Admission Ceremony

Ship 25 Admission Ceremony for New Members

11 July 2002 at Sea Scout Base Emigsville

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The first formal admission ceremony for new members of Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE was held at Sea Scout Base Emigsville on Thursday evening, 11 July 2002.  The Boatswain called the Ship to order and reported, "The ship is formed," and "All present or accounted for" to the Skipper.  Adam and Chris then two-blocked the national ensign and the flag of York-Adams Area Squadron Commodore Donald Young as the national anthem was played.  Drew was our bell-ringer to keep track of time using the ship's bell.  The ceremony was well attended by parents and friends of Ship 25.  The crew looked immaculate in their undress whites, the first time Ship 25 has ever appeared 100% in their whites.  Thanks to Ship 25's Mate and Sailmaker Nancy Klinedinst for all her hard work in getting the uniforms "shipshape and Bristol fashion."

The Skipper then listed for the audience the various activities the Ship has undertaken this year.  Each Sea Scout in turn reported on one or more of the activities.  Special notice was taken of the Ship's recent victories at the Ganoga Canoe Race and the Nygard Regatta in canoeing at the Eco-Challenge. The ship's company then took the Scout Oath and recited the Scout Law.  The taking of the Sea Scout Promise was administered by Squadron Commodore Donald Young.  The Skipper then read the ship's Bylaws, also known as the Ship's Articles and asked all members of the Ship's company, youth and adult, to come forward and subscribe their names as evidence of their willingness to be governed by said Ship's Articles as members of the SSS YORKSHIRE, Sea Scout Ship 25.  Reports were made about upcoming activities.

The flags were then lowered to the bugle calls retreat and to the colors.  The proceedings closed with the Skipper's Benediction.

Those youth members who have now completed the admission ceremony requirement for Apprentice rank are: Tim, Amanda, Drew, Chris, Adam, and Ashley.


DCP_0125.JPG (166478 bytes)  Adam gives a report on the Northeast Regional Sea Scout Sailing Championships held at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT where Ship 25 qualified for a berth at the US National Sea Scout Sailing Championships to be held in August at the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago.

DCP_0126.JPG (540653 bytes)  Squadron Commodore Donald Young prepares to administer the Sea Scout Promise to the Ship's Company of SSS YORKSHIRE.

DCP_0127.JPG (103682 bytes)  Ship's Company in their undress whites.  A fine crew, and a fine looking one, too.  The Skipper is very proud of them.

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