Willit Work Party

Willit Run?? Work Party, Bush River, MD - 22-23 June 2002


Realizing that our big trip to ScoutFleet will soon be upon us, desiring to get in work hours for advancement to Apprentice, and knowing that Mate Diamond can't do it all alone, Ship 25 turned out a work party to report onboard Willit Run??, Mr. Diamond's 34' Silverton fly bridge cruiser, on Saturday morning, 22 June, and stay overnight.  This way we got work done, got acquainted with the vessel that will soon be our home for two weeks, and most important, HAVE FUN!

IM000177.jpg (397147 bytes)  Mate Diamond, Master of the Willit Run??, takes in the morning breeze awaiting the arrival of our reinforcements.

IM000175.jpg (519750 bytes)  This is the fly bridge where the underway watch standers will stand their post.  Good view.  Nice breeze.

IM000179.jpg (356009 bytes)  The control station, or conning station, for Willit Run??.  Twin Chevrolet 350 V-8's, flow meter, depth gauge, radar, VHF Marine Radio with DSC, you name it, Willit's got it.

IM000181.jpg (406394 bytes)  Mrs. Duck keeps a close watch on things from her nest under the fly bridge console.  She's down to three eggs, so we all wish her the best of luck.

IM000170.jpg (385809 bytes)  After giving the boat a wash and wax, putting teak oil on the teak surfaces, and painting the base of the boat davit, the Boatswain decided it was time for swim call.

IM000171.jpg (372669 bytes)  The troops en route to swim call.

IM000173.jpg (468784 bytes)  There they go!

IM000184.jpg (525034 bytes)  The Boatswain helps out with a fresh water wash down for the troops upon returning from their swim.

IM000188.jpg (501295 bytes)  Mr. Diamond whips up a "Fantastic " spaghetti supper in the galley for the troops.  Could this be a new secret ingredient?

IM000186.jpg (619041 bytes)  Committee member Mary Wills helps serve the spaghetti.

IM000190.jpg (550913 bytes)  The Boatswain helps Leah get her second helping.

IM000192.jpg (477042 bytes)  After supper, it was time for a test run.  Willit wanted to stretch her sea legs after her long winter nap.

IM000193.jpg (400607 bytes)  The crew mans the forward lookout station.

IM000194.jpg (466370 bytes)  Under way, making way.  As the Water Rat would say, "There is simply nothing as much fun as messing about in boats," or as the Skipper would say, "Ah, it's GREAT to be at sea again."

IM000191.jpg (478035 bytes)  The perfect ending to a perfect day.  After dark activities included an ice cream run to the little store in Perryman, MD, and watching the locals have fun.  Details are censored.

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