Not Too Good!

Updated 04/09/2003 00:11

Not Too Good!

Ahoy, Shipmates:

Your roving Sea Scout Action News reporter here, this time with a piece of investigative journalism.  In an ongoing effort to keep our readers abreast of the very latest developments in the world of Sea Scout fashion, we are pleased to announce the new, improved PLAID Apprentice patch.  By going undercover, disguised as a mild-mannered land Scout, I was able to order six of these little babies for my Ship.  Yes, folks, they’ve done it again.

Those creative marketing geniuses at the BSA National Supply Division have come up with a snazzy new PLAID Apprentice patch.  Be the first in your Sea Scout unit to sport one of these nifty little creations.  Show your Scout pride with real SCOUT STUFF!  For details and photos, point your browser to

As the nice folks at BSA National Supply like to say, “Nothing’s too good for our boys (and girls) in blue!”

After viewing the web page, I’m sure we can all agree it is certainly not too good.

Standby for more undercover investigative reports from your Sea Scout Action News team.

Meanwhile, back to the studio.

VOICE:  Are we off the air, now?

ANOTHER VOICE:  Yes, I think so.

FIRST VOICE:  They’ll never believe this one.

SECOND VOICE:  Sad, but true.

STATIC Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


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