Christmas Party

Ship 548 Christmas Party

Avenue, Maryland

6-7 December 2003

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night could stop the YORKSHIRE crew from their appointed rounds - in this case attending the Ship 548 Sea Scout Christmas Party in Avenue, MD.  Despite a four-hour drive, we'd have been there right on time were it not for traffic being stopped at an intersection in a small southern Maryland town due to a collision caused by the recently-concluded snow storm.  In any event, we were only 20 minutes late.  Units attending the party included our hosts, Ship 548, plus ships 1009, 1942, and 1993.  It was great to get together with old friends, and also meeting new ones.  Thanks, "Sea Eagle".

DCP_0718.JPG (396183 bytes)  Group photos of some of the attendees.

DCP_0713.JPG (712546 bytes)  The holiday gift exchange - a Ship 548 party tradition.  By universal acclaim, Carl from our ship got the kewlest gift of all = genuine Sponge Bob bedroom slippers and matching shower shoes.

DCP_0714.JPG (483147 bytes)  Matt takes a moment to reflect on Carl's fantastic good fortune. 

DCP_0716.JPG (226186 bytes)  A shy game player.

                IM001576.JPG (276631 bytes)  Pizza, soda, and chili - what better treats for teens could there possibly be??

                IM001579.JPG (447531 bytes)  The older Sea Scouts seemed to gravitate to the DJ stand.

IM001582.JPG (274347 bytes)  Animated discussion over what tunes to play.

IM001583.JPG (356779 bytes)  Skipper Kain introduces some younger Sea Scouts to the joy of the computer game, Virtual Sailor

IM001585.JPG (255144 bytes)  Virtual Sailor can become addictive.  Neat way to learn rules of the road and navigation lights as well.

IM001586.JPG (272947 bytes)  Board games were popular, too.

IM001589.JPG (248716 bytes)  Alex indicates despite a night on the floor, he's "A-Okay".

IM001575.JPG (267043 bytes)  Breakfast preparation begins on Sunday morning before the troops are up.

IM001597.JPG (285468 bytes)  Looks like the pancakes will be delicious!

IM001600.JPG (286504 bytes)  Oh yeah!  Can't wait.  Breakfast consisted of pancakes, syrup, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, fruit, and oj.

DCP_0720.JPG (1115898 bytes)  Ship 25 pays their respects to "Sea Eagle".

DCP_0721.JPG (781795 bytes)  Next stop is the parking lot of the local museum.

DCP_0722.JPG (553581 bytes)  View of St. Clement's Island in St. Clement's Bay where the first Maryland settlers landed from the "Ark" and the "Dove".

DCP_0724.JPG (1441831 bytes)  One of the boats on display at the Museum. 

DCP_0725.JPG (932578 bytes)  After the museum visit, Skipper attended Monsignor Brady's Mass to thank him for his support of Sea Scouting and Ship 548.

Can't wait until next Christmas!


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