Nygard Regatta

37th Annual Henry I. Nygard Regatta, Naval Station Annapolis, Annapolis, MD

24-27 May 2002

The Henry I. Nygard Regatta is held annually on Memorial Day weekend at Naval Station Annapolis in Annapolis, MD, and it is always a highlight of the Ship 25 activity calendar.  It is the competitive capstone for the existing quarterdeck to show how well the Ship under their leadership stacks up against the rest of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom.  This year there were 91 Sea Scouts from 12 Ships from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland competing for honors.  Approximately 35 leaders from various Ships also attended.  Our ship took first places in the Canoe Slalom (uncontested) and Powder Monkey Relay and Heaving Line Toss (ties).  These are more Firsts than we have ever taken before, so the Skipper was intensely pleased.

Nygard_patch_2002.jpg (108538 bytes)

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IM000002.jpg (163886 bytes)  Chris and the Bo'sun get in some work hours for Apprentice rank by sanding and varnishing the Whitehall's oars in preparation for Regatta.

IM000014.jpg (171571 bytes)  Looking like a scene from "Grapes of Wrath" as the Oakies pile all their belongings on a Model T Ford and move off in search of a better life, so Ship 25 (never known for traveling light) piles all its gear on the trailer and heads off in search of Regatta.

IM000019a.jpg (228740 bytes)  Our "Home away from home", the Ship 25 HQ tent.  Our display of signal flags and 12" Navy signal searchlight attracted guests ranging from the National Capital Area Council Venturing Director Daniel Watkins to Rear Admiral Charles D. Wurster, Assistant Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.

IM000016.jpg (114976 bytes)  The Bo'sun whiles away an idle moment by practicing his fancy ropework skills.  He makes it look easy.

IM000017.jpg (179617 bytes)  Whaaassssup?  Why studying for the relative bearing contest, of course!

IM000018.jpg (309910 bytes)  Matt, Amanda Marie, and Amanda Rose string a clothes line - or is it really a snare for low-flying seagulls?

IM000021a.jpg (155029 bytes)  Tim, Isaiah, Matt, Amanda Rose, Amanda Marie, and Leah stand at parade rest ready for the uniform inspection - well, mostly ready:  tuck in that shirt, Leah!  The Bo'sun, Chris, and Drew are off sailing - lucky guys!  Our thanks to Mate Klinedinst, the Ship 25 Sailmaker, for her long hours of work helping us get our patches sewn on in (mostly) the right places.

IM000022.jpg (236993 bytes)  This is what we hope Ship 25 will look like next year when all of us have our undress whites.  A sharp-looking uniform if ever there was one.  Hard to keep clean, but hey, what price would we not pay to look good!

IM000020.jpg (265939 bytes)  A summer alternative chosen by another unit: skirts and button shirts.  Each to their own, but we prefer the traditional cracker jacks.  Arrrrggghh!  If it was good enough for Admiral Lord Nelson, it's good enough for us.  Not into these new-fangled get-ups....  Hurrumph!  Hurrumph!

IM000025.jpg (98807 bytes)  And now for something completely different.  How we got into big trouble in 25 words or less.  "We weren't supposed to go swimming at the waterfront.  But the Skipper didn't tell us that.  He didn't tell us that because he missed the leader's meeting where they put out that word.  He missed that leader's meeting because he was off at the Navy Exchange getting our uniforms." (Well, 49 words, actually).  Why is that that we always have the most fun doing things we aren't supposed to be doing?  Oh, well.  Sorry, Commodore.  We'll try not to make the same mistake twice.

IM000027a.jpg (300312 bytes)  If this doesn't give you a clear picture of why Sea Scouts have more fun, you're either visually challenged or totally clueless.

IM000028a.jpg (90577 bytes)  Mate Diamond and Drew man the Mate's Twin-Vee for "crash boat" duties during the sailing races.

IM000030a.jpg (53873 bytes)  A tough-looking boat crew if ever there was one.

IM000029a.jpg (86870 bytes)  Matt acts as Coxswain while Tim and Amanda Rose man the oars.  The mission:  placing the four buoys for the upcoming rowing race.  Keen eyes will discern two Sea Scouts in the background having entirely too much fun.

IM000031.jpg (153122 bytes)  The efforts to set the buoys continue.  The "too much fun" continues also.

IM000032a.jpg (271923 bytes)  The Coxswain holds course, the bow stroke holds water, and the stern stroke prepares to launch buoy #1.

IM000033a.jpg (265805 bytes)  Buoy #1 away, Sir!

IM000034a.jpg (311722 bytes)  Good view of a Whitehall under full power in a tight turn.  Probably easing the rudder just a notch might improve the turning efficiency, but that's debatable.

IM000035a.jpg (223208 bytes)  The Bo'sun sails regally by at the end of the Laser race, turning a blind eye to the Sea Scouts who are still having too much fun.

IM000037.jpg (149238 bytes)  The pulling boat race - a serious event.  Proper boat etiquette, uniformity, correct commands, and speed are all factors.  Ship 25 - we need to get this down pat if we're going to impress anyone over in England next summer.

IM000038a.jpg (188487 bytes)  Our sister ship 91 from Annapolis, with some additions from another ship to fill up the spaces, prepares to embark for their pulling boat race.  The young lady seated to port with the ponytail earlier in the day handily won the rowing race with a time of 52 seconds.  Her nearest competitor was 1:05.  Why such a stunning lead?  Well, the young lady is from France, and she and her brother and mom and dad are sailing around the world on the family sailboat.  They've been gone for seven years so far, and she spends virtually every day on the water.  Tres bien!

IM000039a.jpg (94693 bytes)  Ship 91 puts the Skipper Crabtree through a hard turn to port.

IM000041a.jpg (116547 bytes)  Ship 25 getting the Skipper Crabtree up to speed.

IM000040.jpg (125073 bytes)  "Little Hottie" gets ready to give the life ring a toss, while Beth from Windfall in Lancaster, PA takes careful notes.

IM000042.jpg (217385 bytes)  The swimming event at the pool.  The fact that the contestants came out with icicles hanging from their ears does not necessarily mean the water was cold.

IM000043a.jpg (93018 bytes)  The wide-awake navigation team from Ship 25 solves the mystery of the ship's position.  By their calculation, the vessel is in the vicinity of Pike's Peak, Colorado.  Amanda Marie, worn out by having had entirely too much fun, hopes the correct answer will come to her in her dreams.  Joe, about to fall face down on the table into a bag of cheerios, wonders whether it was really worth working at the Roadhouse until midnight Friday, then driving an hour and a half to get to Regatta at 0130 hours.  Of course it was, Joe!  The Bo'sun and the fourth team member are hoping for divine guidance.

IM000044a.jpg (218212 bytes)  Ship 25 in full force, ready to take on all comers, strides from the Bo'sun Chair event on towards the Scuttlebutt contest.  It may be assumed the Amanda Marie is exchanging Pub 102 signals with some hot-looking guy from another ship.

IM000045a.jpg (77547 bytes)  Chris is happy to be in a Sea Scout uniform at last, even if the Mate got the patch on the wrong side in her haste to get things ready.  Corrections were made!

IM000046a.jpg (81222 bytes)  "Okay, you guys," says the Bo'sun.  "When I pull this lanyard, the cannon goes off.  Woe be unto him that stands in the way."

IM000048a.jpg (180765 bytes)  Tim and Isaiah practice the sheer lashing for the scuttlebutt tripod.

IM000049a.jpg (173621 bytes)  Amanda Marie and Leah put the barrel hitch on the scuttlebutt.  Keen eyes will discern approving on-lookers in the bushes.

IM000050a.jpg (101838 bytes)  Ray Derk of ARCTURUS and Garth Wells of SEA DEVIL show us a safer and faster way to do the sheer lashing.

IM000051a.jpg (107656 bytes)  Proper coordination between the Scouts doing the sheer lashing and the Scout moving the tripod legs is assured by clear hand signals.

IM000055a.jpg (442901 bytes)  Ship 25 standing tall at the closing awards ceremony.  The Commodore authorized civilian clothes because of the prospect of rain (which didn't, thank heavens, materialize).  Skipper Kain commends each and every member of Ship 25 for a job well done, even if we did have entirely too much fun at times.

IM000056a.jpg (111818 bytes)  Our Bo'sun, Adam, receives the plaque for an uncontested first place win in Canoeing.  Bo'sun - you're going out on top.  In two years as Bo'sun, and in three canoeing events, you've never once been defeated in canoeing.  BRAVO ZULU.

Nygard_canoe_plaque_2002.jpg (138039 bytes)  What else is there to say?  A fine time was had by all.

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