Corn Roast

Commodore Young's Corn Roast

Perigene Cabin, Susquehanna River, 26 August 2002

York-Adams Area Squadron Commodore Don Young and his brother Perry have for many years held an annual corn roast on the last Monday in August at their Perigene Cabin on the Susquehanna River near Long Level, PA and graciously invited the Squadron's Sea Scouts.  The affair is a nice time for our Sea Scouts to get together and swim, sail, water ski, tube, swap tall tales, and enjoy the Young family specialty of corn slow-roasted over an open fire.  This year's attendees from Ship 25 were Bo'sun Tim, Yeoman Amanda, Purser Leah, Bo'sun Emeritus Adam, Drew, prospective member John, and Cabin Boy Andy, plus the Skipper and Mate Mrs. K.

DCP_1405.JPG (485849 bytes)  Perigene Cabin.

DCP_1417.JPG (213227 bytes)  John and Drew enjoy a fast tube ride.

DCP_1428.JPG (231175 bytes)  Cabin Boy Andy continues his fascination with all things aquatic.

DCP_1430.JPG (552682 bytes)  Roasted corn - a special treat once enjoyed by the Susquehannock Indians of this area.

DCP_1433.JPG (335142 bytes) Tim, Drew, John, and Leah ham it up for your roving Sea Scout Action News reporter.

DCP_1445.JPG (715919 bytes)  Water-skiing just before sunset on the River.

DCP_1448.JPG (107531 bytes)  Drew takes over the controls of a fast inboard-outboard drive runabout.

DCP_1452.JPG (174058 bytes)  Leah and John wonder if Drew knows what he's doing.  The answer is "Yes".

DCP_1453.JPG (674931 bytes)  John gives water skiing a try for the first time in his life - he got up on the 5th try!  Definitely Sea Scout material.

DCP_1459.JPG (270668 bytes)  John says he owed his good performance to his lucky "Jeep" hat.  Definitely a happy camper.

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