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Regional Commodore's Award of Excellence


Council Name & Number__________________________ ______

Ship name ______________________________ Number __________

Ship’s Chartered Organization _______________________________

Chartered Organization’s city & state ________________ _______

Skipper’s name ______________________________________________

Skipper’s address ___________________________ ____ ______-_____

Skipper’s telephone (___)____________ E-mail ________________@_____

Our Ship is applying for the Regional Commodore’s Award of Excellence for the year.

We have successfully completed the requirements for the award.

Initials Date

_____ _____ Achieved Quality Unit status at the most recent re-charter;

Date of most recent re-charter: __________

_____ _____ Conducted Ship Quarterdeck (youth) leadership training during the past twelve months; 

Date of Quarterdeck training: ____________

_____ _____ Participated in at least one district, council, Area, or Regional event: 

Name and date of event:___________

_____ _____ At least twenty percent (20%) of the youth membership are Seaman Ordinary rank or higher.

Total number of Sea Scouts: _______ Number of Scouts Ordinary or higher: ______

We would prefer that the award be: (check one)

__ Presented at the Regional Bridge of Honor and Ball (applications must be received by March 1st) or 

__ Mailed to our Skipper

Skipper’s signature & date:                   



Boatswain’s signature & date:



Council representative’s signature & date: 


Council representative’s title

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