Chesapeake Regatta


Chesapeake Regatta, Rocky Point Park, MD - 15 June 2002

Report by Matt:

Skipper Kain, Boatswain Tim, Matt, Amanda Rose, Leah, and former Boatswain Adam traveled down to the Baltimore County Sailing Center at Rocky Point Park to challenge other ships in a Sailing Regatta. Matt and Tim decided to put their sailing talents together, while Adam, an experienced “sailor”, took Leah on his JY-15 to teach her how to sail. Skipper Kain was courteous enough to take Amanda Rose out on the water and lend her his knowledge of sailing. Tim and Matt did not finish the first race, but Adam and Leah took third in the second race. Not too bad for a Ship that doesn’t sit on the Chesapeake. Sailing was fun, but that's not all there was to do. The group of Tim, Matt, Leah, and Amanda went down to the beach at Rocky Point and swam. Later, Ship 25 headed into Annapolis for supplies, food, and FUN. (What would Sea Scouts be without fun?) After having seen a lot of Annapolis, everyone crawled back into Skipper Kain’s SUV, and they were off for home. A great day of sailing and a job well done by everyone who attended.

IM000108.jpg (72704 bytes)  View of JY-14 sloops (foreground) and JY-15 sloops (background) at the Baltimore County Sailing Center, Rocky Point Park, MD, site of the Chesapeake Regatta hosted by Ship 1993, Selwin Gray - Skipper.

IM000109.jpg (69806 bytes)  Skipper Gray of Ship 1993, our genial host.

IM000107.jpg (83534 bytes)  Garth Wells, past Skipper of Ship 1009, and crewmember rig a JY-15 in preparation for the Regatta.  These two sailors know what they are doing.  We learned a lot just watching them.

IM000110.jpg (48581 bytes)  Adam and Leah rig their JY-15 in preparation for battle.

IM000113.jpg (61479 bytes)  Adam and Leah take a practice run.

IM000117.jpg (98570 bytes)  Tim and Mate Nancy Klinedinst zip along under full sail.

IM000118.jpg (102264 bytes)  As the wind picks up, the little craft races ahead.

IM000121.jpg (42396 bytes)  Adam and Leah hike out to keep the boat on plane with maximum sail area exposed to the horizontal wind.

IM000123.jpg (54101 bytes)  Matt and Amanda experience every sailor's nightmare - being blown onto a lee shore.  Matt eventually figured out that his centerboard wasn't down, and that's why he was being blown sideways - but it was too late.  Oh well, that's why we Sea Scouts practice.  If you don't make a mistake or two, you're not learning.  I predict in the future Matt will always check his centerboard before getting underway, and I also predict he'll give lee shores a much wider berth.

IM000126.jpg (103582 bytes)  Leah, Tim, and Adam struggle to retrieve their JY-15 onto the trailer - that's strange:  a JY-15 shouldn't weigh this much.  It feels like it has a ton of water in it.

IM000128.jpg (65547 bytes)  Ah hah!  It DOES have a ton of water in it.  Maybe that's why everyone says, "Be sure the bilge plug is in before you launch a boat."   Probably worth remembering that in the future.

IM000130.jpg (73193 bytes)  Wiser due to lessons learned, and still full of the spirit of adventure, the crew of Ship 25 sets out to see Annapolis:  The Skipper, Matt, Amanda Rose, Adam, Leah, Tim, and Mate Klinedinst.

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