Bo'sun's Project

Adam's Eagle Scout Service Project, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, York, PA

18 May 2002

Good morning, sailors!  It's 8 bells in the a.m. - time to heave out of that hammock and face the Bo'sun.  Today is his Eagle Scout service project at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in York.  I know you've been up for nearly 48 hours straight on your Armed Forces Day tour of Washington, D.C., but if you're going to hoot with the owls at night, you'd better be prepared to fly with the Eagles at dawn!  I don't care if it's raining.  If the Marines in dress blues can direct traffic in the pouring rain in D.C. as if it's nothing out of the ordinary, Sea Scouts from Ship 25 can certainly turn to on an Eagle project with the same attitude!  

At the church, the Bo'sun, aka Adam, was echoing the Skipper's encouraging sentiments.  "It's simple," said he.  "We're making a path.  All you have to do is dig a trench 4 feet wide, six inches deep, and one hundred miles long to connect the church parking lot with the memorial garden."  "Swell," said we.  "Then we'll fill it in with crusher waste at a later date.  Besides," said he.  "The recent rain has turned the dirt to absolute muck, so it will only be 10 times as heavy and messy as if it hadn't rained at all."  Thus inspired, the Ship's company turned to with a will.  The dirt was soon flying in every direction, and a heated competition ensued between the Union Pacific Railroad headed west from one end and the Central Pacific Railroad headed east from the other end.  In the vicinity of Promontory Point, a golden spike was driven (well, not really - but it makes the story sound better) and the Bo'sun directed us to knock off and splice the main brace over pizza and soda.  Amanda Rose showed up with chocolate chip cookies and brownies she had just baked for the crew.  Way to go, Amanda!

We put away our rakes, shovels, hoes, and wheel barrows, went home, scrubbed up, put on our saltiest-looking uniforms, and headed off to crewmember  Chris  Sheaffer's Eagle investiture ceremony.  Does Ship 25 know how to do action-packed weekends, or what?

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MVC-780F.JPG (362255 bytes)  Sea Scout Tim displays a piece of coal found in the digging, while the rest of the crew ignores him and gets on with the job at hand.

MVC-781F.JPG (280070 bytes)  Chris Sheaffer, center, loads up the wheel barrow.  Two hours later he will receive his own Eagle Scout award at his own church.  Thanks for helping out on such an important day for you.  That's what makes a real Eagle.

MVC-782F.JPG (255931 bytes)  Chris, left, confers with the Bo'sun, right - driving the wheel barrow.  Isaiah and Tim bend to their oars in the background.

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