Maritime Day

National Maritime Day Celebration

Philadelphia, PA - 17 August 2003

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Sea Scouts Carl, Drew, and Isaiah man the helm of the United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE in Philadelphia, PA during National Maritime Day, 17 August 2003.

Sunday, 17 August 2003, was a special day for Sea Scouts from SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25 of York, PA.  The Sea Scouts were the guests of Dante Mattioni, Esquire, a Philadelphia admiralty lawyer, at Philadelphia's National Maritime Day celebration held at Penn's Landing on the Delaware River.  The day began with an early reveille and a 90 minute drive to Philadelphia to arrive in time for a delicious buffet breakfast at Independence Seaport Museum.

DCP_0038.JPG (547519 bytes)  Breakfast at Independence Seaport Museum

During the breakfast, the Sea Scouts had the opportunity to meet CAPT Eric J. Shaw, USCG, Commanding Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Barque EAGLE, America's Tall Ship,  which formed the centerpiece for the celebration.

DCP_0035a.JPG (343588 bytes)  Ship 25 meets the Commanding Officer of the Barque EAGLE, CAPT Eric J. Shaw, USCG.

DCP_0040.JPG (535680 bytes)  Two Coast Guard Admirals were also present at the breakfast.

DCP_0044.JPG (459608 bytes)  Bronze Plaque at the Seaport Museum from the Cruiser USS OLYMPIA commemorating her victory over the Spanish at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish American War.

Soon it was time to board the EAGLE for the formal part of the Maritime Day celebration.  (To visit the official  EAGLE website, click here).

DCP_0048.JPG (696970 bytes)  The Admiral boards EAGLE, with Sea Scouts trailing astern.

DCP_0049.JPG (630870 bytes)  CAPT Shaw greets the Admiral.

DCP_0050a.JPG (683754 bytes)  CAPT Shaw greets the Sea Scouts.

DCP_0053.JPG (254124 bytes)  Attorney Mattioni acts as Master of Ceremonies for a Chapel of the four Chaplains induction ceremony.  The Chapel commemorates the four chaplains of the torpedoed troopship USAT DORCHESTER who gave up their lifejackets to others and knelt together in prayer as DORCHESTER sank at night beneath the ice-cold waters off Greenland in February 1943.  One of the four chaplains was Rabbi Alexander D. Goode from York, PA and was a founder of York's Boy Scout Troop 37 (the Skipper's troop as a boy).

DCP_0062.JPG (671520 bytes)  EAGLE posts her Coast Guard sideboys for the Admirals' departure.

DCP_0069.JPG (601040 bytes)  Carl, Drew, and Isaiah man EAGLE's helm.

DCP_0070.JPG (582626 bytes)  Drew and Carl by one of EAGLE's 26' motor whaleboats.

DCP_0076.JPG (319043 bytes)  The US Coast Guard Drill Team renders a superb performance.

DCP_0084a.JPG (335961 bytes)  Carl's mom Eileen, Carl, the Skipper, Isaiah, and Drew in EAGLE's wardroom.

DCP_0088.JPG (693760 bytes)   Part of the Flag Quarters on EAGLE, unchanged since her pre-USCG days as a sail training ship for the German Navy.  Adolph Hitler is reputed to have rested here during a fleet review in the 1930's.

DCP_0091.JPG (780103 bytes)  Sign on  the door to Chiefs' Quarters on EAGLE: "Knock - Enter - Grovel." Carl's dad, a retired USCG Quartermaster Chief, would have loved it.

DCP_0094.JPG (454196 bytes)  Drew thinks it would be a lot of fun to speed around all day in a USCG RHIB - Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat.  Skipper agrees.

DCP_0096.JPG (709568 bytes)  Isaiah, Drew, and Carl with our USCG Officer Candidate tour guide.  He took us places on EAGLE the public rarely sees.  Many thanks.   SEMPER PARATUS!

DCP_0100.JPG (724202 bytes)  Stern view of EAGLE.

DCP_0103a.JPG (555675 bytes)  Skipper and EAGLE while en route across the Delaware River by ferry boat to Camden, NJ.

DCP_0107.JPG (426473 bytes)  View of EAGLE from the ferry.

DCP_0112.JPG (669585 bytes)  Three Sea Scout sailors ready to "hit the beach" in Camden, NJ.

DCP_0115a.JPG (392795 bytes)  Skipper, Carl, Drew, and Isaiah preparing to board the IOWA-Class battleship, USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62) at the Camden docks.  We got in free because we were in our whites, which was quite nice.  Thank you, NEW JERSEY!

The forward 16" 50 caliber guns of the mighty battleship U.S.S. NEW JERSEY, each gun capable of firing a 2,700 pound armor piercing projectile over 21 miles.

Turrets 1 and 2 of the mighty battleship, USS NEW JERSEY (B-62).  Each of these 16" 50 caliber Mark 7 naval rifles is capable of hurling an armor piercing shell weighing as much as a Volkswagen a distance of up to 25 miles.  That's some shooting!  FIREPOWER FOR FREEDOM is her motto.  For more information about the NEW JERSEY's awesome guns, click here.  For a full history through the end of the Viet Nam war of the USS NEW JERSEY, the Navy's most decorated battleship, click here.  For her post-Viet Nam history, click here.

DCP_0133.JPG (758146 bytes)  A tour guide explains the size and effectiveness of a 16-inch High Capacity (HC) shell weighing 1,900 pounds which leaves the barrel with a muzzle velocity of 2,635 feet per second on a trip of 22.8 miles when the gun barrel is elevated to 45 degrees. Each shell is propelled by the ignition of 5 silk bags containing gun powder, one of which sits at the base of the sell.  A heavier 2,700 pound armor piercing shell will travel 21 miles at the same elevation.

DCP_0137.JPG (662938 bytes)  The Flag Quarters on NEW JERSEY.  This battleship has flown the flags of Admirals Raymond A. Spruance, William F. Halsey, Jr., Oscar Badger, Harold M. Martin, Arthur W. Radford, C. Turner Joy, H. R. Thurber, Richard L. Connoly,  Herbert H. McClean, and Joseph H. Clark to name a few. NEW JERSEY served at various times as flagship for the Third Fleet, Fifth Fleet, and the Seventh Fleet.  She has been host to General Omar Bradley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Rhee of South Korea, and many other dignitaries. She was personally re-commissioned by President of the United States Ronald Regan on December 28, 1982.

DCP_0141.JPG (709831 bytes)  Junior Officers Quarters on NEW JERSEY.

Sea Scout Drew from SSS YORKSHIRE beside one of the battleship USS NEW JERSEY's 10" signal searchlights.

Sea Scout Apprentice Drew, a Boat Captain Specialist, beside one of NEW JERSEY's 12" Navy signal searchlights on the Big J's signal bridge.

DCP_0154.JPG (705050 bytes)  When she was nicknamed the Big J, they weren't kidding: at 888' 7" long, 108' 1" wide (just small enough to squeeze through the Panama Canal), 38' draft at full load, and 54,889 tons full load displacement, she is massive by anybody's definition. Yet her 8 Babcock & Wilcox steam boilers turning 4 screws with a total of 212,000 shaft horsepower could move her full displacement tonnage including 2,500,000 gallons of fuel, 1,188 round of 16-inch ammunition and 130 officers and 3000 enlisted men through the water at over 33 knots.  (She supposedly made 38 knots on her sea trials).

DCP_0158a.JPG (630842 bytes)  Carl, Isaiah, and Drew wonder what it would be like to be gazing down at exotic ports of call in the Pacific, Atlantic, or Mediterranean instead of Camden, NJ.  Don't worry, lads, there's a friendly Navy recruiter in your home town.

DCP_0164.JPG (729723 bytes)  A view down "Broadway", one of many long, long passageways on the Big J.

DCP_0165.JPG (808114 bytes)  Enlisted Quarters - also available for overnight encampments by Scout groups.  We plan to try an overnight visit as soon as we can.  For encampment information, click here.

DCP_0166.JPG (262389 bytes)  An explanation of the Big J's ribbon bar and why she is the most decorated battleship in the United States Navy.  She served in World War II, the Korean war, the Viet Nam War, Beirut Lebanon, and the Persian Gulf.  For her post-Viet Nam history, click here

DCP_0169.JPG (794655 bytes)  Enlisted mess decks.

DCP_0173.JPG (870416 bytes)  A fire control computer inside one of Big J's three massive gun turrets.

DCP_0177a.JPG (172669 bytes)  Bow on, NEW JERSEY shows the beautiful lines that made the Big J and her sisters, IOWA, MISSOURI, and WISCONSIN the epitome of battleship development.  "Aye, Lassie, the world will 'no see your likes again."

DCP_0181.JPG (731599 bytes)  Broad on the port bow - Farewell, NEW JERSEY.

"Rest well, yet sleep lightly; and hear the call, if sounded again, to provide firepower for freedom."  

    CAPT Robert C. Peniston, in his decommissioning speech, December 17, 1969.

For more information about visiting the Battleship NEW JERSEY in Camden, NJ, click here to go to the ship's official website.  

DCP_0198.JPG (671361 bytes)  The Ship 25 crew dines at Penn's Landings Chart House Restaurant to celebrate  a great Maritime Heritage Day experience.  The restaurant windows provide magnificent views of the Delaware River and the Battleship NEW JERSEY in the background.

DCP_0200.JPG (277405 bytes)  Storekeeper Isaiah takes a connoisseur's approach to a glass of cherry aqua, otherwise known a table water with a cherry in it.  By whatever name you call it, it sure tasted good after a long day in the hot sun.

SS_Victory__-gray_scale.jpg (58593 bytes)  Ship 25's invitation to Maritime Heritage Day came about through the intervention of Merchant Mariner and Friend of Ship 25 Royal Cannon, who served on this Victory Ship during World War II.  Thanks, Captain! Thanks, Attorney Mattioni!

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