MS Bike Tour

Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour Service Project

Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

12-14 July 2002

When Ship 25 Mate Chip Diamond suggested SSS YORKSHIRE might want to help out with running the annual Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour at Gettysburg College as a service project, it initially sounded like more work than fun, but since Service is the middle "S" in SSS YORKSHIRE, we gave it a try.  Mr. Diamond, the Skipper, Mr. Garrod, the Boatswain, the Yeoman, Drew, and Ashley participated.  We are sure glad we did.  We had a ball (and we more than completed our 16 service hour requirement for Apprentice!).  Count us in again for next year!

DCP_0134.JPG (254262 bytes)  The Yeoman politely declines the Sea Scout Action News photographer's request for an action photo (as usual).

DCP_0135.JPG (137181 bytes)  Ashley, however, is clearly enjoying a day in the sun.

DCP_0138.JPG (165383 bytes)  Rice Hall, our home away from home.  The Sea Scouts decided dormitory life was pretty cool, and can't wait for college.

DCP_0139.JPG (162434 bytes)  SAG 8 - the Skipper's van during the event.   A SAG Wagon patrols the 25 or 50 mile bicycle route the riders are taking to run supplies and pickup or otherwise assist any bikers that get into difficulty.

DCP_0140.JPG (110189 bytes)  On Friday night, the Boatswain led us on a moonlight tour of Devil's Den on the Gettysburg battlefield.

DCP_0155.JPG (243116 bytes)  On Saturday morning, the Boatswain looks more like a Sea Scout than a rock climber.

Dcp_0156.jpg (313650 bytes) The Yeoman, the Boatswain, Mate Diamond, and Chairman Garrod.

DCP_0158.JPG (385132 bytes) The lunch stop for the 50 milers on Saturday at Adams County National Bank, Cashtown, PA.

DCP_0159.JPG (498178 bytes) Bikers get some refreshment at the lunch stop.

DCP_0161.JPG (459466 bytes) The friendly bicycle repairman was busy all day.  50 miles put a strain on any bike.

DCP_0162.JPG (174655 bytes)  SAG 8 awaiting orders to move on.

DCP_0164.JPG (749571 bytes)  We sure ate well - no doubt about it!

DCP_0167.JPG (1409493 bytes)  Back at the Gettysburg College Field House, the participants begin to return.

DCP_0168.JPG (227946 bytes) A HAM operator thanks Ship 25 for their efforts.

DCP_0171.JPG (78048 bytes)  Chairman Garrod during a break in the action.

DCP_0172.JPG (109246 bytes)  Tim and Drew thought the best part of the day was watching the practice sessions at the cheerleader camp that was also taking place that weekend at Gettysburg College.

DCP_0173.JPG (230964 bytes)  The cheerleaders came in all ages.  These lovely ladies will eventually be old enough to join Sea Scouts.

DCP_0176.JPG (1127112 bytes)  More refreshments were served Saturday afternoon upon completion of that day's activities.

DCP_0180.JPG (582366 bytes)  Tim and Drew provide a surprise for Amanda Rose and Ashley Saturday night when they opened their closet door!

DCP_0186.JPG (613874 bytes)  On Sunday it was raining.  Our hats are off to the MS bikers who persevered in their fund raising efforts despite the unpleasant and potentially dangerous road conditions.  The Skipper's GPS was invaluable for finding out way to remote locations.

DCP_0187.JPG (566444 bytes)  "Ice Man", our HAM radio operator for SAG 8 on Sunday, drove here all the way from Doylestown, PA near Philadelphia to help.  "Radio Bob" had been our radio operator the day before.

DCP_0192.JPG (887359 bytes)  The lunch stop at New Oxford High School on Sunday.

DCP_0194.JPG (844187 bytes)  Amanda Rose, Ashley, and Drew sample the lunch "just to make sure it's okay for the bikers."

DCP_0196.JPG (187995 bytes)  Tim got some very interesting video from the back of SAG 8 while we delivered cases of drinking water.

DCP_0198.JPG (239418 bytes)  Tim and Drew load more cases of drinking water.

DCP_0200.JPG (1084189 bytes)  Amanda Rose holds the door to SAG 8.

DCP_0201.JPG (181200 bytes)  On the last day, Sunday afternoon, Tim and Drew's dreams come true!  The cheerleaders march by for a "pass-in-review."

DCP_0202.JPG (174856 bytes)  Cheerleaders are cheerful by nature.

DCP_0208.JPG (196099 bytes)  What more can we say?

DCP_0220.JPG (661636 bytes)  Drew looks well satisfied with the weekend.

DCP_0223.JPG (205346 bytes)  Tim tries out a phone number he worked long and hard to get from a cute cheerleader.  "Sorry - the number you have dialed is not a working number.  Please check the number and try your call again."  Better luck next time, Tim!



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