H.M.S. SULTANA Day Cruise

25 April 2003

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Updated 17 August 2004 15:30

On 25 April 2003, Ship 25 was fortunate to be able to take a one-day cruise on the topsail schooner  H.M.S. SULTANA from Chestertown, MD to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  This day cruise was part fun and part preliminary investigation of the idea to do the Ship 25 long cruise onboard her this summer.

H.M.S. SULTANA - the School Ship of the Chesapeake

The original H.M.S. SULTANA was a Royal Navy revenue cutter and dispatch boat that sailed the Chesapeake Bay of the American Colonies of His Britannic Majesty King George III in the years immediately prior to the American War of Independence.  The first SULTANA was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1767 as a merchant vessel to carry cargo to and from ports along the coast of North America.  She was sold to the Royal Navy shortly after she was completed.  

The current SULTANA is an authentic replica of His Majesty’s Schooner SULTANA.  She was launched in Chestertown, MD on March 24, 2001 having been constructed from a draught of the original SULTANA recorded by Royal Navy surveyors on June 21, 1768 at Deptford Navy Yard outside Greenwich, England.  SULTANA sails the waters of the Chesapeake Bay each year from April through November providing educational programs for over 5000 students annually. Sultana also offers land-based educational opportunities in the form of classroom outreach programs and boatbuilding courses at the Schooner Sultana Shipyard in Chestertown., MD.  

For more information and photos, visit the SULTANA website at and meet the professional crew of SULTANA at .

DCP_2156.JPG (540201 bytes)  The crew at leisure.

DCP_2161.JPG (649973 bytes)  Tim keeps lookout.

DCP_2164.JPG (885668 bytes)  No gear adrift here.  A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

DCP_2165.JPG (935403 bytes)  Deadeyes are means by which the stays holding the mast upright are tensioned.

DCP_2166.JPG (646006 bytes)  Tim is still on lookout.

DCP_2167.JPG (634051 bytes)  SULTANA is steered by a means of a gun tackle rig attached to her tiller.

DCP_2168.JPG (784007 bytes)  Marlinespike seamanship.

DCP_2170.JPG (659033 bytes)  The first mate makes it look easy.

DCP_2171.JPG (537516 bytes)  Meanwhile, back at the helm.

DCP_2172.JPG (1071661 bytes)  The ship's bell is still used to mark the passing of e

DCP_2173.JPG (722505 bytes)  The base of the mast.

DCP_2174.JPG (848471 bytes)  A deck shot.

DCP_2175.JPG (881592 bytes)  Greg helps Tim keep lookout.

DCP_2176.JPG (813553 bytes)  A shot of the port bow.

DCP_2177.JPG (900915 bytes)  Tim has apparently convinced Carl that it's fun to be a lookout.

DCP_2178.JPG (755509 bytes)  Mast hoops.

DCP_2179.JPG (791776 bytes)  Land ho!

DCP_2181.JPG (707652 bytes)  The galley.

DCP_2182.JPG (484180 bytes)  Instead of hammocks, the crew sleeps in little berths with sliding doors.

DCP_2185.JPG (236372 bytes)  An onboard lamp.

DCP_2186.JPG (789275 bytes)  Who knows what's in the box?

DCP_2187.JPG (497767 bytes)  The master's cabin.

DCP_2189.JPG (376997 bytes)  View from the port quarter light.

DCP_2191.JPG (647560 bytes)  The master's desk.

DCP_2193.JPG (507525 bytes)  The head.

DCP_2194.JPG (618178 bytes)  Tim looks for some new adventure.

DCP_2195a.JPG (403468 bytes)  Captain Jamie Trost

DCP_2196.JPG (390349 bytes)  It looks easy, but in fact SULTANA is really a bear to steer.  These lines get very hard to pull when then is a good sea running.

DCP_2198.JPG (440717 bytes)  Chow time.

DCP_2199.JPG (374215 bytes)  I'm sure colonial sailors wished they had Pepsi available to them.

DCP_2200.JPG (647316 bytes)  The galley table.

DCP_2201.JPG (140416 bytes)  Nice dreads.

DCP_2202.JPG (827813 bytes)

DCP_2203.JPG (905742 bytes)

DCP_2205.JPG (721137 bytes)

DCP_2207a.JPG (364115 bytes)

DCP_2208.JPG (848104 bytes)

DCP_2209.JPG (920571 bytes)

DCP_2211.JPG (828450 bytes)

DCP_2212.JPG (684996 bytes)

DCP_2213.JPG (618094 bytes)

DCP_2214.JPG (914382 bytes)

DCP_2215.JPG (653505 bytes)

DCP_2216.JPG (456564 bytes)

DCP_2217.JPG (568370 bytes)

DCP_2218.JPG (649397 bytes)

DCP_2219.JPG (691597 bytes)

DCP_2220b.JPG (126160 bytes)

DCP_2221a.JPG (451483 bytes)

DCP_2222.JPG (811676 bytes)

DCP_2223.JPG (758163 bytes)

DCP_2225.JPG (808768 bytes)

DCP_2226.JPG (679352 bytes)

DCP_2227.JPG (845418 bytes)

DCP_2228.JPG (632292 bytes)

DCP_2230a.JPG (251368 bytes)

DCP_2231a.JPG (279826 bytes)

DCP_2232a.JPG (230424 bytes)

DCP_2233a.JPG (229748 bytes)

DCP_2234a.JPG (172350 bytes)

DCP_2237.JPG (643988 bytes)

DCP_2238a.JPG (518838 bytes)

DCP_2240.JPG (668078 bytes)

DCP_2241.JPG (686901 bytes)

DCP_2242.JPG (447371 bytes)

DCP_2244.JPG (198669 bytes)

DCP_2245.JPG (394213 bytes)

DCP_2246.JPG (673281 bytes)

DCP_2247.JPG (463626 bytes)

DCP_2255a.JPG (386146 bytes)

DCP_2259a.JPG (417454 bytes)

DCP_2261b.JPG (253704 bytes)

DCP_2262b.JPG (473596 bytes)

DCP_2263.JPG (260187 bytes)

DCP_2266.JPG (430447 bytes)

DCP_2271.JPG (1274085 bytes)

DCP_2283a.JPG (284570 bytes)

DCP_2285.JPG (900719 bytes)

DCP_2294a.JPG (427771 bytes)

DCP_2296.JPG (588530 bytes)

DCP_2298b.JPG (283740 bytes)

DCP_2307.JPG (436593 bytes)

DCP_2308.JPG (415507 bytes)

DCP_2309.JPG (542556 bytes)

DCP_2312a.JPG (311700 bytes)

DCP_2313a.JPG (602626 bytes)

DCP_2315a.JPG (693597 bytes)

DCP_2317a.JPG (481665 bytes)

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