Council Dinner

SSS YORKSHIRE Provides Color Guard and Conducts Opening Ceremony

for York-Adams Area Council's Annual Recognition Dinner

Thursday, 20 February 2003

Valencia Ballroom, York, PA

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2003 YAAC Annual Dinner Program Cover - autographed by many of the attendees.

Four members of YORKSHIRE's Quarterdeck provided the Color Detail and conducted the opening ceremony in front of hundreds of York-Adams Area Council Scouters at the Council's Annual Recognition Dinner held Thursday evening, 20 February 20 at the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA.  Representing the Quarterdeck were Boatswain's Mate Matt, Specialist Drew, Storekeeper Isaiah, and Yeoman Amanda.  Looking exactly like the Norman Rockwell Sea Scout image on the program cover, the crew manned a Sea Scout memorabilia table prior to the ceremony during the reception for Silver Beaver recipients.  

Ship 25 Color Guard - Matt, Drew, Isaiah, and Amanda

Distinguished visitors to the Sea Scout table included Skipper Luther Lease of Ship 37.

Skipper Lease, Amanda, Isaiah, and Drew at the Sea Scout table

Another V.I.P. visitor was our Commodore Don Young in full dress blues.

York-Adams Area Council Squadron Commodore Don Young and Ship 25 Boatswain's Mate Matt

As Amanda rang out six bells on the ship's bell, the Color Detail was introduced by MC for the evening Evan Forrester of Fox 43 News.  Matt then took charge, and the presentation of the colors went off without a hitch.  After leading the assemblage in the Scout Oath and Law and the Sea Promise, Matt offered the following invocation:

Let us pray. 

Dear heavenly father, great Scoutmaster of all Scouts, great Skipper of all Sea Scouts:

Tonight we ask your blessing on us as we gather together for the York-Adams Area Council annual dinner.  Bless this food to our use, and us to thy faithful service. 

We ask your blessing also on the lost crew of the space shuttle Columbia whom you have called to higher service.  We remember especially those among the crew who were Scouts, and ask that their example of unselfish service in a noble cause may be an inspiration to all of us here tonight.  In this time of international uncertainty, we also pray for the men and women of our armed forces, many of whom are also Scouts.  Please protect them, heavenly father, and bring them back safely to us when their mission has been accomplished. 

We thank you for the life and leadership of Lord Robert Baden-Powell who founded the Scouting movement that binds us together in the effort to live our lives according to the Scout oath and law.  We thank you also for the life and leadership of his brother, Warington Baden-Powell, who organized Sea Scouting for older youth, a program that adds the Sea Scout’s obligation to live up to the Sea Promise in addition to the Scout oath and law.  We thank you for the special opportunities available to us to venture out away from land, for “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.”

Finally, tonight, we ask your blessing upon the men and women of this Council, and throughout the Scouting movement, who give unselfishly of their time, energy, and treasure for the benefit of young people everywhere.  Give them the strength to carry on the work they do every day for the good of Scouting, and let their example inspire the upcoming generation of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts to do the same when their turn comes.


Matt then introduced Skipper Kain who briefly recounted the history of Sea Scouting in the York-Adams Area Council, mentioning in particular how Mahlon N. Haines was the first Council Squadron Commodore, and thanking those Sea Scouters such as Dave Glatfelter, Don Young and Luther Lease who have charted a course for present and future Sea Scout Ships to follow.

George Kain, Skipper SS YORKSHIRE; Matt, Boatswain's Mate; Drew, Specialist; YAAC Annual Dinner, 20 February 2003

The Color Guard then marched off and the dinner began.  Storekeeper Isaiah shared recruiting tips with First Capital District Executive Shaun P. Donovan.  Both agreed there is room for a lot more Sea Scouts in our Council.

Storekeeper Isaiah and First Capital DE Shaun Donovan share recruiting tips at the YAAC annual dinner.

Amanda and Matt won door prizes.  At the conclusion of the program, which included the awarding of the Silver Beaver to four deserving Scouters, the crew packed up and headed home.  (It wasn't our fault we didn't get to retire the colors - the dinner organizers deliberately omitted this feature, over the protest of Ship 25).

After the dinner, the Skipper happily received quite of number of compliments about the excellent appearance of the crew in their whites.  YORKSHIRE is getting noticed, and we have been asked to do the Landship Ceremony at the Northeast Region Bridge of Honor in March and a special Color Ceremony this August at Camp Tuckahoe.  Stay tuned .....

Ship 25 is featured in the Program for the York-Adams Area Council Dinner, 20 February 2003

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night shall keep the YORKSHIRE's Color Guard from their appointed rounds (in this case, going home after a very successful program to do their homework).

Ship 25 Color Guard heading home in deep snow after the YAAC Annual Dinner

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