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Updated 26 December 2004 14:34

The following are only a few of the hundreds of photos taken during Sea Scout Ship 25's Long Cruise 2004 as part of the Bermuda Ocean Race.  For the official log, statistics, and other links, click here.

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6100000 York Dispatch 2004-06-14 p. A1.jpg (2181216 bytes)

The York Dispatch graciously carried our story on Page 1.

To view a PDF file of the full news article, click here.

Thursday, 10 June 2004 - Race Preliminaries

6101943 DCP_1317.JPG (575697 bytes)  6102000 DSC_0035a.JPG (735228 bytes)

Left: Carl, Bryon, Drew, and Phil at the Eastport Yacht Club pre-departure party in Annapolis the night before the race start. After the party, we had to go back to Pasadena, MD to bring Kuan Yin down to Annapolis for the next day's official start.  Right:  In Pasadena, Bryon checks the mooring lines.

6102320 DSC_0379a.JPG (1045879 bytes)  6102340 DSC_0443a.JPG (1091224 bytes)

Left:  Phil attaches an automatic safety light to his inflatable PFD.  Right:  Underway from Pasadena for Annapolis Roads, Skipper compares our GPS position with the radar.

Friday, 11 June 2004 - Race Day

6102350 DSC_0472a.JPG (1353317 bytes)  6110700 DSC_0523b.JPG (569069 bytes)

Left:  Eight crew on a 43' boat makes for cozy berthing accommodations.  Here, Drew and Phil get some rest in the forward V-berth before coming on watch.  Right:  Race morning in Annapolis.  Drew comes on deck refreshed and ready for action.

6110800 DSC_0527a.JPG (407364 bytes)  6110900 DSC_0568a.jpg (1109775 bytes)

Left:  As Boat Captain, Drew has the honor of getting us underway for the starting area.  Right:  checking the flag bag to obtain and display our class identification flags.

6110910 DSC_0635a.JPG (784767 bytes)  6110912 DSC_0642a.JPG (571955 bytes)

At the last minute, the race committee gives us a large decal with our race entry number and race logo.  The trick is to affix the decal to the bow of the boat.  Here, Drew attaches the main halyard to Phil's Boatswain Chair so Phil can go over the side to affix the decal.  Right:  Phil signals to take up the tension on the main halyard.

6110914 DSC_0657a.JPG (879358 bytes)  6110930 DSC_0678b.jpg (572221 bytes)

Left:  Decal affixed, Drew climbs the mast to re-attach the main halyard to the head of the main sail.  Right:  Kuan Yin at anchor off the starting line, ready to hoist anchor and get underway for the starting line when the Prep signal is given by the race committee.  The weather has turned to cold rain, but there is lots of wind.

6111230DCP_1320.JPG (748212 bytes)  6111300 DSC_0690a.JPG (1015061 bytes)

Left: The crew in readiness for the start: Phil, Drew, Jim, Skipper, Bryon, and Steve.  Skipper is wearing his famous "racing goggles" to protect his eyeglasses from the rain and spray.  Right:  Kuan Yin coming up to speed under power off the USNA seawall en route to the starting area.

6111306 DSC_0693a.JPG (766831 bytes)  6111308 DSC_0702a.JPG (892437 bytes)

Left:  Pre-race jitters?  Not for Bryon.  Even though it is now raining, he's got the foredeck well under control.  Right:  Drew and Carl await the starting gun. 

6111410 DCP_1322.JPG (637604 bytes)  6111410 DCP_1324.JPG (262298 bytes)

Left:  "And they're off!"  A 35-boat fleet charges out of Annapolis Roads under full sail.  Right:  one of two boats that sandwiched Kuan Yin rounding the first buoy.  To be caught between two 20+ ton boats charging along at 8+ knots only 18" away from you on either side is a thrill you have to personally experience to believe.  It is still giving the Skipper nightmares.

Saturday, 12 June 2004 - Out of the Chesapeake Bay and Into the Atlantic Ocean

6120751 DCP_1325.JPG (743632 bytes)  6120752 DCP_1327.JPG (691625 bytes)

Left:  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel from Cape Charles to Cape Henry marks the exit from the Bay and the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.  Left:  John at the helm with Drew and Bryon as lookouts.  The rain has stopped, but the temperature is still cool.  On leg one of the race, from Annapolis to the Bay Bridge Tunnel, we were 4th out of 8 boats in our class.  Not bad for a relatively inexperienced crew.

Sunday, 13 June 2004 through Friday, 18 June 2004

Out in the Atlantic - Blue water sailors at last.

6131650 DSCN0224.JPG (594573 bytes)  6131756 DSCN0225.JPG (544007 bytes)

Left:  The air temperature gradually warming, Phil sheds his foul weather gear and keeps an eye out for "aquatic mammals", aka Dolphins.  We eventually sighted twelve, but in the excitement, no photo was taken.  Right:  Drew and Carl listen while Navigator Steve discusses route tactics.  While the shortest distance between two points is just that, the shortest distance, following it doesn't necessarily result in the shortest time.  Accurately predicting the effects of the Gulf Stream, winds, waves, and warm and cold Gulf Stream eddies is perhaps the most important piece of a winning strategy on a long ocean race.

6131756 DSCN0226.JPG (559578 bytes)  6141554 DSCN0228.JPG (691625 bytes)

Left:  Bryon and Phil listen in on the navigation discussion as well.  Right:  Typical scene during the first few days in the Atlantic: warm sun, beautiful blue water, clear sky, and good wind.

6141631 DSCN0229.JPG (948512 bytes)  6151119 DSCN0235.JPG (954844 bytes)

Left:  Off watch, Bryon learns from Steve the fine art of a sailmaker's whipping for the end of a line.  Right:  Skipper updating the ship's electronic log (an Excel spreadsheet on a laptop computer).

6151139 DSCN0238.JPG (524092 bytes)  6151153 DSCN0240.JPG (517181 bytes)

Left:  Phil lightens the load by pumping bilges.  Right:  Jim enjoys the "best seat in the house" during an off-watch break.

6151203 DSCN0247.JPG (975040 bytes)  6151905 DSCN0255.JPG (450951 bytes)

Left:  John admires the ability of a sea gull to survive several hundred miles from the nearest land.  Right:  Gorgeous sunsets were among the rewards we experienced during the voyage.  Home is now days away below the horizon.

6161155 DSCN0259a.JPG (509462 bytes)  6161343 DSCN0260.JPG (768285 bytes)

Left:  Bryon finds an interesting way to stay upright while Kuan Yin glides along on a steady starboard tack.  Right:  Later, the winds begin to diminish as we enter the influence of the "Bermuda High", and Bryon catches some rays of the sun while topside.

6161950 DCP_1329.JPG (590324 bytes)   6171546 DCP_1339.JPG (639703 bytes)

Left:  Bryon prepares to lower a bucket over the side to collect sea water for washing the dishes.  Right:  Kuan Yin's galley after a good clean up.

6171546 DCP_1342a.JPG (448220 bytes)  6171547 DCP_1343.JPG (675997 bytes)

Drew (left) and Bryon (right) catch up on their sleep when not on watch.  Standing watch 4 hours on and 8 hours off day after day soon leaves all sailors tired and ready to "check their eyelids for light leaks" whenever possible, wherever possible.

6171547 DCP_1344.JPG (671237 bytes)  6171548 DCP_1345.JPG (766247 bytes)

With the forepeak and forward cabin (left) full of gear and sails, and with the after cabin occupied for the moment by Drew and Bryon, Carl (right) sacks out in the only spot left: the dinette.

6171548 DCP_1347.JPG (711503 bytes)  6171549 DCP_1349.JPG (804532 bytes)

Left:  Kuan Yin's beautiful butterfly hatches over the main cabin allow plenty of fresh air and sunshine below decks.  Right:  the Nav Station, home to the Skipper for much of the voyage.  With accurate time from the atomic clock, accurate position from the Garmin GPS, and good instruments (indicating at that moment 90.1 degrees sea water temperature and 6.26 boat speed over the ground), the Skipper was able to keep a very detailed log.

 6171707 DCP_1351.JPG (792493 bytes) 6171951 DCP_1355.JPG (866337 bytes)

Left:  Bryon peels potatoes for the evening meal.  Right:  The "Bermuda High" really kicks in - we are virtually becalmed on a sea of glass.  In order to get to Bermuda in time to maintain our schedule of commitments there, we finally reluctantly agreed to drop out of the race and motor the rest of the way.  The sunset, however, was beautiful.

Friday, 18 June 2004 - Arrival In Bermuda

6180458DCP_1360.JPG (559744 bytes)  6180504 DCP_1366.JPG (512423 bytes)

Left:  The SPIT buoy off Saint David's Head, Bermuda at 0458 Friday morning, 18 June 2004.  This is the official finish line for the Bermuda Ocean Race.  Right:  We prepare to motor in through Town Cut into the harbour at Saint George's, British Overseas Territory of Bermuda.

6180517 DCP_1370.JPG (691749 bytes)  6180530 DCP_1372.JPG (722102 bytes)

Left:  Bryon has fenders at the ready as we prepare to do a Mediterranean moor to the sea wall at the St. George's Dingy and Sports Club.  Right:  Moored at last, Skipper proudly prepares to display the Bermuda courtesy flag at the starboard spreader - a dream that has taken him over a year to fulfill.

6180605 DCP_1373.JPG (585921 bytes)  6180606 DCP_1374.JPG (667541 bytes)

Left and Right:  Getting out our passports and filling in Customs Declaration forms confirms to each of us that, yes, we have indeed sailed from the U.S.A. to a foreign country, and crossed a lot of water to get there.

6180629 DCP_1376.JPG (858066 bytes)  6180630 DCP_1378.JPG (703716 bytes)

The official "victory" photos.  No, we did not win the Bermuda Ocean Race, but yes, we accomplished our goals which we had set for ourselves at the very start of this endeavor:  to bring our crew and our vessel safely into port, and to have a ton of fun in the process.  To realize a year-long ambition is sweet victory indeed.  Left: Drew, Bryon, Carl, Phil, Jim, John, Steve, and Skipper.  Right:  the youth who together did the work that got the job done:  Drew, Bryon, Carl, and Phil.  So far as we are aware, this is the furtherest off-shore any East-Coast U.S.A. all-Sea Scout crew has ever ventured. 

6180744 DCP_1392.JPG (555918 bytes)  6180754 DCP_1395.JPG (832229 bytes)

Left:  Boat Captain Drew, first ashore, savors a bagel while Bryon, Steve, and John rig the gangplank.  Right:  Drew dons his "cruising shades" and prepares to "hit the beach" while Steve and Bryon still work on the gangplank.

6181007 DCP_1400.JPG (1034665 bytes)  6181008 DCP_1401.JPG (683850 bytes)

Palm trees, and turquoise water - "Toto, we're not in Maryland any more."  Left and right:  view of the sea wall at the St. George's Dingy and Sports Club.

6181106 DCP_1402.JPG (630414 bytes)  6181117 DCP_1403.JPG (496934 bytes)

Left:  Carl's mom, Eileen, flew down to Bermuda to greet us and enjoy the island with us.  Right:  Phil and Carl tell Eileen all about the voyage so far.

6181200 York Dispatch 2004-06-21 p. D1.jpg (262881 bytes)  6181315 DCP_1409.JPG (315667 bytes)

Left:  The York Dispatch comes through for us again with more publicity.  Right:  John, Phil, Drew, Carl, Bryon, Mary (from our Ship 25 committee who also flew down to join us in Bermuda), Jim, and Skipper look more like tourists than sailors outside the Town Hall of St. George's.

To view a PDF file of the full news article, click here.

6181416 DCP_1411.JPG (657161 bytes)  6181503 DCP_1413.JPG (698656 bytes)

Left:  City Dock in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.  Yes, some people do choose bigger boats when sailing to Bermuda.  Right:  Town Hall in Hamilton.

6181610 DCP_1415.JPG (898079 bytes)  6181610 DCP_1416.JPG (1142047 bytes)

Left: The sea wall at the Dingy Club.  Small tender in the foreground was used by Chris, the club's amazing tender operator, to get us back and forth to land when we had to anchor off the sea wall for a brief period of very windy weather.  Right:  the Dingy Club.

6181611 DCP_1417.JPG (935024 bytes)  6181816 DCP_1418.JPG (691239 bytes)

Left:  The BOR Fleet Med moored at the Dingy Club.  Note the prevalence of American yacht ensigns flying from the sterns, and Kuan Yin's Blue and Red Sea Scout Ship 25 flag from her starboard spreader.  Right:  The night of our arrival, we paid a courtesy visit to the Bermuda Sea Cadets at their base T/S  Admiral Sommers in St. George's.

6191310  DCP_1425.JPG (949225 bytes)  6191415 DCP_1427.JPG (749643 bytes)

Left:  A very long and very expensive sailing yacht leaves the sea wall.  Right:  Kuan Yin replenishes her water and diesel fuel supplies at Dowling's Marine in St. George's.

6211339 DCP_1433.JPG (1187633 bytes)  6211340 DCP_1434.JPG (679698 bytes)

Left:  Getting around Bermuda was easy.  A short walk from the Dingy Club would get us to the bus stop, and our bus passes would get us anywhere else on the island we wanted to go.  Right:  Stuccoed homes with beautiful pastel colors are a trademark of Bermuda.

6211341 DCP_1435.JPG (539348 bytes)  6211342 DCP_1436.JPG (643805 bytes)

Left:  The post boxes remind us that we are in a country founded by the British.  This Royal Mail post box carries the cipher of H.M. King George VI, and therefore dates from 1936-1952.  Right:  Another beautiful home on the way to the bus stop. 

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