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Northeast Region Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball

29-30 March 2003, Bridgeport, NJ

DCP_1909.JPG (1185320 bytes)  The crew loads the trailer being towed behind The Ark in the cold gray light of dawn ready to depart for New Jersey at Oh Dark Thirty.

DCP_1910a.JPG (851151 bytes)  Trailer loaded, the crew wiles away an idle hour waiting for Committee Chairman Wes to wake up, get dressed, and find his way to the rendezvous location.  Can a Skipper keelhaul his own Committee Chairman?  Probably not.

DCP_1911a.JPG (555786 bytes)  H-Hour!  The Ark arrives at the Holiday Inn Executive Conference Center, Bridgeport, NJ.  The YORKSHIRE crew prepares to go over the side and hit the beach to rig the landship! 

DCP_1912.JPG (737778 bytes) Landship rigged, the crew suddenly is nowhere to be seen.  Are they at the indoor pool, the weight room, the arcade, or just "hanging out" with Sea Scout friends from other ships?  While the crew plays, the Skipper and the Boatswain don't have time to ponder this weighty question.  They are headed for that diabolical invention known as "leaders' meetings."  Are they fun, or what?  Well, no, now that you asked.  But they are helpful, so that's why we go.

DCP_1913.JPG (799060 bytes)  S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's fife rail and humungous brass bell.  Also noteworthy are the copper coal-oil running lights.  What a neat touch!  Well, not really.  The running lamps exuded lamp black all over everything on the way down because the skipper tried to save time and not put each lamp inside it's own plastic bag.  Can a crew keelhaul their skipper?  Probably not. Just set him adrift in the ship's long boat and let him navigate his way to South America.

DCP_1914.JPG (1029005 bytes)  Okay.  Pop quiz.  How many Sea Scout landships can you name that have a ship's wheel with a chrome plated wheel drum or a working capstan with reversible pawls?  Well, S.S.S. YORKSHIRE comes readily to mind. 

DCP_1915.JPG (857989 bytes)  Boatswain's Mate Matt, Boatswain Tim, and Specialist Drew.

DCP_1916.JPG (806313 bytes)  Cody, Yeoman Amanda Rose, and Purser Leah.

DCP_1917.JPG (651917 bytes)  Mysterious Amanda and Ashley peruse the very nicely done Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball program.

DCP_1918a.JPG (603180 bytes)  The Ship 25 Parents' Committee was well represented by Kim Krynock, Lorna Brenneman, and Mate Nancy Klinedinst.  The Committee came to see for themselves why "Sea Scouts have more FUN!"

DCP_1919a.JPG (280483 bytes)  Skipper Kain stops by to chat with Mate Nancy Klinedinst and Commodore Young.

DCP_1920a.JPG (228224 bytes)  York-Adams Area Council Squadron Commodore Don Young and S.S.S. YORKSHIRE Mate C.J. Diamond.

DCP_1921a.JPG (300496 bytes)  Yeoman Amanda Rose, Purser Leah, and Recruit Amanda (with the secret middle name).

DCP_1924a.JPG (68231 bytes)  Sea Scouts are easily amused, in this case by making the table glasses sing.

DCP_1925a.JPG (243226 bytes)  Cody and Amanda Rose - a happy Sea Scout couple.

DCP_1925b.JPG (128073 bytes)  Purser Leah keeps trying to coax one additional note out of her drink glass.  Really - it's not hard to entertain Sea Scouts.  Just give them a high quality drink glass and they can amuse themselves throughout the most boring of speeches.

DCP_1926a.JPG (528421 bytes)  Cody, Yeoman Amanda Rose, Purser Leah, and Amanda #3.

DCP_1927a.JPG (459106 bytes)  Matt and Drew.  Matt is wishing he wasn't sick as a sea dog with the flu, and wonders if he will toss his cookies right in the middle of the landship ceremony, just like he did at McDonald's on the way down here this morning.  (He came through just fine - that's Sea Scout Spirit for you!)

DCP_1928a.JPG (475756 bytes)  The S.S.S. YORKSHIRE V.I.P. table:  Mate C.J. Diamond, Boatswain Tim, Eagle Greg, Chief Bald Eagle (aka York-Adams Area Council Squadron Commodore Don Young), Alex, Committeewoman Kim Krynock (Ship's Hornpipe Instructor), Mate and Sailmaker Nancy Klinedinst (who is responsible for our uniforms looking so good), and (partially obscured) Committeewoman Lorna Brenneman (Ship's Logistics Officer).

DCP_1932a.JPG (326540 bytes)  Drew and Cody.

DCP_1932b.JPG (126482 bytes)  Paramedic Specialist Drew seems well pleased with the affair so far.

DCP_1935a.JPG (553806 bytes)  "Tim - I've told you time and time again - girls really go for a guy in uniform."

DCP_1936.JPG (663475 bytes)  Tim gets help adjusting his ScoutFleet medal.  Or was there some ulterior motive?

DCP_1937a.JPG (345948 bytes)  Purser Leah and Amanda #3 (she won't let me use her middle name) enjoy a moment of relaxation.

DCP_1938a.JPG (424057 bytes)  These girls really seem to be having a good time.  Could it be they are sharing the endless variations of the joke about why Sea Scout service dress blue bell-bottom trousers have 13 buttons?

DCP_1938b.JPG (103764 bytes)  Purser Leah is in a jolly mood tonight.

DCP_1939a.JPG (647189 bytes)  Our waitress was really good to us.  We could have signed her up as a Mate if we were closer to home.

DCP_1945a.JPG (426066 bytes)  Okay, Ship.  Set taut.  The S.S.S. YORKSHIRE Bridge of Honor landship crew boards National Sea Scout Committeeman Ryck Lydecker, Associate Editor of BoatUS Magazine.  Officer of the Deck Wes Garrod prepares to receive our honored guest.

DCP_1980a.JPG (245219 bytes)  Northeast Region Commodore Bruce Chr. Johnson installs the new Northeast Region Boatswain, Crystin Johnson.

DCP_1965a.JPG (615982 bytes)  S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's Sea Scout of the Year Award is presented to our Yeoman, Amanda Rose, by National Sea Scout Committeeman Ryck Lydecker, Associate Editor of BoatUS magazine.  Northeast Regional Commodore Bruce Chr. Johnson (left) and YORKSHIRE's Skipper George Kain (right) look on. For the details of Amanda's accomplishments, click here.

DCP_1984a.JPG (349111 bytes)  Skipper Kain departs the landship at the conclusion of the Bridge of Honor.  "Ding Ding!  YORKSHIRE Departing!  OoooooEEEEEEooooooE Peep!"  What a way to build a skipper's ego!  "We ought to do this every meeting."  "No, skipper.  That could lead to a second Caine Mutiny."  :-)

DCP_1987a.JPG (548741 bytes)  Drew, Greg, Alex, and Tim by the ship's fife rail and flag bag.  

DCP_1989a.JPG (480921 bytes)  Drew, Greg, and Alex.

DCP_1990a.JPG (256869 bytes)  Now for something really different!  "I thought I heard the Old Man say, 'Leave here, Johnny.'"  Ship's Yeoman Amanda Rose doubles as the Ship's Chanteyman to lead the YORKSHIRE crew and the Bridge of Honor guests through that great old Sea Chantey.  You don't see working capstans manned by singing Sea Scouts just everyday.

  Mission accomplished, the crew prepares to lay ashore.

DCP_1992a.JPG (386854 bytes)  Drew arrives late for the crew photo.  Was he busy talking to some good-looking female Sea Scouts?

DCP_1994a.JPG (204858 bytes)  "Da Croo"

DCP_1993c.JPG (287804 bytes)  Here they are, folks, the 2003 Regional Bridge of Honor Landship Crew!  We got a standing ovation.  That says it all.  Thanks, guys, for a job well done.   BRAVO ZULU!

DCP_1993e.JPG (340413 bytes)  S.S.S. YORKSHIRE - the 2003 Northeast Region Bridge of Honor Landship Crew.  Wow!  That was a rush.  Now, "Let the good times roll! - Let the Sea Scout Ball begin!"

DCP_1995a.JPG (351075 bytes)  Just where does Drew keep finding these good looking women?

DCP_1996a.JPG (369652 bytes)  Sea Scout friends from other ships cleverly disguised as high society types.

DCP_1997a.JPG (146776 bytes)  There's our Drew again, right in the thick of things.

DCP_1998a.JPG (469093 bytes)  Our friend from ScoutFleet days, Skipper Al Herman from Delaware.

DCP_1999a.JPG (428188 bytes)  Could this elegant couple be none other than our Purser Leah and Boatswain's Mate Matt?  Naaaah.  Wait a minute. Yes, by golly, it IS them.  Well, I'll be a son of a gun.

DCP_2000a.JPG (451508 bytes)  Matt and Amanda of the mysterious middle name.

DCP_2001a.JPG (461642 bytes)  Elton John and entourage put in a surprise appearance at the Ball.  The flu is GONE!  It's seems to have departed exactly concident with the successful conclusion of the landship ceremony.

DCP_2003a.JPG (460368 bytes) Cody, Amanda Rose, Leah, Matt, and the "lady of mystery."

DCP_2004a.JPG (407849 bytes)  Lorna, Kim, C.J., Chief Gray Eagle, and Nancy pose for photographers.

DCP_2005a.JPG (434726 bytes) Kim, C.J., the Old Man, Nancy, Cody, and the Ship 25 Sea Scout of the Year looking her elegant best.

DCP_2008a.JPG (507915 bytes)  Matt, Leah, Cody and Amanda Rose.

DCP_2011a.JPG (475743 bytes)  Some of our Sea Scout friends including outgoing Regional Boatswain Grant Cutler (in dress whites) and Skipper Garth Wells (looking like a distinguished Real Estate wheeler-dealer).

DCP_2012a.JPG (366349 bytes)  The cat in the hat.

DCP_2014a.JPG (487900 bytes)  There's Drew again, this time modeling the somewhat unusual short-sleeved version of Sea Scout service dress blues.

DCP_2019a.JPG (241525 bytes)  Drew, too, finds that girls go for a guy in uniform.  Or is his shy, quiet, suave demeanor?

DCP_2020a.JPG (322033 bytes)  Drew, Tim, and Greg glide across the dance floor.

DCP_2021a.JPG (565038 bytes)  More dance floor action.

DCP_2023a.JPG (476301 bytes)  It's YORKSHIRE's lucky day!  Greg gets picked as the Royal Court Crown Prince and Tim ends up as the King of the Ball.  Now we'll have to call them "Your Royal Highness" and "Your Majesty" for the coming year. That's a daunting prospect.

DCP_2024a.JPG (296349 bytes)  King Tim helps his Queen adjust her royal crown.

DCP_2025a.JPG (268488 bytes)  The Royal Court leads the courtiers in a dance.

DCP_2026a.JPG (229157 bytes)  The Royal dance continues.

DCP_2027a.JPG (342728 bytes)  As eight bells toll the mid watch, the dance winds down.  Memories of a truly fabulous day will live long in the annals of S.S.S. YORKSHIRE's history, to be re-told time and again to future recruits "who missed it."  If ever there was proof of the old adage, "Sea Scout have more FUN!", this is it.

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