Ship 25's Log Book of Past Activities

Third Year: 2002-2003

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Ganoga race practice

MD Maritime Festival

Wills/Kain Eagle Day

Great Canoe Race

Adult Seamanship Course

Youth Protection

Armed Forces Day Visit

Bo'sun's Eagle Project

Chris Sheaffer's Eagle

Nygard Regatta



THIRD CHARTER YEAR - 4/1/2002 to 3/31/2003

20 April 2002: Practice for the Ganoga Canoe Race, Detters Mill to Bull Road

As reported by Crewmember Matt:  

Skipper Kain and Committee Chair Wes Garrod gladly took time out of their weekend to allow crewmembers of Ship 25 to take a practice run down the Conewago Creek where the Ganoga canoe race will be held on 4 and 5 May. Those also attending where Mates McIntosh and Klinedinst plus crewmembers Tim Klinedinst,  Amanda Klinedinst, Drew Brenneman, Isaiah Landis, Matt Wagner, and cabin boy Andrew Klinedinst. It was a great opportunity for all those who attended. Tim and Isaiah chose to work, as did Matt and Drew.  Amanda Klinedinst was kind to team with Mr. McIntosh, and Adam Klinedinst joined the dynamic duo. Tim and Isaiah attempted to trek the course as far as they could in their canoe, while Matt and Drew went for a more "relaxed" trip down the Conewago.  They all paddled long and hard but stopped only a short distance past half-way because of time and a slight rain. Though the rain ceased the canoeing, it didn't stop the fun for the Ship. The Skipper generously took the crew to an ice cream parlor where they shared adventures from earlier in the day and told of other exciting things that had happened on their trip. The experience from the day will surely help the teams in creating their strategy for the official race. Good luck Ship 25!  Here comes a slide show of photos from this most excellent adventure.  Go out to the lobby and and get yourself some clam cakes and groat clusters while the show downloads, then settle back and enjoy! 

Maryland Maritime Heritage Festival, Annapolis, MD - 27 April 2002

As written by our roving Sea Scout Action News Reporter Isaiah:

On Saturday, 28 April 2002, Ship 25 met up at Skipper Kainís farm to head down to the Chesapeake Maritime Heritage Festival in Annapolis, MD.  The crew included Sea Scouts Amanda Rose, Tim, Leah, Isaiah, and Drew plus his younger brothers Kyle and Adrian.  The adults were Skipper George Kain, Chairman Wes Garrod, and Mate Nancy Klinedinst plus parents Mr. Ken Brenneman, Mrs. Lorna Brenneman, and Mrs. Jane Dull.

Tim, Isaiah, and Drew helped pack Skipper Kainís navigation supplies into Mr. Garrodís car. Mr. Garrod led the caravan of Sea Scouts to Annapolis while Mr. Brennemanís car brought up the rear to make sure that no one got lost. Tim (in Mr. Garrod's car) kept in touch with Drew (in Mr. Brennemanís car) through the Skipper Kainís CB.

While on the way to the Navy Exchange, Skipper Kain pointed out three ballistic missile communication towers that are now out of commission. When we got to the Navy Exchange, everyone purchased whatever uniforms they needed and then ate at McDonalds. Then we went to a parking lot by the Annapolis City Dock. We met up with our hosts, Ship 91, at their boat, On To Fortune.  Ship 91 hoisted everyone up the mast for a thrill. Leah deserves special praise, because although initially she didnít want to go up the mast, she eventually did so.  Weíre all proud of her! 

We hung out at the boat till about lunchtime when we split to go our own way and explore the Festival. While at lunch, the Mayor of Annapolis summoned Jonathan, one of the Sea Scouts from Ship 91, to give a little talk about Sea Scouting and blow the conch horn. After finding Jonathan and sending him to the mayor, we returned to the boat and stood at attention on the boat while Jonathan blew the conch horn in front of the crowd that was gathered on the pier. 

When finished with the ceremony, Isaiah, Tim, and Leah demonstrated flag hoist signals for the crowd using Skipper Kainís Pub 102 book. After that everyone was free to go wherever they wanted.

Leah found a Navy Frisbee in a bush at the Naval Academy, so most of the Sea Scouts played Ultimate Frisbee. After Frisbee the Scouts returned to On To Fortune to retire the colors. Then we all went to OíBrienís, a restaurant owned by the dad of one the Sea Scouts in Ship 91.  The father kindly treated both Ship 91 and Ship 25 to a free meal. Then Ship 25 left for home after a great ďDay on the BayĒ, full of memories and new friendships with the crew of Ship 91.

MVC-688F.JPG (125273 bytes)

For more photos and other details, click here.

Joe Wills & George Kain Joint Eagle Ceremony, Wizard Ranch, Hellam Township, PA - 28 April 2002

106-0684_IMG.JPG (1922429 bytes)

See details and more photos in our Ship photo album by clicking here.

Detters Mill to Camp Ganoga Great Canoe Race and Sleepover of 2002, York County, PA - 4-5 May 2002.

Trip Report by Leah: (note the neat pink typeface)

The canoe trip began early Saturday morning (05/14/02) at 10:15 a.m. We all met at the barn and hopped in cars that would drive us to our destination: Detters Mill (the race ended at Camp Ganoga). Once there, we waited for other ships to arrive. One other one did, and shortly after eating a lunch consisting of chicken, a baked potato with butter, a roll, and warm applesauce, the race began. After 4 hours and 35 minutes of canoeing, Adam and Chris won the race. 46 minutes later, Crew 544 placed second in the race. The next team to place was Matt  and Tim, who claimed they would have come in second if they hadn't' waited for the girls (suuuuure). Their total time was 5 hours and 37 minutes. Finally, after 6 hours and 17 minutes, Amanda and Leah (me) crossed the finish line! We too believed we would have done better if Crew 544 hadn't sent us the wrong way!

Hungry and wet, Leah and Amanda ate the hamburgers that the boys hadn't yet eaten for dinner.

Back at the barn, music and movies were provided for those who chose to sleep over.

Sunday morning there was cereal and donuts, followed by a donut eating contest (that I won!!!!) Everyone left by noon, except for Tim, Isaiah and me.  Mr. Kain took us sailing in the Susquehanna for several hours. Our evening finally ended around 8 p.m., when everyone arrived safely (wet from swimming in the river, but safe nevertheless) at home!

MVC-733F.JPG (243800 bytes)

Click here for more photos and more details.

Adult Advanced Seamanship Course onboard der PeLiKan, 10-12 May 2002.

Skipper Kain likes to stay current on his Sea Scouting Skills, so he participated in the Adult Advanced Seamanship Course held 10-12 May 2002 onboard der PeLiKan, the 46' Morgan ketch owned by Friends of Sea Scouting of Maryland, Inc.  We sailed from the Magothy River to Annapolis and Galesville and return.  Our course skipper was the knowledgeable and effervescent Garth Wells of Ship 1009 fame.  Course Chef Extraordinaire was Steve Alexander, Chesapeake ScoutFleet Publicity Chair and Ship 759 representative.  We had real caviar, brochette, and other culinary delights I can't even begin to pronounce.  Rounding out our stalwart crew was George Gray from Ship 361, Selwin Grey, Skipper of Ship 1993, and Colonel Joel David representing the United States Air Force special mission to find out why Sea Scouts Have More Fun.  Skipper Wells got the lessons off to a great start with a simulated grounding entering Annapolis Harbor.  It was so realistic you could have fooled me!  After we got towed off by a friendly motor boater, Friday night was spent rocking and rolling in the swell of Annapolis Roads.  Your skipper enjoyed several discussions with Selwin about Scouting and Sea Scouting in South Africa, Selwin's land of birth, where he earned the rank of Springbok Scout, equivalent to our Eagle.  Saturday, after more great food, we headed out to sea and ended up in Galesville, MD, a pleasant little town I never visited before.  Garth went aloft to retrieve an Irish Pennant.  En route back to Annapolis, we rigged an emergency Mizzen staysail, and actually got more speed out of the old girl than we had done with the regular sails.  After taking the water taxi ashore at Annapolis City Dock, Skipper Wells furthered the crew's education with a ringside table at O'Brien's Pub (Diet coke, thank you) where we got an up close and personal view of some knock-dead gorgeous female twenty-somethings doing their stuff to the mega-decibel music (?) of a British-sounding rock band.  After your skipper recovered from his near-coronary, he was escorted back to der P muttering, "I think they might make good Sea Scout material!".  Sunday saw the best sailing winds of the trip, and we made good time back to the Magothy.  We rigged a whisker pole to tame the Genoa.  George Gray was heard to remark that properly speaking, only cat boats have whiskers.  This remark caused the crew to unanimously (less one) decide that now would be a good time for a man-overboard drill, with George as the subject.  Skipper Wells narrowly restored order, and substituted a horseshoe life ring instead.  Recovery successful on the first attempt, we tied up at Slades on the Magothy and proceeded to "give the ship a clean sweep down fore and aft" before departing for home.  A jolly good time was had by all.  For staysail photo, click here.  Sorry, photos from O'Brien's didn't pass the Sea Scout Board of Censors!

Adult Leader Youth Protection Course, Council Service Center, York, PA, 14 May 2002.

On 14 May, Skipper Kain and Chairman Garrod attended the Adult Leader Youth Protection Course given periodically by the York-Adams Area Council.  We are now up-to-date on our leadership qualifications.

Ship 25 Armed Forces Day Visit to D.C. - Washington, D.C., 16-17 May 2002.

MVC-777i.JPG (114885 bytes)

For a detailed report on Ship 25's "playing hooky from school" in Washington D.C. before Armed Forces Day, click here.


The Bo'sun's Eagle Service Project - Eastminster Presbyterian Church, York, PA, 18 May 2002.

MVC-782F.JPG (255931 bytes)

What's the Bo'sun got in store for us today?  Find out by clicking here.

Christopher Ryan Sheaffer Eagle Investiture - Pleasureville United Methodist Church, Pleasureville, PA, 18 May 2002.

Ship 25's Fun Specialist, and Ace Canoeist, Chris Sheaffer received his Eagle Scout Award on Saturday, 18 May 2002, from Troop 62 at the Troop's chartering institution, Pleasureville United Methodist Church, Pleasureville, PA.  

MVC-789F.JPG (133825 bytes)

For more photos and details, click here.

Eagle Scout Career Night Dinner, Hotel Yorktowne, York, PA, 22 May 2002.

MVC-791F.JPG (185211 bytes)

For more photos and details, click here.

37th Henry I. Nygard Regatta, Naval Station Annapolis, Annapolis, MD, 24-27 May 2002.

Nygard_patch_2002.jpg (108538 bytes)

For more photos and details, click here.

NCAC Eco-Challenge, Fountain Head Park, Occoquan, VA, 1 June 2002.

IM000059.jpg (273546 bytes)

For photos and details, click here.

York-Adams Area Council Program Launch, Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg, PA, 4 June 2002

For photos and details, click here.

Ship 25 Quarterdeck Leadership Training Seminar, John Paul Jones Cabin, Otter Creek, PA, 8-9 June 2002.

MVC-803F.JPG (62110 bytes)

At the first meeting (30 May 2002) after Regatta, the crew of Ship 25 elected Tim as their Boatswain for the coming year.  At the second meeting (6 June) after Regatta, Tim announced his appointments to the Quarterdeck for his incoming administration: Boatswain's Mate: Matt, Yeoman: Amanda Rose, Purser: Leah, and Storekeeper: Isaiah.  The new petty-officers elect spent the weekend of 8-9 June 2002 at John Paul Jones Cabin on the Susquehanna River at the Otter Creek Recreation Area with Skipper Kain and Mate Klinedinst to participate in the first annual Ship 25 Quarterdeck Leadership Training Seminar.  Saturday night was spent taking a night hike to Urey Overlook and then returning to the Cabin to hear the Skipper tell the Peter Urey Ghost Story.  Some of us slept better that night than others, depending on how much of the ghost story we believed.  Sunday was spent doing the training session.  Modeled on the BSA's successful Troop Junior Leader Training program, the Ship's program involved the use of PowerPoint slides, a companion video, and lots of fun games and role playing. Sunday afternoon, with the training completed, we hiked to the Otter Creek Recreation Area to go swimming at the waterfall.  We did our Scouting good turn by packing out a ton of trash to help return the falls to their beautiful pristine condition.  The Skipper told us that John Paul Jones Cabin, originally built around 1825 by the George Urey family, got its name from the first York-Adams Area Council Sea Scout Commodore, Mahlon N. Haines, who leased the cabin from 1931 to 1938 as a Sea Base for the first Council Sea Scout ships.  Haines repaired the by then-dilapidated cabin.  The leased was transferred in 1938 to the York Hiking Club, of which Skipper Kain is a member.  Hence, as his guests, we are the first Sea Scouts to return to the cabin in 64 years.  The ghost of Peter Urey apparently was delighted to have Sea Scouts back as well, for he really didn't haunt us too badly. We learned a lot about leadership, and are now looking forward to applying what we learned for the benefit of Ship 25 when we take office next Thursday.

Chesapeake Regatta, Rocky Point Park, MD - 15 June 2002

Ship 1993 - Selwin Gray, Skipper, was our host for a great day of sailing on the Chesapeake at Baltimore County's Rocky Point Park opposite Hart and Miller Island.

For more photos and details, click here.  

Windrose, our 18' Laguna sloop, Sea Base, 19 June 2002

A Happy Day for Ship 25!  We receive the gift of Windrose, an 18' Laguna sloop, with trailer and outboard.  For more photos and details, click here.  

Willit Run?? Work Party, Bush River, MD - 22-23 June 2002

IM000191.jpg (478035 bytes)

Who says work isn't fun at the same time?  At least in Sea Scouting it is.

For photos and details, click here.

Northeast Region Sea Scout Sailing Championship Regatta, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT - 28-30 June 2002.

Ship 25 qualified to advance to the National Sea Scout Sailing Championships in Chicago.  Way to to, YORKSHIRE!

For photos and details, click here.

Ship 25 Admissions Ceremony, Sea Base Emigsville - 11 July 2002

For photos and details, click here.

MS Bike Tour Service Project Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA - 12-14 July 2002

For photos and details, click here.

Chesapeake ScoutFleet Long Cruise Annapolis, Maryland to New York Harbor and Return - 18 July to 4 August 2002

For photos and details, click here for Part 1 18 -25 July 2002 and click here for Part 2 25 July - 4 August 2002.

Cruise of the SEA EAGLE, Staten Island, NY to Patuxent River, MD 10-14 August 2002

DCP_1106a.JPG (635183 bytes)

For photos and details, click here.

COPE Course at South Mountain Sea Scout Training Facility, Dillsburg, PA 23-25 August 2002.

We came, we saw, we conquered!  100% of the crew through 100% of the obstacles.  For photos and details, click here.

Commodore Young's Corn Roast, Perigene Cabin, Susquehanna River, 26 August 2002.

Water skiing, tubing, swimming, sailing, and roasted corn.  For photos and details, click here.


Kipona Canoe Race, Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, 02 September 2002

Another First Place finish for Chris and Adam.  For photos and details, click here.

Shipwreck Weekend, Hart-Miller Island, Chesapeake Bay, 7-8 September 2002

Ships 25 and 1993 stayed afloat, beat the bugs, found the treasure, and have earned the right to be called "Survivors".  For photos and details, click here.

York-Fair 9-11 Observance ushering service project, York, PA, 11 September 2002

MVC-806F.JPG (526156 bytes)

Ship 25 again demonstrated that Service is the middle "S" in SSS YORKSHIRE.  New recruit Jim, plus Tim, Matt, Leah, Amanda, Ashley, and Drew (cleverly disguised as a land Scout) answered the York-Adams Area Council's call for Scouts to assist with ushering duties at the York Fair's 9-11 Observance.  We handed out glow-sticks to the audience.  Matt got interviewed by Channel 25 News.  All the land Scouts wee impressed by the Sea Scouts in their whites.  If you want to see a good-looking crew, click on the above photo to enlarge it. Tim and Amanda have now more than completed their 16 hour service requirement for advancement to Apprentice rank.

Fall Camporee, Susquehannock State Park, Lancaster Co., PA , 27-29 September 2002

Ship 25 camped out at Susquehannock State Park in Lancaster County, PA on the weekend of 27-29 September 2002 to assist the staff.  On Friday night we assisted with directing the parking of cars in the parking lot.  On Saturday we manned stations along the camporee route to give riddles to the various patrols that passed by.  Those in attendance included Skipper, Mrs. Klinedinst, CJ Diamond, Tim, Amanda Rose, Amanda Jo, Greg, Ashley, Leah, and Drew.

Fall Fundraiser, Shiloh Nurseries, Emigsville, PA, 5-6 October 2002

Ship 25 earned dollars for ship projects by directing the parking of cars at the Shiloh Nurseries Fall Open House.  We also sold slushies and pretzels.  In all, we made over $500 thanks to the efforts of all concerned and the generosity of Shiloh in letting us work there, of Mr. Garrod in making his slushie machine available, and Mrs. Brenneman in getting the pretzels.  Workers included Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Brenneman, Mr. Diamond and CJ, Amanda Rose, Tim, Ashley, Leah, Drew, Adam, Alex, Greg, and Amanda Jo.

der PeLiKan Workparty, Henderson's Wharf Marina, Baltimore, MD 19 October 2002

Amanda Rose, Matt, and Isaiah accompanied the Skipper to Henderson's Wharf Marina at Baltimore, home of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom training vessel der PeLiKan, to put in a 2.5 hour service project for the benefit of the vessel by moving lumber out onto the piers for later work and in policing the parking lot and piers for trash.

der PeLiKan Familiarization Cruise, Baltimore to Dobins Island, MD 26-27 October 2002

Skipper, C. J., Amanda Rose, and Drew were joined by three stalwart members (Bob, Michael, and Steven Gazinski) of Ship 24, ADAM HYLER, of Staten Island, NY for an introduction to big-boat sailing onboard der PeLiKan.  We sailed from Henderson's Marina, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD on Saturday 26 October to Dobbins Island on the Magothy River.  We spent a quiet night at anchor, and enjoyed Chef Bob's excellent culinary touch.  On Sunday we returned to Baltimore.  The weather was unexpectedly fine, and the winds were up to small craft warning level.  Thanks to Steve Alexander of the der PeLiKan Committee for seeing us off on our adventure and for welcoming us back home at the end.

Sea Badge NE-XII, Cape May, NJ, 1-3 November 2002

Skipper Kain and Chairman Garrod attended the Sea Badge NE-XII leadership skills course at the US Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ on the weekend of 1-3 November.

Liberty Ship John W. Brown Cruise, Baltimore Harbor, 10 November 2002

Matt, Isaiah, Ashley, Amanda, and the Skipper embarked on the Liberty Ship John W. Brown for the Brown's annual Veterans' Day tour of Baltimore Harbor on 10 November 2002.  The Brown is the only still-operational WWII Liberty Ship on the east coast.  It was a real treat to be actually underway on a 441' steam-propelled ocean-going ship.  In the vicinity of Key Bridge, we rendered honors as the SSTV der PeLiKan passed astern.  For photos and details, click here.

Parade of Lighted Ships, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, 7 December 2002

Mates Chip Diamond and C. J. Diamond represented Ship 25 onboard SSTV der PeLiKan for the annual parade of lighted ships in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  They reported the weather was extremely cold, the decks were icy, the boom of the broadsides fired by the Pride of Baltimore deafening, but all in all the event was memorable, and much enjoyed by the harbor onlookers.

Christmas Caroling, Misericordia Nursing Home, York, PA, 12 December 2002

Skipper, Amanda Rose, Tim, Nancy, Matt, Isaiah, and ?? spent the evening walking through the halls of the Misericordia Nursing Home singing Christmas Carols for the residents.  What we may have lacked in finesse we hope we made up for in observing the true spirit of the holiday season.

Catoctin Winter Training Weekend, Camp Round Meadow, MD, 10-12 January 2003

Skipper, Mate C.J., Boatswain Tim, Boatswain's Mate Matt, Yeoman Amanda, Purser Leah, Storekeeper Isaiah, and Drew attended the annual Catoctin Winter Sea Scout Training Weekend at Camp Round Meadow, Catoctin Mountain Park, near Thurmont, MD on the weekend of 10-12 January, 2003.  For photos and details, click here.

First Capital Mall Show, Galleria Mall, York, PA 8 February 2003

The crew of the YORKSHIRE showed up to fly the flag of Sea Scouting at the First Capital District Mall Snow at the Galleria Mall.  For photos and details, click here.

Scout Sunday, York, PA 9 February 2003

The crew of the YORKSHIRE fanned out across the area on Scout Sunday, 9 February 2003, to observe the 12th point of the Scout Law, "A Scout is Reverent."  We also wanted to show the flag for Sea Scouting.  The Skipper and Drew attended our sponsor, Yorkshire United Methodist Church in uniform.  Drew carried the Ship's flag to the front of the church along with land Scout and Cubs carrying their Troop 25 and Pack 25 flags.  Amanda and Tim when to their church.  Matt showed up at his church is dress whites.  Way to go, gang!

Color Guard for York-Adams Area Council Annual Dinner, York, PA 20 February 2003

Four Quarterdeck crewmembers of YORKSHIRE provided the Color Guard and Conducted the opening ceremonies at the York-Adams Area Council's Annual Recognition Dinner at the Valencia Ballroom in York on 20 February 2003.  For photos and details, click here.

Landship SSTV Tuckahoe, Dillsburg, PA 1 March 2003

DCP_1742.JPG (24188 bytes)

Visit to our newly-acquired service project, the huge landship at Camp Tuckahoe which we will be fitting out and rigging properly for the Cub World at Camp (aka "Disneyworld at Dillsburg").  For photos and details, click here.

Coast Guard Talk by Warrant Officer Freer and visit to the Freedom Schooner Amistad, Annapolis, MD 15 March 2003

DCP_1800a.JPG (532832 bytes)

In the morning at our winter sea base, Garrod Hydraulics in Manchester, PA, we heard a talk about the United States Coast Guard from Drew's cousin, Warrant Officer Sam Freer.  Then we headed to Annapolis, MD to visit the Navy Exchange Uniform Ship and the Freedom Schooner Amistad.  For photos and details, click here.

YORKSHIRE's First Bridge of Honor, Sea Base Manchester, 27 March 2003

Our preparations to serve as the Northeast Region Bridge of Honor landship crew presented us with  the additional opportunity to hold our first local Bridge of Honor as a final "dress rehearsal".  Our very first Apprentice advancements were presented by Rear Commodore Steven Alexander, Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom.  For photos and details, click here.

Northeast Region Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball, Bridgeport, NJ, 29-30 March 2003

DCP_1993e.JPG (340413 bytes)

What a way to end the third charter year!  Designated a "Standard Sea Scout Ship", 6 Apprentices, and the honor of serving as the landship crew for the Northeast Region Bridge of Honor at the Sea Scout Ball. Two of your Sea Scouts were even selected for the Ball's royal court.  It's hard to believe it can get much better than this!  For photos and details, click here.




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