21-24 October 2004

25 October 2004 09:20

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What's better than skipping a half-day of school?  Answer: skipping a half-day of school to go to the Skipper's camp in New York State's Adirondack Park.  

Our crew left York on Thursday night after Mike's cross-country meet (personal best - way to go, Mike!).   We were stuffed into the Ark (a/k/a the Skipper's Suburban) along with tons of free food Mrs. Keeney had rounded up somewhere.  We arrived at Camp about two o'clock in the morning on Friday.  The photos below tell the rest of the story.

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This is what Limekiln Lake looks like in the morning after the morning fog has lifted.  We heard loons calling in the distance.

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The Adirondack crew:  Matt, Amanda, Mike, Drew, Nate, Mr. Wagner, and Mrs. Keeney.  At right is the Koopman Kiosk, which used to be the general store for Limekiln Lake, and is now a private camp.

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Why is Amanda always smiling?  Maybe its the ratio of one girl to four guys.  Or maybe it's just that our guys can be so goofy at times that it's hard not to be amused.  At right is the workers' dormitory for Great Camp Sagamore near Raquette Lake.

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Great Camp Sagamore, built by William West Durant, and later owned by the Vanderbilt family, is considered the premiere example of great camp architecture in the Adirondacks.  At right, the door to the main lodge with it's beautiful hand-wrought iron work made on the premises at the blacksmith's shop.

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Side view of Sagamore.  At right, Skipper, Nate, Matt, Drew, Mike, and Amanda.  

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Not exactly on a par with Sagamore, but perhaps a bit more cozy, at left is the Skipper's camp.  At right, Matt and Nate await the arrival of the Adirondack Railroad train at Tupper Lake Junction.

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Views from the Adirondack Railroad looking out over Tupper Lake.

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Although rugged country, the Adirondacks have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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A small pond reflects a gorgeous sky along the former Adirondack Division line of the former New York Central Railroad.  At right, Amanda, Drew, Nate, Matt, Mike, and Mrs. Keeney kick back and enjoy the views.

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Limekiln Lake in the early morning, from the dock below the Skipper's camp.  At right, Mike, Amanda, Nate, and Matt greet the morning sun.

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Saturday night fun fest in camp.  How better to celebrate the last night in the north country than with ice cream (from the 2 for 1 sale at Kalil's Grocery in downtown Inlet).  At right, mysterious writings on the frost-covered panes of the camp windows.

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