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17 June 2002  - Special Quarterdeck Meeting

A special meeting of the SSS YORKSHIRE Sea Scout Ship 25 Quarterdeck was held on Monday, 17 June 2002, at Sea Base Emigsville commencing at 1900 hours.

Present were the Boatswain, the Boatswain's Mate, the Yeoman, the Purser, and the Storekeeper.  Also present were the Skipper, Mate Klinedinst, and Committee Member Mrs. Wills.

The Boatswain called the meeting to order at 1900 and held an opening ceremony.

The Yeoman took attendance and read the minutes of the Quarterdeck Training Seminar held 8 June 2002 at John Paul Jones cabin.  Upon motion duly seconded and approved, the minutes were approved as read.

The Purser gave a general report on the finances of the Ship.  She and the Skipper will meet one hour early this coming Thursday to prepare a more detailed report.  The Purser also gave a report on the state of the Soda Mess.  Upon motion duly seconded and approved, both reports were accepted as read.

Under Old Business:

  1. Upon motion duly seconded and approved, it was agreed to create a Ship 25 Ceremonial Detail. Skipper Kain will order the three sets of uniform items. He will also plan a date for USMC training for the detail at the Marine Barracks.
  2. Reminder: The Ship will soon need a new medic, as Amanda Marie is moving out of state. 
  3. Reminder:  Amanda Marie, Chris, and Drew need to pay $7.00 for the canoe race.  The Purser will contact them to bring their money to the next meeting. 
  4. Upon motion duly seconded and approved, the draft Ship 25 Bylaws were approved as submitted.  Each petty officer present signed the official copy of the Bylaws.  The rest of the ship's company will be asked to sign the Bylaws, also called the Ship's Articles, at the upcoming admission ceremony.
  5. Reminder: The Thursday 27 June regular meeting will be at the York Water Company Employees Center at Kain Park to do the required annual swimming qualification test.  The meeting will begin one hour early at 1800 with an outdoor BBQ and picnic.  The food cost for the picnic will be $4 per person. Mr. John Strine of Troop 25 will conduct the swim test.
  6. Open item: at the next weekly meeting, the Boatswain needs to get someone to be the food committee for the swim party on the 27th
  7. Reminder: No meeting on Thursday, 4 July, for obvious reasons. 
  8. Upon motion duly seconded and approved, it was agreed that Thursday, 11 July will be the admissions ceremony (an Apprentice Rank requirement).  Skipper Kain will send invitations to the parents.  The uniform will be undress whites.
  9. Suggestion: Have BSA lifeguard training sessions this winter at the YMCA.  Maybe Mr. Brenneman could run the sessions.
  10. Reminder: We need to schedule time in the fall to view the BSA youth protection video. 
  11. Reminder:  We need suggestions for fundraisers.

Under New Business:

  1. The Boatswain reported that Mr. Breen has decided to go ahead and donate Windrose, an 18-foot sloop with accommodations for four Sea Scouts plus trailer and outboard motor to Ship 25.  We are waiting word from Mr. Breen concerning when to pick up the boat and complete the paperwork.

The meeting concluded with a Skipper's Minute.

The next regular meeting of the Ship 25 Quarterdeck will be held on Monday evening, 1 July, at the Sea Base, commencing at 1900 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Rose




15 June 2002 - Chesapeake Regatta Activity

Ship 25 went down to Rocky Point State Park to compete in the Chesapeake sailing regatta hosted by Skipper Gray and his ship.

Adam and Leah took third in the Jy15 category. Tim and Matt did not finish the race ( for reasons unknown) and Mr. Kain and Amanda Rose took third out of the three boats racing in the JY-14 category.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Rose



13 June 2002 - Regular Weekly Meeting


Ship 25 held a ceremony to admit the new boatswain and cabinet. At the weekly Sea Scout meeting it was moved, second, and duly carried that the Ship 25 shirt color will be black ( 4 voted blue, 5 voted black).

Reminder: The Ship 25 Quarterdeck's first meeting will be Monday June 17th 2002 at Sea Base Emigsville at 1900 hours ( or for those who are a little slow 7:00 pm).

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Rose




8 June 2002 - Quarterdeck Training Seminar - John Paul Jones cabin        

At the quarterdeck training seminar it was moved, seconded, and duly carried that the Ship 25 Quarterdeck will meet monthly on the 1st Monday at 7:00pm at the sea base.

Reminder: plan date for the admissions ceremony and the swim qualification test
The quarterdeck needs to discuss the color guard detail
                        *who will do it

                        *when will they meet


Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Rose




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