Sea Base Manchester

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Directions to Sea Base Manchester

Garrod Hydraulics, 1050 Board Road, near Manchester, PA - Sea Base Manchester for Ship 25, B.S.A.

Directions to Sea Base Manchester:

1050 Locust Point Road  

Manchester, PA (for location)

        York, PA 17402 (for mail)

Telephone Number: Area Code 717-764-6429 or 717-880-8730 (Skipper Kain's cell phone)

 Travel Directions:

1.  From Downtown York, PA:

1.1.                Proceed NORTH on NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181).

1.1.1.                  Pass over the ROUTE 30 BYPASS (PA 30).

1.1.2.                  Pass under INTERSTATE 83 (I-83 EXIT 22).

1.1.3.                  Continue through EMIGSVILLE (2 STOPLIGHTS).

1.2.           Continue NORTH on NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181) several stop lights to the stop light at Thornton Chevrolet in Manchester.

1.3.                At the Thornton Chevrolet stop light in Manchester, turn left onto PA Route 921 West.  

 1.4          Proceed 1.3 statute miles west though a four-way stop sign and farm lands on PA Route 921 West to an intersection on the right with Locust Point Road at the bottom of a hill curving to the left.  Look for an Interstate 83 sign pointing to the right

1.5            Turn sharp right (almost a U-turn) onto Locust Point Road and proceed 0.2 statute miles to the crew of a small hill.  The Entrance to Sea Base Manchester, a/k/a Garrod Hydraulics, is on your left at the crest of the hill.             

2.  From INTERSTATE 83 coming south from HARRISBURG or north from BALTIMORE:

2.1.                Exit from INTERSTATE 83 at Exit 24 (sometimes also labeled Old Exit 11) - EMIGSVILLE, PA.

2.2.                From the stop light at the end of the exit ramp, turn EAST (left, if you came from the north, or right, if you came from the south) onto CHURCH ROAD (PA 24).

2.3.                Proceed EAST approximately 1.0 miles to a stop light at the intersection of CHURCH ROAD (PA 24) and NORTH GEORGE STREET (PA 181).

2.4.                Turn left to go NORTH on NORTH GEORGE STREET and follow directions at and following paragraph 1.2 above.

3.  From ROUTE 30 coming West from Lancaster, PA. or East from Gettysburg, PA.:

3.1.                Enter onto INTERSTATE 83 at the NORTH YORK INTERCHANGE OF INTERSTATE 83.

3.2.                Proceed NORTH on INTERSTATE 83 and exit at the next exit, Exit 24 (sometimes also labeled Old Exit 11) - EMIGSVILLE, PA.

3.3.                You are now ready to pick up the directions at paragraph 2.1 above.

Chart showing both Sea Base Manchester and Sea Base Emigsville.


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