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Sea Scout Advancement - where do you stand?


Step 1: Check out the Sea Scout Advancement Requirements:





Step 2: Check out and improve your performance:

  1. Your current Attendance & Uniform Competition Standings.

  2. Your current Work Hours Completed.

  3. Your current Advancement Scorecard - what you have actually done so far.

  4. How to purchase and care for your Sea Scout Uniforms.

  5. Have you memorized the Sea Promise, Scout Oath, and Scout Law yet?

  6. Apprentice requirement 6 says in part about "Know ... safety standards in the use of power tools, machinery, lifting heavy objects, and other safety devices used by your ship.  For some safety standards used on commercial ships, click here.  Check the bottom of the list especially for lifting and machinery.

  7. Read an article about why you should go to SEAL training.

  8. Try your Reef Points knowledge.

  9. Try your skills at semaphore signaling.

  10. Review signaling using online version of International Code of Signals - Pub 102.

  11. Review Sea Scout Drill courtesy of Ship 601.

  12. Find out about our ship's YORKSHIRE namesake.

  13. Know the background of MAYDAY, SOS, and other emergency messages.

  14. Understand the magnetic compass and the forces that can affect it.

  15. Understand compass error and how to apply it to steer a safe course.

  16. Learn a little bit about weather and how storms are formed.

  17. Get some hints about how to recruit a new member.

Step 3:  Consider qualifying for some additional Sea Scout Awards

  Small-Boat Handler

  Qualified Seaman

  Long Cruise

  SEAL - Sea Leadership Training

Medal - Gold Heritage Award.jpg (10734 bytes)  Gold Heritage Award

Step 4:  Review some special tools and resources online to help you advance:

Training courses onboard der PeLiKan, the 46' Morgan ketch in the Chesapeake - learn by doing!  HIGHLY recommended!!  See the Skipper if you are interested or have questions.

Flags, the Phonetic Alphabet, and Morse Code - courtesy of our sister ship in the United Kingdom, the 4th Knowle Sea Scouts.

The Boatswain's Call or Boatswain's Pipe - courtesy of our sister ship in the United Kingdom, the 4th Knowle Sea Scouts.

Parts of a Boat - courtesy of our sister ship in the United Kingdom, the 4th Knowle Sea Scouts.

SeaSources, Training for Mariners - Multiple Choice Questions with Illustrations for Coast Guard License Exam Preparation Assistance.

Parts of a sailboat - courtesy of 43rd Portsmouth Sea Scouts, UK.

The Beaufort Wind Scale - a way to uniformly describe wind speed.

Study your Knots (several to choose from).

Anchor bend (animated graphic)
Bowline (animated graphic)
Bowline (animated graphic)
Bowline (gif diagram)
Bowline (gif diagram)
Bowline (jpg photo)
Bowline (mpg movie)
Bowline on a bight (animated graphic)
Carrick bend (animated graphic)
Cleat hitch (animated graphic)
Clove hitch (animated graphic)
Clove hitch (animated graphic)
Clove hitch (animated graphic)
Clove hitch (mpg movie)
Clove hitch (gif diagram)
Clove hitch (jpg photo)
Double Sheet bend (animated graphic)
Double Sheet bend (gif diagram)
Figure of 8 knot (animated graphic)
Monkey's Fist - 1st half (animated graphic)
Monkey's Fist - 2nd half (animated graphic)
Overhand knot (animated graphic)
Overhand knot (animated graphic)
Overhand knot (gif diagram)
Rolling hitch (animated graphic)
Sheet bend (animated graphic)
Sheet bend (animated graphic)
Sheet bend (gif diagram)
Sheet bend (gif diagram)
Sheet bend (mpg movie)
Sheet bend (jpg photo)
Square knot (animated graphic)
Square knot (animated graphic)
Square knot (gif diagram)
Square knot (gif diagram)
Square knot (jpg photo)
Taut line (mpg movie)
Thieves' knot (animated graphic)
Thieves' knot (gif diagram)
Towing Becket bend (animated graphic)
Two Half hitches (animated graphic)
Two Half hitches (animated graphic)

Step 5:  Download some programs to your personal computer for further study offline.

Alfa Zulu flags: an international code flag tutorial

Nav Rules 2.1: a navigation rules tutorial including running lights and sounds

The Ship's Bell: a freeware program simulating the chimes of a ship's bell every half-hour - signaling a change in the watch (requires a sound card)

Worldwide Tidal Prediction program, v. 2.5: generate graphic tide and current predictions for virtually any time and location where you may be voyaging.

Sextant (a Microsoft PowerPoint 4 presentation): learn what a sextant is and how it works.

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