Mall Show

First Capital District Mall Show, Galleria Mall, York, PA - 8 February 2003

2003 First Capital Mall Show patch

On Saturday, 8 February 2003, the crew of the YORKSHIRE showed up at the Galleria Mall to fly the flag for Sea Scouting.  We did our best to tell the public why "Sea Scouts Have More Fun!" and why "You Never Forget the Day You Join Sea Scouting."  We added that, "Good things come in small packages."

Ship 25's Yeoman carries the ship's colors in the Mall Show opening ceremony

Our stalwart Yeoman Amanda carried YORKSHIRE's colors during the opening ceremony.  She clearly had the best uniform present.  Sea Scouts have always believed when it comes to uniforms, "less is more."

Yeoman Amanda carries the YORKSHIRE"s colors with pride

The ship's company manned a table with a demonstration of knots, marlinspike seamanship, the history of time (from the hour glass to the radio-synchronized clock), charts, semaphore, and the flag bag.  We invited onlookers to decode the current signal flying on the flag hoist using Pub. 102, then to hoist their own signal for the next person to decode.

The Ship 25 boot at the Mall Show displayed a large number of nautical items including semaphore and flag hoist.

First Mate Chip Diamond seems to have taken on a severe starboard list, possibly due to too much coffee.  Counter-flooding may be indicated.  Cabin Girl Hannah looks on in amazement.  Our crew also demonstrated the use of the magnetic compass with issues of deviation and variation were demonstrated, plus how to measure the elevation of celestial bodies with a sextant.

Mate Diamond lists heavily to starboard while Cabin Girl Hannah looks on.

Specialist Drew, Boatswain's Mate Matt, Mate Diamond, and Cabin Girl Hannah manning YORKSHIRE's booth.

Drew, Matt, Mr. Diamond, and Hannah manning the Ship 25 Sea Scout booth at the local Mall Show.

The Ship 25 double-agent team of Leah and Amanda cleverly disguised as land Venturers infiltrated the local land Venturing unit and busily recruited Sea Scouts.  In order to avoid being executed as spies in the event of capture, they wore the "25" numerals on their Kelly greens.  Way to go, gals!!

Leah and Amanda disguised as land Venturers busily recruited Sea Scouts right under the nose of the competition.

Indian Steps District Executive Justin R. Amsler stops by the Ship 25 booth to find out, "Why Sea Scouts have more fun!"  Is it being co-ed?  Neat uniforms?  Great Program?  We conclude you just have to be one to know.

YAAC Indian Steps District Executive Justin Amsler visits the Ship 25 boot at the local Mall Show to find out why "Sea Scouts have more fun!"

Our Skipper's quote of the day, "I have plenty of Sea Scout applications out in my Suburban.  Let me just go get one.  Don't run away ....."

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