Tuckahoe Landship

Updated 03/13/2003 22:44

The Tuckahoe Landship, SSTV ___?_____

The York-Adams Area Council has offered SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25 the opportunity to be of great service to the Council in accepting the task of fitting out the new 300 year old Landship recently constructed for Cub World at Camp Tuckahoe with a goal to launching her this June.  

To visit the Ship 25 "design the figurehead for the landship" contest page, click here.

The Tuckahoe Landship looms up out of the mists of time

Like a ghost ship looming out of the mists of history, the as-yet-unnamed landship offers a host to possibilities to those with the imagination to envision great things.

Landship gangway      Sea Scout Ship 25 Boatswain's Mate Matt dreams of the possibilities for the Landship

"Welcome aboard", says the Landship.  "I've been hoping some Sea Scouts would come along to help me who appreciate things nautical".  "No problem," replies Matt.  "The three big "S's" in SSS YORKSHIRE stand for Scouting, Seamanship, and Service, with a little "s" for social added on.  We'll be glad to be of service.  Let's dream together."

Poop Deck, Captain's Cabin, and Rudder of the Landship

View from port side showing gangway, Captain's Cabin, Poop Deck, and massive rudder.

Starboard side view looking aft

View of the starboard side looking aft, showing the hatch in the starboard side (below) to enter the Crew's Quarters from sea level, the hatch into the Captain's Cabin on the main deck, and the ladder from the main deck to the poop deck on the 01 level.  Main mast at right, and stub mizzen mast at left.

Boatswain's Mate checking out the view into the Captain's Cabin

The hatch to the Captain's Cabin being frozen shut, our intrepid Boatswain's Mate ascends the stern of the Landship to get a better view of the inside of the Captain's Cabin.  "Four bunks and a hanging locker," he reports.

The Crew's Quarters in the Landship

The Crew's berthing area below decks in the Landship.  16 bunks below, and 4 bunks main deck in the Captain's Cabin.

Boatswain's Mate Matt becomes the first Sea Scout to get the Huck Finn raft underway (a few months early)

Our Boatswain's Mate appears anxious to get the Huck Finn raft underway on Memory Lake.  Hold on, Matt - the Spring thaw is coming - just be patient.

Our Boatswain's Mate also pays a courtesy visit to the old Ship 17 Land Base at Lake Pinchot

Ship's 25's Boatswain's Mate pays a courtesy visit to the former Land Base of Dave Glatfelter's mighty SSS/SES SEA HOUND - Sea Scout/Explorer Ship 17 at Lake Pinchot, scene of many a grand Sea Scout adventure in years gone by.  Past greatness can inspire future greatness as well.

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