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The National Sea Scout Log (1940's)

Official Publication for Sea Scout Leaders

Published bi-monthly ex. July-August

Sheldon Clark, Chairman, National Committee on Senior Scouting and Sea Scouting

Editor, G. E. Chronic, National Director of Senior Scouting

Asst. Editor, Ralph H. Mozo, Asst. National Director of Senior Scouting

The National Sea Scout Log masthead (1940's).

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November 1942 - Activities - Pulse of the Program, New Scouting Movie, Ship Rating Program, Emergency Service Program, George E. Chronic - New National Director of Senior Scouting, The Ship's Menagerie, Ralph H. Mozo - New Assistant Director of Senior Scouting, Unserviceable Boats, and Wings for Sea Scouts.

January 1943 - Meeting Programs - The Life of the Ship, Deep Sea Scouts, Rules of the Road, Demonstrating the Principles of Small Boat Sailing, Sea Power, and Example of Material for Skipper's Minute.

March 1943 - Equipment, Trundle Skiff, Boats, A Sea Scout Investiture, and How to Make a Spar Buoy.

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