Cruise onboard SSTV SEA EAGLE

from Staten Island, NY to Patuxent River, MD

as guests of Ship 548, Avenue, MD

10-14 August 2002

Just when we thought our ScoutFleet adventure was over and we had returned home to York, PA from the Adirondacks, we were invited by Ship 548 of Avenue, MD to help them bring their vessel SSTV SEA EAGLE back to the Chesapeake from Staten Island, NY.  SEA EAGLE had become disabled leaving New York Harbor at the conclusion of the ScoutFleet weekend, and repairs had just now been completed.  We in Ship 25 jumped at the chance to get some more sea time and make new friends.

DCP_1122.JPG (840929 bytes)  SEA EAGLE is the largest of the Sea Scout vessels in the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom.  She is schooner rigged with berths for 11 Sea Scouts and a very reliable diesel engine.

DCP_1082.JPG (860685 bytes)  A view aft from SEA EAGLE's bowsprit as she plows her way down the Atlantic Ocean off the New Jersey coast.

DCP_1103a.JPG (368512 bytes)  Ship 25's boatswain, Tim, enjoyed riding the waves on the bowsprit.

DCP_1106a.JPG (635183 bytes)  National Capital Area Squadron Commodore and Ship 548 Skipper, Doug Yeckley, gives his Ernest Hemmingway "Old Man of the Sea" imitation. 

DCP_1117a.JPG (388040 bytes)  Our Tim looks nonchalant as the coastline begins to fade away in the distance.

DCP_1127a.JPG (540978 bytes)  The whole cruise crew: Sara (NCAC and Ship 548 Boatswain), ?, Dave, Chris, our Adam, Mikey, Tim, their Adam, Commodore Yeckley, Mate Bill Leonard, and Skipper Kain.

DCP_1128a.JPG (404627 bytes)  Tim and Adam soon gained a reputation for being night owls who liked to sleep in the next morning.  Oh well - someone has to enjoy the midwatch.

DCP_1142.JPG (307113 bytes)  Adam standing lookout duty.

DCP_1162.JPG (779490 bytes)  Tim cogitates on the best way to catch a few crabs for dinner.

DCP_1166.JPG (369083 bytes)  No crabs yet, but Tim gives the "thumbs up" sign to signal that the stew is ready.

DCP_1171a.JPG (1967454 bytes)  The cruise gave us a chance to see some really big ocean-going ships up close.

DCP_1195.JPG (307860 bytes)  On our first morning in the Chesapeake Bay, the water was like a looking-glass.

DCP_1202a.JPG (419262 bytes)  Adam enjoys the view from the bow pulpit.

DCP_1208.JPG (636044 bytes)  Adam also enjoys the last of the CHEEZE-ITS while taking his trick at the helm.  Besides, we needed the container to store our growing collection of dead flies. 

DCP_1222.JPG (650697 bytes)  Tim has success at last!  His crab made the mistake of thinking Slim Jim's were tastier than chicken necks.  Tim took pity on the poor crab, though, and turned him loose.

DCP_1237.JPG (479857 bytes)  Tim and Adam discuss their plans to handle the bow lines as we enter Cuckold Creek on the Patuxent River at the end of our journey.

DCP_1238a.JPG (2080379 bytes)  Adam contemplates trying out for the swimsuit issue of Sea Scout Magazine.

Some statistics of interest from the log of the SSS YORKSHIRE with respect to this cruise:





Nautical Miles


Max Speed

Avg Speed


10 Aug 2002

Staten Island, NY

Atlantic City, NJ






11 Aug 2002

Atlantic City, NJ

Cape May, NJ






12 Aug 2002

Cape May, NJ

Chesapeake City, MD






13 Aug 2002

Chesapeake City, MD

Herrington Harbor, MD






14 Aug 2002

Herrington Harbor, MD

Cuckold Creek, Patuxent River, MD













A good time was had by all.  We made new friends, saw new places, and became true participants in the ScoutFleet adventure.  Our skipper's comment?  "It was GREAT to be at sea again." 

Thanks, Ship 548!  We hope we can return the hospitality sometime soon.

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