SULTANA Long Cruise


Long Cruise 2003

19-23 August 2003

Updated 03 May 2005 13:23

Sea Scout Ship 25's six-day Long Cruise for the summer of 2003 was an adventure back in time.  The current H.M.S. SULTANA is an authentic replica of His Majesty’s Schooner SULTANA, a Royal Navy revenue cutter and dispatch boat that sailed the Chesapeake Bay of the American Colonies of His Britannic Majesty King George III in the years immediately prior to the American War of Independence.  The original SULTANA was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1767 as a merchant vessel to carry cargo to and from ports along the coast of North America.  She was sold to the Royal Navy shortly after she was completed.  The current SULTANA was launched in Chestertown, MD on March 24, 2001 having been constructed from a draught of the original SULTANA recorded by Royal Navy surveyors on June 21, 1768 at Deptford Navy Yard outside Greenwich, England.  SULTANA sails the waters of the Chesapeake Bay each year from April through November providing educational programs for over 5000 students annually. Sultana also offers land-based educational opportunities in the form of classroom outreach programs and boatbuilding courses at the Schooner Sultana Shipyard in Chestertown., MD.  For more information and photos, visit the SULTANA website at and meet the professional crew of SULTANA at .

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DCP_0205a.JPG (687288 bytes)  DCP_0206a.JPG (416256 bytes)

The Ship 25 Long Cruise 2003 crew:  L to R: Isaiah, Justin, Drew, Carl, Cody, Amanda, and Leah.  

Photo at Right adds the Skipper.

DCP_0207.JPG (1016603 bytes)  DCP_0208.JPG (801659 bytes)

Left: Base of main mast.  Right: Hoisting the anchor.

DCP_0209.JPG (799556 bytes)  DCP_0210.JPG (985004 bytes)

Left:  Anchor nearly on deck.  Right: The anchor windlass.

DCP_0211.JPG (754826 bytes)  DCP_0212.JPG (824994 bytes)

Left and right:  Raising the anchor.

DCP_0213.JPG (713483 bytes)  DCP_0214.JPG (887223 bytes)

Left and right:  Raising the anchor.

DCP_0215.JPG (997583 bytes)  DCP_0216.JPG (733808 bytes)

Left:  One of the professional crew.  Right: Cody.

DCP_0217.JPG (742386 bytes)  DCP_0218.JPG (695851 bytes)

Left: Amanda.  Right: Baiting the hook of the fishing gear.

DCP_0219.JPG (1063739 bytes)  DCP_0220.JPG (877152 bytes)

Left: A jelly fish on deck.  Right: Henry the cook helps Carl rig a throw-net.

DCP_0221.JPG (1061309 bytes)  DCP_0222a.JPG (800958 bytes)

Left: Isaiah with the throw net.  Right:  Amanda and Cody fishing.

DCP_0223a.JPG (258709 bytes)  DCP_0224.JPG (871988 bytes)

Left:  A crab about to molt, or shed it's shell.  Right: Cody fishing.

DCP_0225.JPG (762072 bytes)  DCP_0226.JPG (749805 bytes)

Left:  The First Mate onboard "Thumper", the jolly boat, so named because when towed behind SULTANA in a following sea, she thumps against SULTANA's stern.  Right:  Carl boards the jolly boat.

DCP_0227.JPG (673698 bytes)  DCP_0228.JPG (600408 bytes)

Left: Isaiah and Carl in the jolly boat.  Right:  Justin grabs his oar.

DCP_0230.JPG (813575 bytes)  DCP_0231.JPG (665570 bytes)

Left and right:  Views of SULTANA from the jolly boat.

DCP_0232.JPG (829519 bytes)  DCP_0233.JPG (742847 bytes)

Left and right:  More views of SULTANA from the jolly boat.

DCP_0234.JPG (728682 bytes)  DCP_0235.JPG (566857 bytes)

Left:  The jolly boat crew.  Right:  Stern view of SULTANA.

DCP_0236.JPG (553891 bytes)  DCP_0237.JPG (374726 bytes)

Left and right:  More views of SULTANA from the jolly boat.

DCP_0238.JPG (759932 bytes)  DCP_0239.JPG (1049545 bytes)

Left:  The jolly boat beached on Middle Hooper Island.  Right:  Leah and Justin expolore MIddle Hooper.

DCP_0240.JPG (1011927 bytes)  DCP_0243.JPG (855757 bytes)

Left:  Carl and Isaiah explore Middle Hooper Island.  Right:  Carl on Middle Hooper.

DCP_0244.JPG (615162 bytes)  DCP_0245.JPG (649698 bytes)

Left and Right:  Views of SULTANA at anchor in the Honga River.

DCP_0246.JPG (1045394 bytes)  DCP_0247.JPG (1123267 bytes)

Left and Right:  Views of the second jolly boat crew.

DCP_0248.JPG (900639 bytes)  DCP_0249.JPG (907128 bytes)

Left and Right:  The second jolly boat crew sets out for Middle Hooper Island.

DCP_0250.JPG (770126 bytes)  DCP_0251.JPG (624361 bytes)

Left:  View of the Honga River anchorage and Middle Hooper Island in the distance.  Right:  Cody and Amanda on deck as the afternoon fades away.

DCP_0252.JPG (765273 bytes)  DCP_0253.JPG (732804 bytes)

Left:  The Second Mate holds school of the ship in navigation.  Right: Isaiah and Carl below decks preparing for the costume party.

DCP_0255.JPG (1019636 bytes)  DCP_0256.JPG (682015 bytes)

Left:  Costume party on deck.  Right:  Isaiah, Cody, Amanda, Justin, and two professional crew members.

DCP_0257.JPG (907332 bytes)  DCP_0258.JPG (854068 bytes)

Left:  The First Mate teaches navigation while Drew, Carl, and Leah look on.  Right:  Justin, Carl, and Amanda watch the Second Mate plot a fix.

DCP_0259.JPG (890505 bytes)  DCP_0260.JPG (777805 bytes)

Left: Justin, Cody, Carl, and Amanda watch the Second Mate plot a fix.  Right:  Drew plots a fix while Leah is miles away.

DCP_0261.JPG (692243 bytes)  DCP_0262.JPG (378698 bytes)

Left:  Swans come to visit while SULTANA is berthed at Solomons Island Yacht Club.  Right:  A molting crab.

DCP_0264.JPG (436371 bytes)  DCP_0265.JPG (781699 bytes)

Left:  Another view of the crab.  Right:  Justin and Cody plot a course.

DCP_0266.JPG (770965 bytes)  DCP_0267.JPG (487684 bytes)

Left and right:  The crab we observed for our Bay ecology lesson.

DCP_0268.JPG (649332 bytes)  DCP_0269.JPG (297600 bytes)

Left:  Justin uses the latitude scale on the chart to measure distance.  Right:  The swans continue their patrol.

DCP_0270.JPG (923538 bytes)  DCP_0271.JPG (867611 bytes)

Left and right:  Lunch is served.  Thanks, Henry!

DCP_0272.JPG (768128 bytes)  DCP_0273.JPG (651575 bytes)

Left:  Two mates and Henry the cook sample lunch, while Isaiah and Carl look on.  Right:  SULTANA steals the show at the Solomons Island Yacht Club.

DCP_0274.JPG (761235 bytes)  DCP_0275.JPG (880053 bytes)

Left:  Another view of SULTANA at Solomons Island Yacht Club.  Right:  Underway for Georgetown, with Justin taking his trick at the helm under the watchful eye of Captain Jamie Trost.

DCP_0276.JPG (708814 bytes)  DCP_0277.JPG (783301 bytes)

Left:  Passing Calvert Cliffs.  Right:  Amanda prepares to trim a sail.

DCP_0278.JPG (950376 bytes)  DCP_0279.JPG (940374 bytes)

Left:  Leah updates her journal while Justin relaxes.  Right:  Amanda and Cody take it easy.

DCP_0280.JPG (683558 bytes)  DCP_0281.JPG (411460 bytes)

Left:  The modern world intrudes as Captain Trost calls ahead to check on berthing arrangement for SULTATA when we arrive at Georgetown.  Isaiah at the helm.  Right:  Justin at the helm with his "go fast" goggles.

DCP_0282.JPG (794038 bytes)  DCP_0283.JPG (764933 bytes)

Left:  A thunderstorm passes over the northern Chesapeake Bay as we wend our way northward to Georgetown.  Right:  Fun and games prior to arrival in port.  Carl chases Drew around the foredeck.

DCP_0284.JPG (774951 bytes)  DCP_0285.JPG (1011272 bytes)

Left:  Drew thinks a cigarette boat would be a much better way to travel up the Sassafras River to Georgetown.  Right:  Leah and Justin keep a lookout for Georgetown.

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