Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom ScoutFleet 2002

Long Cruise - Part 2 - Days #8 - 18

Staten Island, New York City to ScoutFleet and the Adirondacks and Return

25 July to 4 August 2002

Updated 15 September 2002 23:58

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DCP_0348.JPG (286845 bytes)  Upon arriving by land in Staten Island, NY, we were invited to join the crew of the tug boat SSTV ADAM HYLER by Ship 63 of the Greater New York Councils.  The HYLER's engineer Patrick (black shirt) gave us a tour of his engine room and it's Detroit diesel.

DCP_0539.JPG (781486 bytes)  The HYLER's skipper, Bill Kerber, made us feel quite welcome.

DCP_0555.JPG (357884 bytes)  On ScoutFleet Day, Saturday, 27 July, the YORKSHIRE crew manned the rail of the ADAM HYLER as we joined the many other Sea Scout vessels in the ScoutFleet "Parade of Small Ships" from the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum to the Statue of Liberty and back.  Despite all the setbacks of the last week, we made it to the parade after all!

DCP_0572.JPG (336084 bytes)  View of SSTV SEA DART, a sister ship to the ADAM HYLER.

DCP_0601a.JPG (1084611 bytes)  On Saturday afternoon, the YORKSHIRE crew onboard the HYLER was augmented by more folks from home.  We were proud of the way we looked in our whites for the ScoutFleet 90th Sea Scout Anniversary celebration onboard the USS INTREPID (CV-11).

DCP_0617.JPG (569917 bytes)  After the ceremonies were over, Skipper Kain linked up with his old shipmate, Nick Kanderis, to give us a "behind the scenes" tour of their destroyer during the Viet Nam War, USS EDSON (DD-946), also berthed at the Intrepid museum.

DCP_0619a.JPG (407827 bytes)  York-Adams Area Squadron Commodore Don Young and shipmates inspect the engine room of the USS EDSON.

DCP_0635a.JPG (783543 bytes)  Saturday night the ScoutFleet participants enjoyed a dance on the pier while the INTREPID basked in the afterglow.

DCP_0692.JPG (262815 bytes)  On Sunday morning, it was time to cast off all lines and head the HYLER back to Great Kills on Staten Island.  Amanda Marie helps uncleat the huge bow line.

DCP_0698.JPG (595474 bytes)  Captain Kerber conferred upon our Skipper Kain the high honor of being allowed to steer the HYLER down the Hudson River.  The skipper's comment?  "It's GREAT to be at sea again!"

DCP_0709.JPG (637985 bytes)  Upon arrival, Leah and Amanda Marie gave the HYLER a fresh water wash down.  It looks as though they gave each other a wash down, too.

DCP_1049.JPG (801868 bytes)  Next it was on to Skipper Kain's camp in the Adirondacks for the remaining week of our ScoutFleet Long Cruise.  There he introduced us to a truly classic small boat, the Adirondack guide boat.  Often mistaken for a canoe, the guide boat has a flat bottom board, a much wider beam, and is rowed instead of paddled.

DCP_0727a.JPG (636232 bytes)  Tim helps check on a family of loons nesting on Limekiln Lake from the bow of the MARYLAND, Skipper Kain's guideboat.

DCP_0740.JPG (568654 bytes)  Amanda Rose liked the view out over the Fulton Chain of Lakes from the top of McCauley Mountain.

DCP_0742a.JPG (143727 bytes)  No caption is necessary here.

DCP_0754.JPG (386187 bytes)  One of our Adirondack nautical highlights was a tour of Big Moose Lake in a classic 1955 Chris*Craft mahogany sport fisherman.

DCP_0782.JPG (791980 bytes)  The next day, we rented a speed boat to try some waterskiing and tubing on Fourth Lake.  The Boatswain enjoyed taking the helm.

DCP_0793.JPG (195371 bytes)  Here the skipper gives Matt the chance to show off his water skiing ability.  The form may not be perfect, but at least he got up.

DCP_0797.JPG (533201 bytes)  Amanda Marie gives her impression of a tempestuous movie starlet.

DCP_0832.JPG (650604 bytes)  We didn't limit our transportation survey of the Adirondacks to nautical craft.  We also boarded the Adirondack Railway for a trip into the wilderness along the former Adirondack Division lines of the New York Central Railroad.

DCP_0812.JPG (828266 bytes)  It's great seeing parts of the Adirondack wilderness not accessible by automobile.

DCP_0860.JPG (1224540 bytes)  Adirondack legend Jack Leadley showed us how to make an authentic Adirondack pack basket at the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake.

DCP_0903.JPG (2232444 bytes)  Skipper Kain's favorite room at the Museum is the guideboat room.  The guideboat on the top of the wall is the VIRGINIA, the inspiration for the Skipper's guideboat, the MARYLAND.

DCP_0910.JPG (2435005 bytes)  In a corner of the guideboat room, a master craftsman explains how guideboats are built.

DCP_0921.JPG (661919 bytes)  The WATERWITCH, an IDEM class racing sloop from the golden age of sail in the Adirondacks.

DCP_0927.JPG (3217289 bytes)  Here the YORKSHIRE crew enjoys the view from the steps of the main lodge at Great Camp Sagamore, built by William West Durant in 1897, and later used as a vacation home for the Vanderbilt family.  Our crew enjoyed a buffet dinner and a barn square dance here.

DCP_0939.JPG (1319450 bytes)  The crew looks out on Sagamore Lake.

DCP_1034.JPG (1268591 bytes)  All too soon our ScoutFleet Adirondack adventure came to a close.  The last night we dressed up in our whites and joined the town of Raquette Lake in celebrating Durant Days with a live band, fireworks, and a moonlight cruise onboard the steamer W.W. DURANT.

Sent:          Wednesday, July 17, 2002 2:57 AM
From          George Hay Kain, III -
Subject:       Chesapeake ScoutFleet CIC Report #01 - 17 July 2002

Ahoy, Shipmates and Friends of Sea Scouting:

It is only a little over 36 hours until the 10 Sea Scout vessels of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom will get underway from Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland for their two-week round-trip journey up the Chesapeake Bay, through the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, down the Delaware Bay, and up through the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of New Jersey to New York City to join with other Sea Scouts from across the United States to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Sea Scouting in the United States.  We will be attending ScoutFleet 2002 being held by the Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America at the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum in New York Harbor on Saturday, 27 July 2002.  For full details of the ScoutFleet celebration, click on the link

To follow the specific activities of the 10 vessels of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom, click on the link  This second link goes to a web page that we hope to update daily for the next 20 days showing our exact location, course, and speed.  We also hope to provide on this page an ongoing trip report of our adventures to date.  You may wish to book mark this second link,, and visit it at least daily, as it should change at lest once per day as events develop.  It will be a good way for parents and friends of the participating Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom Sea Scouts to keep abreast of where we are and what we are doing.

At last count known to the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom CIC (Communications Information Center), ScoutFleet 2002 will involve at least 418 participants (youth and adults) from 36 ships in 14 states & Wash. D.C.!  They are:


Ship 26


Ships 84, 101, 110, and 464


Ship 198


Ship 2000


Ships 91, 178, 361, 450, 548, 759, and 1942


Ship 139


Ships 39, 104, 228, and 243


Ships 12, 51, 272, 303, 441, 460, 544, 565, and 609


Ship 207


Ships 4, 25, 90, and 178


Ship 24


Ships 135, 16/100, and 869


Ship 1073


Ship 1452

The highlight event of ScoutFleet 2002 will occur on Saturday, 27 July 2002, in New York harbor with the following tentative schedule:


Breakfast. Boats prepare to get underway.


Boats get underway & into parade formation.  9:00AM - “Parade of Small Ships” from the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum around the Statue of Liberty and return.


Parade boats return to their berths at the museum.


Lunch.  Set up for the Anniversary Ceremony.


Sea Scouting 90th Anniversary Ceremony.  3:00PM - Sea Scout Exposition on barge adjacent to the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, open to the public.


Exposition closes.  Barge cleaned.  Dinner.


Gathering event for all Sea Scouts.

The Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom will officially commence their ScoutFleet activities with a Blessing of the Sea Scout Fleet at the Annapolis, Maryland City Dock at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, 19 July 2002 by Father John Brady of Holy Angels Church, Avenue, Maryland.  Father Brady is a long-time Sea Scouter and friend of all Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters in the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom.  Her Honor, the Mayor of the City of Annapolis, will also be on hand to wish the Sea Scouts “fair winds and following seas” as they begin what for most of them will truly be the voyage of a lifetime.  The Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom vessels will actually get underway early the following morning.

Sea Scouting is a program of the Boy Scouts of America for young adults, male and female, who are aged 14 with completion of the 8th grade through age 21.  Further details on this exciting youth program may be found on the national Sea Scouting web page at

/s/ George Hay Kain, III
Skipper, SSS YORKSHIRE, Sea Scout Ship 25, York, PA
Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom CIC Officer

Date:          Tue, 23 Jul 2002 05:42:41 -0400
From:        “George Hay Kain, III” <ghkain@BLAZENET.NET>
Subject:      Chesapeake ScoutFleet CIC Report #02 - 23 July 2002

 Ahoy, Shipmates and friends of Sea Scouting:

Your roving Sea Scout reporter here with stories of real Sea Scouts in action!

The Chesapeake ScoutFleet voyage to New York harbor for ScoutFleet 2002 officially got under way Friday evening, 19 July 2002, in Annapolis, MD, with the Blessing of the Sea Scout Fleet by Monsignor John Brady, pastor of Holy Angels Church, Avenue, MD.  Sea Scout Sara Zylak, National Capital Area Boatswain, sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.  The color guard was provided by SSS YORKSHIRE, Sea Scout Ship 25 of York, PA.  The wardroom flotilla got underway the following morning, Saturday.

As of today, Tuesday morning at 0215, 6 ships of the flotilla (SEA EAGLE, DELPHINUS, WINDRESS, 6 FEET SHORTER, ON TO FORTUNE, and CHESSIE) are in Cape May, NJ.  FANTASY and EAGLE are in Atlantic City, NJ.  DAUNTLESS and WILLIT RUN?? sail from their home ports later this morning to catch up with the flotilla.  DER PELIKAN had to withdraw.  Her youth crew has been reallocated among the remaining vessels.  All vessels are proceeding later today to continue on to New York.

In case you wondered why the web link at to the Automatic Position Reporting System for my ship’s vessel, WILLIT RUN??, showed a track from Bush River, MD to Annapolis and back to Bush River, it’s because it wouldn’t run. (Maybe this is why some people buy sail boats instead of powerboats). But the Captain fixed it and now it will run.  So off we go again on the morning tide.

You can read our trip report and see our best photos to date at  We’ll continue to provide reports and update our text and photos on the web whenever we can, but it’s tricky business from a moving vessel.  Therefore, I do it from land whenever possible.

And now a word from our sponsor...

/s/ George Hay Kain, III
Skipper, SSS YORKSHIRE, Sea Scout Ship 25, York, PA
Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom CIC Officer

Date:          Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:00:03 -0400
From:        “George Hay Kain, III” <ghkain@BLAZENET.NET>
Subject:      Chesapeake ScoutFleet CIC Report #03 - 25 July 2002

Ahoy, Shipmates!

Your roving Sea Scout Action News reporter here with yet more stories of REAL SEA SCOUTS IN ACTION!

Well, it’s beginning to sound like a race - and it is a race against time.  Our stalwart Chesapeake ScoutFleet flotilla needs to be at the INTREPID Sea Air Space Museum in New York City not later than 0800 Saturday, 27 July 2002, to participate in the Parade of Small Ships around the Statue of Liberty that day in celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Sea Scouting in the United States.  

Here’s where our vessels stand so far:  EAGLE and FANTASY, the two Delaware Bay boats, are in the lead.  They pulled into Great Kills Harbor on Staten Island last evening about 1930.  Great Kills is the rendezvous area for the Chesapeake boats before pushing on for the final leg into New York Harbor.  FANTASY reported that a wave unshipped her rudder in five to ten foot seas, but the ever-resourceful skipper Al Herman immediately went to Plan B and brought her in under sail steering with the outboard motor.  BRAVO ZULU.  Repairs are expected to be accomplished today in Great Kills.  SEA EAGLE is brining up the other end of the flotilla.  She was anchored off Trump Towers in Atlantic City last night and planned to get underway at 0600 today for New York.  

If Commodore Doug Yeckley won any fortune at Trump’s casino, he’s not telling. SEA EAGLE reported the highlight of the day was formation sailing in the company of over 20 dolphins. Everyone else is somewhere “in between”.  DELPHINUS was headed up the inter-coastal waterway and was at Tom’s River, NJ.  They hope to make either Manasquan Inlet or Sandy Hook, NY today.  9 FEET SHORTER, ON TO FORTUNE, and WINDRESS made Atlantic City safely and are en route up the coast in the Atlantic.  WINDRESS reports as of 0843 today they have Manhattan in sight and expect to dock at Chelsea Piers about 1500 today.  They had seas up to 14’ yesterday and blew out some jib grommets. The crew of ON TO FORTUNE reported manning their anti-aircraft batteries with water pistols to repel kamikaze sea gulls. They also report jamm’n to the music of Bob Marley.  

Poor old WILLIT RUN?? decided for the second time she WOULDN’T RUN!!, so her crew is now en route to Great Kills by SUV (Sea Scout Utility Vehicle) to act as shore support for the Chesapeake Flotilla when it assembles in Great Kills.  They know that grocery runs and laundry and parts runs might be very helpful.  On WILLIT RUN?? we’ve secured the APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) because telling everyone we’re still in Bush River is getting embarrassing for us, and not overly useful for anyone else.  Maybe we can try it on another boat on the way back.  We’ll see.  We’re updating our web page as I write. will shortly have the photos that accompany this report.

That’s all for now.  This is your Sea Scout Action News reporter signing off.

/s/ George Hay Kain, III
Chesapeake ScoutFleet Flotilla CIC Officer

Date:          Fri, 16 Aug 2002 14:34 -0400
From:        “George Hay Kain, III” <ghkain@BLAZENET.NET>
Subject:     Chesapeake ScoutFleet CIC Report #04 - 25 July to 14 August 2002 – FINAL EDITION

Ahoy, Shipmates!

Your roving Sea Scout Action News reporter here with yet more stories of REAL SEA SCOUTS IN ACTION!  Here’s the final wrap-up on the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom’s participation in ScoutFleet 2002 in New York Harbor.

When we last left our intrepid Sea Scout adventurers, they were in a race against time to get to the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum by 27 July in order to participate in the ScoutFleet 2002 celebration of the 90th anniversary of Sea Scouting. I am happy to report that all ships from the Chesapeake did arrive on time.  That simple statement does not do justice to just how difficult it was to actually do so.  A log entry from one of the vessels, SSTV SEA EAGLE, Ship 548 from Avenue, MD is representative:  “In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey between Atlantic City and Sandy Hook - seas 9’-14’.  The mate just tossed his cookies.  Gear is flying all around the cabin.  Half the crew is seasick.”  Nonetheless, they got there, and they got there on time.  That’s what Sea Scouting is all about. 

ScoutFleet Day itself was great.  All the Sea Scout vessels from the Chesapeake, New England, and the Hudson joined in a “Parade of Small Ships” from the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum down to the Statue of Liberty and back.  One vessel had even been trailered all the way from Texas.  We manned the rails in our whites and rendered honors as we passed the site of the former World Trade Center.  The afternoon Sea Scout Birthday celebration was neat, as was the Sea Scouting display and the dance that evening on the pier.  On Sunday morning there was a brief awards ceremony, and then everyone went his or her own way to get back home.

My own Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE, from York, PA was invited to join the crew of SSTV ADAM HYLER for the actual ScoutFleet weekend, so in the end we did get to participate by sea.  After ScoutFleet, we spent the remainder of the week in the Adirondack Park in small boats.  As a final bonus, and proof positive that Father Brady’s blessing of the Chesapeake fleet in Annapolis did good things for all of us, Ship 25 was invited to join the crew of SSTV SEA EAGLE to bring her back home to the Chesapeake from Staten Island.  SEA EAGLE had been delayed leaving New York, so we did get some serious sea time after all.

Our thanks to all the many ScoutFleet volunteers who made this “once in a Sea Scout lifetime” event possible.  I would like to add a special note of thanks to the skipper of each and every Sea Scout ship who spent a year or more getting his or her unit in shape to attend, and got their crews safely to New York and safely back home again.  That was a labor of love that your youth members will never fully appreciate - until they become Sea Scout skippers someday.  And that’s one of the reasons you did it.  BRAVO ZULU.

That’s a wrap.  Photos and more details are available on the Ship 25 web site as follows:

ScoutFleet Part I

ScoutFleet Part 2

SEA EAGLE’s Return

This is your Sea Scout Action News reporter signing off - until the next big Sea Scout adventure!

/s/ George Hay Kain, III
Chesapeake ScoutFleet Flotilla CIC Officer
Skipper, Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE, York, PA

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