Troop 25 Sailing

Ship 25 takes Troop 25 on the Bay 

to Earn Sailing and Motor Boating Merit Badges

26 - 28 August 2004

Updated 30 September 2004 15:58

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Ship 25 is proud of its affiliation with Troop 25.  This year we offered the Scouts from the Troop the opportunity to come down on the Chesapeake Bay for a weekend and earn BSA's Small Boat Sailing and Motor Boating Merit Badges.  The Ship was represented by the Skipper, Mate CJ, Boat Captain Drew, and Boatswain-elect Matt.  Attendees from the Troop were Zach, Shawn, Mack, and Tom.  After our land Scout buddies mastered the basics Friday night and Saturday, we all set sail Saturday afternoon on Sea Scout Training Vessel Kuan Yin for a cruise to Dobbin Island on the Magothy River.  We enjoyed a splendid night sail down the Chesapeake Bay, then anchored off the island for the night.  We went swimming the next morning, and then returned to Kuan Yin's home port at White Rocks Marina on Rock Creek, Patapsco River, MD.  

Cost of food:  $15.  

Eight merit badges earned by four land Scouts in one weekend, with fun in the process: priceless!

DCP_1894.JPG (449919 bytes)    DCP_1895.JPG (553290 bytes)

Matt and Zach prepare for a swim.

DCP_1896.JPG (444289 bytes)    DCP_1897.JPG (697926 bytes)

Zach and Drew decide who is going in first.                      Mack wonders just what he's gotten himself into.

DCP_1898.JPG (783529 bytes)   DCP_1899.JPG (565464 bytes)

Swim call.

DCP_1900.JPG (669622 bytes)   DCP_1901.JPG (714537 bytes)

Shawn prepares to jump in once again.                            Dobbin Island on the Magothy River.

DCP_1902.JPG (429845 bytes)   DCP_1903.JPG (484259 bytes)

Zach gets in his morning exercise by lifting up the table in the main cabin.

DCP_1904.JPG (731225 bytes)  DCP_1905.JPG (673187 bytes)

Shawn and Tom do the dishes.                                        Shawn, Mack, and Tom finishing the dishes.

DCP_1906.JPG (426112 bytes)  DCP_1913.JPG (511406 bytes)

A lovely home on Gibson Island.                                     It would be nice to use this boat next year!

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