Wills-Kain Eagle

28 April 2002 - Wizard Ranch, Hellam Township, York County, PA

Ship 25's Boatswain's Mate for Program Joe Wills and Ship 25's Storekeeper George Kain received their Eagle Scout awards in a joint ceremony at Wizard Ranch, Hellam Township, PA on Sunday afternoon, 28 April 2002.  George and Joe chose Wizard Ranch for the ceremony because it was here, seven years before, that they crossed over from Webelos Cub Scouts of Pack 25 into Boy Scouts of Troop 25.  The ceremony itself was proof of the fact that the Great Skipper of All Sea Scouts loves Scouts because it poured rain up until one hour before the ceremony.  The sun then came out, the birds were singing, and all was right with the world.  The ceremony went off without a hitch.  The new Eagles and their families went off to celebrate, the crew put away all the gear and went home, and then (when all were safely out of the way) a tornado came through York County and did extensive damage.  The important point to be thankful for is that no Sea Scouts were hurt in the filming of this great event.  Ship 25 extends a heartfelt thank-you to Assistant Scoutmaster Bob Nelson of Troop 25 for taking the photos below.

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106-0665_IMG.JPG (510059 bytes)  The color guard presents the colors.  Ship 25's Boatswain Adam carries the Ship 25 flag.

106-0666_IMG.JPG (598015 bytes)  George and Joe in their seats of honor.  Boatswain Adam in the front row.  Assistant Scoutmaster John Strine, Troop 25, is the master of ceremonies.

106-0675_IMG.JPG (514776 bytes)  Skipper Kain (cleverly disguised as a speaker box), Mrs. Kain, George, Joe, Ship Committee Member Mary Wills, Ben Bailey (Ship 25's Charter Representative), Mark Robertson (York-Adams Area Council Executive Board), Ship 25 Boatswain Adam, and Jack Nalven (York-Adams Area Council Executive Board).  Mr. Nalven has over 70 years tenure in Scouting, and was a member of Skipper Kain's Eagle Board of Review 40 years ago in 1962. 

106-0676_IMG.JPG (519426 bytes)  Mrs. Kain, Skipper Kain (cleverly disguised as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 25), George, Joe, and Mrs. Wills.

106-0677_IMG.JPG (935033 bytes)  George and Joe take the Eagle Scout oath.  In the front row is the color guard for the occasion:  Adam (Boatswain, Ship 25 flag bearer), Mike (Venture Crew 25 flag bearer), Chris (Troop 25 flag bearer), Matt L, (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania flag bearer) and Matt J. (United States flag bearer).

106-0678_IMG.JPG (901199 bytes)  Mrs. Wills pins on Joe's Eagle, Skipper Kain pins on George's Eagle.  Chief Lone Eagle presides.  To the right of the podium is John H. Strine, ASM Troop 25, and Martin L. Strine, ASM Troop 25.  John and Marty were Joe and George's Scout leaders all through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

106-0684_IMG.JPG (1922429 bytes)  Eagle Scouts George Hay Kain, IV and Joseph Benjamin Wills.  Congratulations, men, on a job well done!  BRAVO ZULU.

106-0689_IMG.JPG (1398092 bytes)  Skipper Kain, ASM and Ship Committeeman Alan Miller, Mr. Wills, Joe, ASM John Strine, George, Ship 25 Charter Rep Ben Bailey, and ASM Marty Strine.  All of these adults were instrumental in George and Joe's Scouting career.  A thank you as well to the adults who give their time to help the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow.

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