Plaid Apprentice Patches

Updated 04/07/2003 08:54

Apprentice Patches (Plaid)

And now ............(drum roll)........ the New, Improved PLAID APPRENTICE PATCH!  

Sea Scouts - are you bored with those dull, drab plain white background Apprentice patches you used to wear on your summer white uniforms?  

Well, don't despair!  Land Scouts to the rescue!  Here comes the multi-color PLAID Apprentice patch from those same, creative, friendly folks at BSA National Supply Division who brought you the ROBIN'S EGG BLUE Apprentice patches for your Navy blue (black) Service Dress Blues.  Yes, it's hard to believe, but BSA National Supply has scored another marketing triumph.  Not only does the new, improved PLAID APPRENTICE PATCH have a plaid backing that shows through when viewed from the front, this super duper patch also has a gummy substance on the back that will allow you to melt gobs of glue into your dress whites with a hot iron!  So, throw away those sailmaker's needles, tell mom you don't need her services anymore as your personal tailor, and get one of these swell new creations today.  

As a bonus, if you really want to score points at your next uniform inspection and set a color-coordinated fashion trend in your unit, sew the patch on backwards so the nifty BSA SUPPLY logo is right out in front. Why else would we put it there? Watch the inspector's face turn purple as you show off your swell new SCOUT STUFF.  

And remember, these triumphs of brand identification are available ONLY through your Official BSA Supply Division.  Those dull, unimaginative folks at Ship's Stores in Stockton California wouldn't be caught dead selling these these little wonders - not even to your ship's dog!

The swell, new PLAID Apprentic Patch - another marketing triumph from the BSA National Supply Division.

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