Catoctin 2003

Catoctin Winter Sea Scout Training Weekend, Camp Round Meadow,

Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmond, MD

10-12 January 2003

Skipper, Mate C.J., Boatswain Tim, Boatswain's Mate Matt, Yeoman Amanda, Purser Leah, Storekeeper Isaiah, and Crewmember Drew attended the annual Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom Winter Sea Scout Training Weekend at Camp Round Meadow, Catoctin Mountain Park, near Thurmont, MD on the weekend of 10-12 January, 2003.  These training weekends give both youth and adults a great opportunity to shake off the winter doldrums, to socialize with other Sea Scouts and Scouters from all corners of the wardroom, and to learn some useful Sea Scout skills in the process.

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DCP_1558.JPG (429062 bytes) Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom Sea Scout Winter Training Weekends are traditionally held annually in early January at Camp Round Meadow in the Catoctin Mountain Park, a facility of the National Park Service, located in the Catoctin Mountains about 10 miles west of Thurmont, MD.  At right is the dining hall where we check in, have our meals, and socialize during our free time.  At left is the "computer room" which has no computers whatsoever but which we do use for Bo'sun's meetings and adult leader meetings.

DCP_1559.JPG (445136 bytes)  One of the four cabins at Round Meadow.  These are used for Sea Scout berthing at night and for classrooms during the day.

DCP_1554.JPG (428315 bytes)  Meals are served cafeteria style, prepared and served by Sea Scout volunteers under the direction of veteran Sea Scouter Bill Cheeseman.

DCP_1553.JPG (166088 bytes)  Here we see some of the troops finishing breakfast before heading off to their first training class.

DCP_1556.JPG (294906 bytes)  Mate James Klimek of SSS LONGRIDER, Sea Scout Ship 759, shares his knowledge of marine electrical systems with the Sea Scouts.  At night the bunks are lined up along the bulkheads for berthing.

DCP_1560.JPG (365597 bytes)  The gym at Camp Round Meadow is a place for recreation during off-duty hours and also is the site for drill instruction.

DCP_1555.JPG (308901 bytes)  Sea Scout Geof Boals, a member of the drill team at SUNY Maritime Academy in New York, gets some of the troops in formation to begin a drill instruction period.

DCP_1557.JPG (231519 bytes)  The gym also holds additional classrooms that can be used for classes such as the Maryland Safe Boating Course.

DCP_1561.JPG (546190 bytes)  The Presidential Retreat at Camp David is just down the road from Camp Round Meadow.  This is as close as the general public is ever likely to get to the entrance.

Ship 25 thanks Frank and Geof Boals, Bill Cheeseman, Robin Oulette, the various instructors, and all the many other folks whose efforts make events like this possible.

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