Sea Base Emigsville

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Directions to Sea Base Emigsville

Directions to Sea Base Emigsville:

3591 Liverpool Turnpike

Box 14

Emigsville, PA 17318


 Travel Directions:

1.  From Downtown York, PA:

1.1.                Proceed NORTH on NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181).

1.1.1.                  Pass over the ROUTE 30 BYPASS (PA 30).

1.1.2.                  Pass under INTERSTATE 83 (I-83 EXIT 22).

1.1.3.                  Continue through EMIGSVILLE (1 STOPLIGHT).

1.2.                Continue NORTH on NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181) after the one and only one stoplight in EMIGSVILLE at the local Gas Station.

1.3.                Continue north for about 0.2 miles to a stop light at the intersection of North George Street with Church Road (PA 24) on the left (which goes to Exit 24 of Interstate 83) and Starview Road to the right (which goes to Glen Cara).

1.4.                TURN RIGHT (NORTHEAST) and proceed UP THE RAMP TO CROSS OVER TOP OF THE RAILROAD TRACKS on the STARVIEW ROAD (LEGISLATIVE ROUTE A-1993). There is a street sign at this intersection marked "Starview Road."

1.5.                As soon as you are on the East side of the railroad tracks, you will see traffic control signs reading "STOP" and "EXCEPT RIGHT TURN." The main STARVIEW ROAD will turn right and go up a hill. You should STOP and then proceed (NORTH) STRAIGHT ALONG THE RAILROAD TRACKS on the LIVERPOOL TURNPIKE (TOWNSHIP ROUTE 710). There are signs at the entrance to the LIVERPOOL TURNPIKE reading "LIVERPOOL TURNPIKE", "NO OUTLET", and "CHILDREN PLAYING."

1.5.1.                  If you make a mistake here by turning right and going up the hill towards STARVIEW, then upon arriving at the top of the hill you will be able to look to your left (north) and see the house, barn, and three ponds of Sea Base Emigsville. Turn around, go back down to the bottom of the hill, turn RIGHT, and then pick up the directions at 1.5.

1.6.                PROCEED NORTH ON THE LIVERPOOL TURNPIKE, keeping the railroad tracks to your left (west).

1.7.                In about 0.1 miles, the LIVERPOOL TURNPIKE comes to a dead end and the farm lane into "GLEN CARA" begins. There is a signpost at the start of the lane marked "3591" and "KAIN".

1.8.                Proceed up the farm lane towards the barn, which is also the Sea Base.  On your left, just as the gravel lane ends and the asphalt begins again, you may turn left through the white pine trees into a field for parking.

2.  From INTERSTATE 83 coming south from HARRISBURG or north from BALTIMORE:

2.1.                Exit from INTERSTATE 83 at Exit 24 (sometimes also labeled Old Exit 11) - EMIGSVILLE, PA.

2.2.                From the stop light at the end of the exit ramp, turn EAST (left, if you came from the north, or right, if you came from the south) onto CHURCH ROAD (PA 24).

2.3.                Proceed EAST approximately 1.0 miles to a stop sign at the intersection of CHURCH ROAD (PA 24) and NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181).

2.4.                Proceed across NORTH GEORGE STREET and follow directions at and following paragraph 1.4 above.

3.  From ROUTE 30 coming West from Lancaster, PA. or East from Gettysburg, PA.:

3.1.                Enter onto INTERSTATE 83 at the NORTH YORK INTERCHANGE OF INTERSTATE 83.

3.2.                Proceed NORTH on INTERSTATE 83 and exit at the next exit, Exit 24 (sometimes also labeled Old Exit 11) - EMIGSVILLE, PA.

3.3.                You are now ready to pick up the directions at paragraph 2.1 above.

Chart showing both Sea Base Manchester and Sea Base Emigsville.

Chart of the area around Sea Base Emigsville.

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