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Text to flags converter.  You insert text and it comes back on your screen as semaphore or signal flags.  Neat!

You can find the Morse code to text/text to Morse code translator a lot of fun, too.  Hear the sound, also.

Get the official "correct" time of day from the National Institute of Standards and Technology Time and Frequency DivisionSet your computer to the correct time via the internet.  Never be late for school again!

For a great journal of daily life in Antarctica at McMurdo, Pole, or Palmer Stations, Antarctica, see Jeff's Journal.  While Antarctica doesn't immediately seem related to Sea Scouting, remember that Paul Siple who first wintered-over with an early Byrd expedition, James Marr who went South with Shackleton's last expedition, and Ship 25's skipper, are all Sea Scouts who have been to the world's coldest continent. Might these stories inspire you to go South some day as well?

Review documentation and photographs of every lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay.  How many lightships are left?

Download a 16 page PDF manual on how to do a Delmarva Peninsula circumnavigation.  Sound like fun?

For an instructive interactive on-line sailing simulator that doesn't require you to download anything yet allows you to see instantly the effects of sail trim and rudder angle on boat speed and course, visit National Geographic's Sailing Simulator.

Abandoning the ship - a web page giving good advice for abandoning a modern commercial ship - with links to many fascinating related topics including, of all things, how to conduct a modern burial at sea.

Video clips from a modern Safety at Sea presentation apparently intended for crew members of a modern ocean liner/cruise ship.  These have fascinating details showing modern lifeboats, how they are launched, what they contain, etc. 
An account by Darcy Nair of her sail from Norfolk to Wilmington on the Kalmar Nyckel, the State of Delaware tall ship.
An index to everything you could ever want to know about Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement.
Biographical sketch of Warington Baden-Powell, B-P's older brother, and author of Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys.
The early history of Sea Scouting in Great Britain, showing how Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting, actually spent much of his youth sailing with his older brother, Warington Baden-Powell, who wrote what might be called the first Sea Scout manual, Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys.  For a more general history of Sea Scouting in both Britain and the U.S., click here.  Ship 25 has assisted in expanding an earlier document into the extensive A Chronology of Sea Scouting in the United States which is annotated with footnotes and additional sources for Sea Scout history.
Senior Scout Programs - overview of the various BSA programs from older youth, with great subsections on Sea Scouting.
Sea Scout Skipper's Minutes online, courtesy of the Atlanta Area Council, BSA.
Southampton Shipping News - read about nautical developments in Britain's largest seaport.
All about the new Queen Mary 2, Cunard's new superliner, the largest, longest, tallest passenger ship ever built.
Directory of Passenger Ship Arrivals - if you know the name of the passenger ship your immigrant ancestors arrived on, you might find some details of the ship on this site.
Maritime History - another wide ranging collection of articles covering all aspects of maritime history and original naval documents from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries.
A great source of historic maritime information The Maritime History Virtual Archives.  For example, read excerpts from books of the period on man overboard recovery, towing, painting, shipboard duties, etc. in the age of sail.  Ship 25 folks will especially enjoy reading about the celebrated 1840's Black Ball Line packet sailing ship YorkshireFor another reference to the Yorkshire's 
great speed on the trans-Atlantic run, click here.
Read all about the Era of the Clipper Ships.
Pamlico Sea Base, a nationally-accredited BSA high adventure base on the Pamlico River in North Carolina
Red Skelton recites the Pledge of Allegiance.
More Sea Shanties from Shanties and Sea Songs.
National City Christian Church.  A great place to bunk 30-40 folks when visiting our Nation's Capital.
An excellent page on general Seamanship, including nautical terms, boatswain's calls, and British meteorology - courtesy of 64th Birkenhead RN Sea Scouts.
Everything you always wanted to know about knots - courtesy of 64th Birkenhead RN Sea Scouts.
How to protect yourself from child abuse - Appendix to BSA's Safe Scouting Guide
Click here for links to Baltimore Inner Harbor attractions.
U.S.S. CONSTELLATION - last all-sail warship built by the U.S. Navy in 1854, permanently berthed in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter TANEY - last warship afloat that survived the Pearl Harbor attack.
Lightship CHESAPEAKE - for almost 40 years beginning in 1933, CHESAPEAKE marked the entrances to the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.
Crewmen's life onboard LV-116 - the Chesapeake Light Ship - in the 1930's.
Pride of Baltimore II - replica of an 1812-era topsail schooner type known as a Baltimore clipper.
Liberty Ship John W. Brown - historic World War II cargo ship docked in Baltimore.
The Battle of North Point - the attempted British land attack on Fort McHenry in 1814.
SSS COLUMBIA RANGER's Links of Local Interest on the Bay.
Annapolis, Maryland weather, radar, and marine forecasts - what's it like on the Bay right now?
National Data Buoy Center - Thomas Point Light - current wind speed, direction, sea water temperature, etc. at Thomas Point Light
Annapolis Restaurants - list with addresses and phone numbers
Baltimore Harbor Approach, Maryland Current - current just north of Bay Bridge
Baltimore - Chesapeake Tides - nice tabular printout
National Weather Service weather report for Maryland portion of Chesapeake Bay
Maptech Mapserver Maps, including der PeLiKan dock
USS INTREPID Live Video Cam - keep an eye on our spot for ScoutFleet 2002
Mariner Scout Ship Odyssey - see what some girls in El Cerrito, CA can do
Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Maryland boating information
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission - Pennsylvania boating information
Maryland Tide-Finder - find out about the tide anywhere in Maryland
U.S. Waterways and Lights - anywhere in the coastal United States
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about the Uniforms of the U.S. Navy
Everything you always wanted to know about Signaling at Sea
Chatham Roads telecam, Cape Cod, Massachusetts  - Adam's summer home
Compute magnetic declination for any location on earth so you can correct your magnetic compass heading to true heading
Resources for Teachers in the Chesapeake Bay area
The official U.S. Navy SEAMAN training manual - on line!
The official U.S. Navy LOOKOUT training manual - on line!
Other official U.S. Navy training manuals on any subject you can think of
The Ships List - interesting information about ship wrecks 1816-1917
Interesting technical information about the sinking of R.M.S. TITANIC
All about the lifeboats onboard TITANIC - construction, occupants, etc.
Classes of the RNLI fleet of lifeboats.
Recent stories of the RNLI in action  - inspiring reading!  Could you do as well?

The Sea - Mighty, Fascinating, and Dangerous - awesome shots of ships in peril on the sea!

In the Service of Humanity - Lifeboat Services Around the World

Click on any of the red-colored portions of the map of Great Britain to see the RNLI in Action -  rescues at sea in progress LIVE!

United States Coast Guard - main web site

US Coast Guard Lifesaving Medals - eligibility and information

Search and Rescue is No Joke - the cost of hoaxes

If You See a Flare at sea - what to do

US Coast Guard - suggested FLOAT PLAN form

Lyrics and audio for the US Coast Guard Song - Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

History of the US Coast Guard - Coast Guard Historian's Office

Everything a youngster would want to know about lighthouses - Teacher's Lighthouse Guide

Astronomical Applications Data from the U.S. Naval Observatory.  Compute times of sunrise and sunset, etc.

All about the Luger Leeward 16, the sail training boats of Ship 25

U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Examination Questions

Current wave height and direction in the western North Atlantic Ocean

Flags, Pennants, Ceremonies, and Customs of the American Sea Services

Current US Sailboat Racing Rules in Brief

BoatUS Online Boating Safety Courses for general boats and for personal watercraft

All about Celestial Navigation - the Celestial Navigation Net

Flags & Anthems - do you know the words to your state's song? Pennsylvania state song.  Maryland state song.

National Anthems of the World - midi files

Penn State's NROTC notes and slide shows for Naval Science and Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions about the Merchant Marine

A Lifeboat Pictorial - photos of lifeboats past and present

Towboat accident on the Tombigbee River, 1979 - "She takes a licking, and keeps on ticking!"

A Maritime Information Page from Belgium

Index of local Notice to Mariners (NOTAM's) - District 5 (MD, etc.)

US Sailing Safety at Sea links

History of SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea

Office of Boating Safety - "Tell me about" Equipment

Coastline Cruising - Marinas, Services, Things to Do

Spinsheet Magazine - the Magazine for Chesapeake sailors

Cruising World magazine

Recent StarSat rescues

ORC - Offshore Racing Council checklist

Seven Seas Cruising Association

Costs of buying, living, and cruising on a large sailboat

Everything you need to know about retiring on a sailboat

Blue Water Sailing - the magazine of cruising and off-shore sailing

Island Hopping Links - including the latest warnings about pirates!

Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator - online

Sleeping with Oars - no, it's not what it sounds like!

Sample Crew Agreement

YOTREPS Vessel Tracking via E-mail - do you know where your cruising boat is?

Frequently Asked Questions about the US Navy

Origins of Navy terminology

The US Navy Welcome Aboard page

BSA Troop 80, Cortland, NY - They've visited Yorkshire Church twice.

Blair Atholl International Patrol Jamborette - Scouts from the US (Troop 80 of Cortland, NY) visit Scotland every two years for a special international experience.

Anderson's Bay Sea Scout Group, Dunedin, New Zealand - New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world.  They have everything from deserts to alpine peaks at the one place on the globe that is furtherest from York, PA.

Virtual Sailor 5.0 - download a great sailing simulator.  Free demo.  You gotta at least try the demo - it's just like being there!

Scoutbase UK Games for Venturers - more games than you can shake a stick at - which one shall we try at our next meeting?

Royal Navy Articles of War from 1749 - Aren't you glad you were a Sea Scout back then?

Irish dueling code from 1777 - more fun and games from the good old days.

Nautical Expressions in the Vernacular - nautical origins of everyday terms.

Ship Losses of the Royal Navy: 1793-1802 - check out the various causes.

Execution for Desertion 1803.

Hand Signals for Sea Kayakers

Nautical Signal Flag Translator - courtesy of 4th Cork (Cobn) Sea Scouts, Ireland.

Sayings from the Sea - courtesy of 4th Cork (Cobn) Sea Scouts, Ireland.

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