Sea Scout Ship 25's Long Cruise for 2004

Bermuda Ocean Race 2004

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We Made It - Mission Accomplished !

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Crew of the Sea Scout Training Vessel KUAN YIN On Passage from United States Naval Academy Seawall, Annapolis, MD USA to St. George’s Dingy & Sports Club, British Overseas Territory of Bermuda During the 2004 Bermuda Ocean Race 11-22 June 2004

Drew Kenneth Brenneman – Boat Captain, Bryon Thomas Long – Junior Engineer, Carl Martin Chindblom – Deck Department, Philip Valentino Accardo – Deck Department, James Carl Long – Watch Captain, John Alan Dawson – Watch Captain, Stephen Derby Alexander – Navigator & Chef, and George Hay Kain, III – Skipper

Recollections of the BOR by various crew members:

Bryon   Phil   Skipper   John   Lorna

Statistics for Ship 25's Long Cruise 2004 (the Bermuda Ocean Race)

Days Away from Home: 35

Days, Voyage Legs and Ports of Call:

0-1 Pasadena, MD 6/10/04 to Annapolis, MD 6/11/04

1-8 Annapolis, MD 6/11/04 to St. George's, Bermuda 6/18/04

8- 13 In Port, St. George's, Bermuda 6/18-23/04

13-13 St. George's, Bermuda 6/23/04 to Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 6/23/04

13-15 In Port, Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 6/23-25/04

15-21 Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 6/25/04 to Cape Hatteras, NC 7/1/04

21-22 Cape Hatteras, NC 7/1/04 to New Bern, NC 7/2/04

22-27 In Port, New Bern, NC 7/2-7/04

27-27 New Bern, NC 7/7/04 to Oriental, NC 7/7/04 

27-29 In Port, Oriental, NC 7/7-9/04

29-30 Oriental, NC 7/9/04 to Gale Creek, NC (Intracoastal Water Way) 7/9/04

30-30 Gale Creek, NC 7/10/04 to Pamlico Sea Base, NC 7/10/04

30-30 Pamlico Sea Base, NC 7/10/04 to Drewery Creek, NC 7/10/04

31-31Drewery Creek, NC 7/11/04 to ICW at 36 17.939 N - 75 58.304 W 7/11/04

32-32 ICW at 36 17.939 N - 75 58.304 W 7/12/04 7/12/04 to Norfolk, VA 7/12/04

32-34 In Port, Norfolk, VA 7/12-14/04

34-35 Norfolk, VA 7/14/04 to Pasadena, MD 7/15/04

Mileage: 2,500 Nautical Miles

Maximum Distance Offshore: 680 nautical miles

Maximum Water Depth Encountered: 3 miles

States Visited: 3 (Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia)

Foreign Countries Visited: 1 (British Overseas Territory of Bermuda)

Place in BOR Race: 

4th out of 8 in class, Chesapeake Bay Section

DNF overall due to our election to motor at the end of race


Read the news coverage from our participation in the BOR: (Adobe PDF format)

Deck Log of SSTV Kuan Yin during the BOR Long Cruise: (Microsoft Excel format) (Adobe PDF format)

Cover page for the official Deck Log: (Adobe PDF format)

Narrative text version of the BOR Long Cruise (incomplete): (Microsoft Word format) (Adobe PFD format)

Kuan Yin's Noon to Noon runs: (Microsoft Excel format) (Adobe PDF format)

BOR 2004 Final Race Standings: (Microsoft Excel format) (Adobe PDF format)

Kuan Yin Watch Bill - outbound to Bermuda: (Microsoft Excel format) (Adobe PDF format)

Kuan Yin Watch Bill - return to North Carolina: (Microsoft Excel format) (Adobe PDF format)

Link to initial preparations involved for BOR 2004 (the pre-race BOR 2004 pages)

The crew put together a fifteen minute multi-media PhotoStory presentation of the best 150 photos from our trip accompanied by nautical music courtesy of Bob Zentz of the group Scuttlebutt.  This Microsoft PhotoStory presentation lasts 15 minutes.  Download the BOR PhotoStory here, then play it back on any Microsoft Media Player, which is available on almost all windows-based PC's. Note:  a high-speed internet connection is recommended for this download, as the file size is 34 mb.

Hundreds of photos were taken during this long cruise.  Click here to view a representative small selection of these photos from Ship 25's BOR Long Cruise 2004.

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