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2002 - 2007 - Prior Year Calendars

Where "Meeting" or "Work Party" is hyperlinked in the calendars below, you will find minutes of meetings or work parties that are completed, and agendas for future ones.

Updated 1/1/2012 13:03 - For more information contact Skipper George Kain, ghkain@comcast.net, 717-880-8730.

Our Ship website is http://ship25bsa.org.

Note that these events and comments are in addition to the normal Monday night meetings at 7:30

Gas computations are based on the assumption of 8 persons to an SUV.

1 January (Sunday) – New Year’s Day.

2 January (Monday) – We WILL have a meeting.  $75 due for upcoming Arctic BBQ.  See below, and also separate email for details.

10 January (Tuesday) – Absolute deadline for Arctic BBQ registrations to be received by Ship 5.

16 January (Monday) – Martin Luther King Day – Absolute deadline for Catoctin registrations, which must be sent in 19 January.  See details below.

19 January (Thursday) – Email Catoctin Registrations to Mike Price

28-29 January (Saturday-Sunday) – Arctic Bar-B-Que, West Chester, PA. This is a great weekend designed to see if it is possible to tire out teenagers in a twelve hour period.  This year’s activities include a t-shirt and the outdoor BBQ, bowling, Bounce-U, indoor swim, dinner, roller skating, dance, movie, sleepover, light breakfast.  Depart Sea Base Emigsville 07:30 Saturday, return 11:00 Sunday. Cost: $5 for gas plus $70 event charge for $75 total, due January 2. Boarding manual and details at http://ship5.bsawc.org/documents/arcticbbq12.pdf.  (Note that Ship 5’s new BBQ deadline is 10 January).

13 February (Monday night) – Absolute deadline for NERBOH Registrations. See below for NERBOH details.

28 February (Tuesday) – Annual Troop/Ship 25 Dinner, Advent Lutheran Church, 1775 East Market Street, York PA. Each year Troop and Ship 25 share a dinner.  We traditionally present a video, “Ship Year in Review” that highlights the ship’s activities for the preceding 12 months and acts as a recruitment incentive for older boys in the Troop.

20 February (Monday) – President’s Day

2-4 March (Weekend) (note Date Change!) – Catoctin Winter Training Weekend, Camp Round Meadow, Thurmont, MD.  Spend the weekend in heated cabins in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland.  Learn a wide variety of nautical skills.  Dance on Saturday night. 120 miles round trip. The cost is $5 for gas plus $45.00, which will cover your registration, sleeping quarters, three meals on Sat­urday, and two meals on Sunday, i.e. $50 total.  Note that space is limited, and reservations must be in no later than January 19. Boarding Manual online at http://www.seascout.net/chesapeake/catoctin_training.htm. 

17 March (Saturday) – St. Patrick’s Day Parade, York, PA.  Help us honor the members of the U.S. Merchant Marine from World War II by carrying their banner and providing transportation in jeeps.  Last year we won $50 in one of the parade categories.

24-25 March (Saturday-Sunday) – Northeast Region Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball (NERBOH), Holiday Inn, Bridgeport, NJ.  Join Sea Scouts from the entire Northeast Region for a fine dinner and dance at the Holiday Inn.  This year’s special 100th Anniversary of Sea Scouting speaker in the National Sea Scout Commodore, Vice Admiral Charles Wurster, USCG (Ret’d).  186 miles round trip.  Cost is $6 for gas, $50 for Saturday dinner and dance, and $21.50 per room if 4 to a room (rooms are $86) and pro-rata share of $15/ship fee.   $81 total (depending on number going).  Full details in the Bridge of Honor Boarding Manual at http://neregion.seascout.org/2012%20RBOH%20Bdg%20Manual.pdf.

8 April – Easter Sunday

13-14 April (Friday night - Saturday) – Mulch Sale Delivery Day.  Selling mulch is the major annual Ship 25 fundraiser.  Orders are solicited in March for delivery on Saturday, 14 April.  Friday night is spent preparing the mulch bags for delivery.  This is an all-hands undertaking.

April (Saturday-Sunday) – Siege of Mafeking, Emigsville, PA. Date TBA. Begins at 6 p.m. Saturday.  Journey back in time to South Africa in 1899 and join a column of brave British soldiers en route through enemy Boer territory to help relieve the siege of the city of Mafeking and rescue Colonel Robert Baden Powell. Navigate a series of fiendish challenges and obstacles.  Save the colonel so he can survive to invent Scouting ten years into the future!  Be Prepared!  Prepared for what?  Can’t tell you – just be prepared!  Cost: minimal.

20-22 April (Weekend) – Quarterdeck Training with Ship 361.  Details pending.

27-29 April (Weekend) – First Capital District Spring Camporee.  Help staff the council’s spring Camporee.  Location and details TBA.

30 April (Monday) – Ship 25 deadline for Regatta Registrations to get them to Doug Yeckley by 4 May.

May (afternoon/evening) – Ship 25 Road Rally, York County, PA. Date and details TBA.  Teams of driver/navigator take on an interesting road course.  Winning is not dependent on speed, but on careful driving and accurate navigation. Cost: free.

4 May (Friday) – Absolute deadline for Regatta Registrations to be received by Doug Yeckley.

13 May (Sunday) – Mother’s Day

19 May (Saturday) – Armed Forces Day

22 May (Tuesday) – National Maritime Day

26-28 May – Memorial Day (Long Weekend) – Nygard Regatta, Camp Brown, Scotland, MD.  Details and boarding manual at http://www.seascout.net/chesapeake/special_events/regatta.htm. 330 miles round trip. Cost is gas of $10 plus $70 for a total of $80.

28 May (Monday) – Election of Boatswain for the ensuing year.

Summer 2011 (Weekend) – Shipwreck Weekend, Chesapeake Bay.  Date, location and details TBA.  In the past, the scenario has been that the youth members are dumped on the edge of the Bay with a pile of boards, inner tubes, rope, one MRE, and one Gallon water jug per person, told that the ship they were on sank, all the adults were drowned, and the youth have to take what they salvaged and survive on an island for the weekend.

4 July (Wednesday) – Independence Day

20-22 July, 2012 (Week) – Sea Scout Centennial ScoutFleet Celebration at Baltimore, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD.  Details TBA. This will be a major celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Sea Scouting – a once-ever gigantic event. Expected registration cost of $65, but not yet confirmed.  If we have a boat to sleep on, our total cost including food and incidentals may approach $140-150.  More details will be provided when available.

Late Summer (August Weekend) – Raft Up, Chesapeake Bay, MD.  Date, location, and details TBA.  Our ship will rendezvous with other Sea Scout vessels somewhere on the Bay to raft up together for socialization, swimming, and good food.

3 September (Monday) – Labor Day

8 October (Monday) – Columbus Day

26-28 October (Weekend) – Wilderness Survival Weekend, Camp Hidden Valley, Loysville, PA.  Sponsored by the New Birth of Freedom Council.  Details TBA.

26-28 October (Weekend) – HMS SULTANA Downrigging Festival, Chestertown, MD.  Details TBA.  See tall sailing ships from all over the Bay area gather in historic Chestertown, MD. 

31 October (Wednesday) – Halloween

12 November (Monday) – Veterans Day observed

November (Weekend) – Turkey Cookoff, Camp Rodney, Northeast, MD.  Date and details TBA.  We team up with Troop 25 to spend a weekend overlooking the Bay and preparing an exquisite full Thanksgiving dinner in the field, with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin pie, whipped topping, etc.  A gourmet’s delight!

22 November (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day

3 December (Monday night) – Absolute deadline for 2013 Scout Registration money at Ship’s dues.

25 December (Tuesday) – Christmas Day



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