.

3.     Sound signals.

4.     Lights.

5.     Orders to the helmsman.

Session Three - Seamanship

1.     Lookout.

2.     Bearings, reporting.

3.     Taking soundings.

4.     Marlinspike seamanship.

5.     Types and use of anchors.

  Session Four - Safety

1.     Necessary equipment.

2.     Hazards.

3.     Hull inspection.

4.     Fire fighting.

5.     Proper fueling.

6.     Life jackets.

7.     Charts.

8.     Weather.

9.     Man overboard drill—class project.

10.   Grounding.

11.   First aid.

  Session Five - Piloting

1.  The compass—description and use.

2.  Compass boxing contest.

3.   Operating by visual aids.

4.   Working a course.

  Session Six - Charts

1.   Definition of charts.

2.   Orientation and dividers.

3.   Chart symbols.

4.   Speed, distance, and time.

  Session Seven— Safe-Boating Operation

1.    Principles of sailing.

2.    Powerboat operation.

  Session Eight— Operating a Boat

  1.    Demonstrate proper operation of a sailboat or a powerboat.

a.  Safety checklist.

b. Emergency procedure.

c.  Handling lines.

d. Correct anchoring.

e.  Use a chart—lay out a course.

f.  Operate the boat in a proper manner and make a correct landing.

2.     Conclusion—Present Qualified Seaman Bar, No. 04053, to those successfully completing the course.

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