Harry's Eagle Project

Harry J. Schenck Memorial Eagle Scout Project

25-27 June 2003

Stonewood Park, Springettsbury Township, York County, PA

Updated 27 August 2003 09:03

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The final decking section is laid in place to complete Harry's Project.

Unfinished business
Local Scouts complete Eagle project for teen who was killed
By CARYN TAMBER Dispatch/Sunday News

Stonewood Park was one of Harry Schenck's favorite places to go and think.

Harry loved to watch the animals in the park, and he wanted others to be able to do the same. To earn his Eagle Scout badge, the 16-year-old was planning to build a wetland observatory in the park, a massive wood-plank structure where people could come to enjoy nature.

Harry's dream is coming true.

A junior at Central York High School, he was killed in April when he lost control of his car and crashed into a tree. But this weekend, Harry's family, friends from school and fellow Boy Scouts put the finishing touches on the project that Harry had planned with the help of his grandfather, an engineer.

"The boys came and decided they wanted to do this," said Harriett Schenck, Harry's mother. "Harry had helped them with their Eagle Scout projects. His will be done."

The boys camped out two nights at Stonewood, starting Friday, and planned to spend most of the daylight hours working on the observatory all day Saturday and part of yesterday -- with a break for Sunday-morning services. More than 150 participated, roughly half of them members of five area Boy Scout troops.

Several groups donated materials for the observatory as well as provisions for the Scouts' campout.

The goal of the weekend was to build "a place these guys can come to and think about Harry," said Marty Strine, Harry's Scout leader. "We try to teach the guys the value of giving back."

"There's a lot of favors being returned," said Bill Schenck, Harry's father. Harriett Schenck said Stonewood was a fitting location for her son's memorial because of his affinity for nature. She talked of a gentle, animal-loving boy who spent a lot of his free time at the park near his family's Springettsbury Township home.

"He would not even kill an ant in our house," Harriett Schenck said. "He would take it outside. This park was very close to our home, so he would come here and play during the summer."

Luke Rhoads, 17, one of Harry's closest friends, said the project was a lot of hard work, but it was fun, too. Still, he acknowledged, it was a bittersweet task.

"It's hard because it makes you think: I see his dad and his mom and the rest of his family, and then I look around for him and he's not there," Luke said.

The above article is from The York Dispatch website on 28 July 2003 at http://www.yorkdispatch.com/Stories/0,1413,138%257E10021%257E1538130,00.html

DCP_3391.JPG (988293 bytes)  Ship 25 turned out to assist in the completion of Harry's project and set up their campsite on Friday night.

DCP_3392.JPG (1149613 bytes)  Troop 25 was also there in force. 

DCP_3397.JPG (813703 bytes)  What joint troop/ship encampment would be complete without Mr. Al Miller's circus tent for a headquarters?

DCP_3396.JPG (1225555 bytes)  Saturday morning overall project coordinator Mary Strine, ASM Troop 25, prepares to hand out the work assignments for the weekend.

DCP_3389.JPG (776305 bytes)  ASM's Rhoads and Nelson whip up a great breakfast of sausage and blueberry pancakes.  That gave everyone the energy to go out and do what needed to be done.

DCP_3388.JPG (998662 bytes)  Troop 20's Leaders Tom Kearney, Mike Wiest, and ? finish breakfast.

DCP_3390.JPG (992760 bytes)  ASM Brenneman samples the pancakes to be sure they are up to the usual high 25 standards.

DCP_3393.JPG (1090244 bytes)  Sea Scout Prospect Steve, ?,  Boatswain's Mate Greg, Charter Rep Ben Bailey, Zach, and friends finish breakfast and prepare to "turn to" on the work at hand.

DCP_3394.JPG (893281 bytes)  Troop 20 also gladly assisted with Harry's project. Here Troop 20 ASM Tom Kearney puts in a plug for his favorite breakfast tea.  Sea Scout ships from as far away as Delaware also volunteered to help, but were simply thanked and held in reserve as we already had over 100 local family, friends, and sea and land Scouts on the scene.

DCP_3395.JPG (846098 bytes)  ?, Mack, Scoutmaster Jim Walters, and ? run the saw department.

DCP_3398.JPG (1440515 bytes)  The wetland area was edged with fresh mulch.

DCP_3399.JPG (1748735 bytes)  Even the smallest Scouts turned out to help.  Here Dustin moves a wheelbarrow of mulch that probably weighed more than he did.

DCP_3400.JPG (1153548 bytes)  Creation of the 20 large decking sections was made uniform by the use of templates.

DCP_3401.JPG (1191598 bytes) Ship 25 Committee Chairman Wes Garrod waves to your roving Sea Scout Action News photographer.

DCP_3402.JPG (1223214 bytes)  Tom Kearney reports the Project Admin Department manned and ready.  "I can't hammer a nail, " said he, "but I can try manslaughter cases with no problem.  I guess they put me where I'd do the least damage."

DCP_3403.JPG (1642005 bytes) ? from Troop 25 lays the chalk line down the centerline of the bridge supports.

DCP_3404.JPG (1472003 bytes)  Skipper Kain's "Mulch Masters" warm to their task.

DCP_3405.JPG (465168 bytes)  Sea Scout prospect John decides that wading in the swamp is more fun without shoes.  Boatswain's Mate Greg wonders if that's really a good idea.

DCP_3406.JPG (1229122 bytes)  Sea Scout prospect John and Boatswain's mate Greg ensure the bridge stringers are ready for the soon-to-arrive decking sections.

DCP_3407.JPG (1421626 bytes)  "Look Ma!  No Hands!"

DCP_3408.JPG (1479036 bytes)  "Oh well - time to get serious again."

DCP_3409.JPG (1414638 bytes)  Isaiah, ?, Danny, and Matt put the finishing touches on one of the twenty decking sections used to bridge the wetland.

DCP_3410.JPG (1221440 bytes)  Sea Scout prospect John (middle) and friends move one of the decking sections to the final assembly area.  Each section weighted several hundred pounds. 

DCP_3411.JPG (977804 bytes)  Luke, ASM ?, and Scoutmaster Walters take a break at the saw mill.

DCP_3412.JPG (1497323 bytes)  Sea Scout Prospect John also takes a break.  Even though at first glance he might appear to be slacking, close observation of his boots shows he has been doing his full duty as a member of the "swamp rats" carrying decking sections into place in the wetland.

DCP_3413.JPG (1861060 bytes)  Gradually the "Mulch Masters" reallocated the giant mulch piles into place along the paths.

DCP_3414.JPG (1479281 bytes)  A view of the wetland's octagonal viewing area nearing completion.

DCP_3415.JPG (1214910 bytes)  Harry's older sister Hillary Schenck puts the finishing touches on the special memorial sections of decking boards.

DCP_3416.JPG (1368894 bytes)  The observation octagon is nearly complete.

DCP_3417.JPG (1258929 bytes)  The pathway through the wetland gives observers the chance to view and appreciate the miracle that is a wetland.

DCP_3418.JPG (1801732 bytes)  The gatekeepers of the mulch path.

DCP_3419.JPG (1818114 bytes)  The bridge across the wetland is nearly complete.

DCP_3420.JPG (1872351 bytes)  A member of Skipper Kain's "Mulch Masters" squad hauls mulch to the interior of the wetland patch.

DCP_3421.JPG (1701732 bytes)  Raking out the mulch to a uniform 2" depth.

DCP_3422.JPG (1537825 bytes)   The turnout to the observation octagon.

DCP_3423.JPG (1432378 bytes)  Two of the younger members of the project crew take a break and explore the stream that feeds the wetland.

DCP_3424.JPG (1236216 bytes)  One of the final decking sections is slid into place.

DCP_3425.JPG (1331484 bytes)  "Okay, now lads.  Need to lift the corner just a bit.   That's the way!  Perfect fit."  Former Troop 25  Scoutmaster Steve Coates at left.  

DCP_3426.JPG (1045898 bytes)  The "Swamp Rats" at work.

DCP_3427.JPG (964446 bytes)  Being a "Swamp Rat" is not a job for the overly fastidious.

DCP_3428-John.JPG (463078 bytes)  Crew Leader John Strine takes an unexpected break during the placement of one of the deck sections over the wetland.  A true professional, he keeps his drill above water at all times.  Photo courtesy of roving Sea Scout Action News photographer Tim Barefoot

DCP_3428.JPG (1175403 bytes)  Marty Strine expresses satisfaction with the progress so far.  "We WILL get the decking finished TODAY!"

DCP_3429.JPG (1514872 bytes)  The final deck section is in place and ramped up with mulch.

DCP_3432.JPG (488645 bytes)  At Saturday night's campfire, there was much singing and laughter just as Harry would have wanted.  However, there was also time to  reflect on why we had gathered together this weekend.  Ship 25's Skipper presented Harry's dad, Bill Schenck, with a membership card proclaiming Harry J. Schenck a permanent honorary member of SSS YORKSHIRE - Ship 25.  In this photo, Ship and Troop Committee Member Bev Yoe presents to Harry's parents a certificate that a star has been officially named in Harry's honor.

DCP_3433.JPG (697653 bytes)  As the campfire concluded, we all filed silently along the newly-completed decking and walkway and its octagon lit by torch light.  Skipper Kain recalled Lady Baden-Powell's words at the 11th World Jamboree in 1963:  "Welcome, Well Done, Well Go"

DCP_3434.JPG (1468885 bytes)  Sunday morning we had a church service and then completed installing the final touches to the project - hand rails along the decking sections.  Here the Ship 25 crew rests at the end of very special weekend:  Boatswain Leah, Cabin Boy Mack, SEAL Specialist Matt, and Storekeeper Isaiah.

DCP_3435.JPG (581348 bytes)  With the work done, it was time for the Ship 25 crew to get back to deeper water.  What better place to do this than Committee Chairman Wes Garrod's new indoor pool at Garrod Hydraulics, our winter meeting place.

DCP_3436.JPG (616061 bytes)  Matt, Leah, and Isaiah enjoying the indoor pool at Garrod Hydraulics.  Thanks, Mr. Chairman!

DCP_3437.JPG (631433 bytes)  Next it was on to Leah's place to help her weed out defective paint ball pellets from her paint ball ammunition collection.  Discretion called for hosing off the water soluble mess from her driveway before her mother got home.  It's also worth noting that Paint Ball is not a Sea Scout activity, as it is not approved by the Guide to Safe Scouting. The weekend ended with the Ship's company going to view a great sea movie: Pirates of the Caribbean.  We think Harry would have enjoyed the weekend immensely.

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