Sea Scout Humor

Updated 04/09/2003 18:44

Sea Scout Humor

As proof-positive of the proposition that "Sea Scouts Have More FUN!", S.S.S. YORKSHIRE is pleased to introduce a collection of Sea Scout Humor harvested from the Seven Seas of Sea Scouting.  So sit back, relax, and ENJOY!

1.  Not Too Good!  From the same folks who think Robin's egg blue = Navy blue.

2.  The new PLAID APPRENTICE PATCH.  In this case, sad but true!

3.  Sea Scout Cookies.  A great new fundraising product for your unit!

4.  Temporary Insanity.  Ouch!  That must have hurt!

5.  An interview with B-P.  Getting to the truth of the matter.

6.  Programmes on a Pallet.  Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

7.  A Long Cruise on the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION.  Recall the days of Iron Men and Wooden Ships.

8.  Signaling Practice.  The Semaphore Version of "Wuthering Heights" / "Julius Caesar" on an Aldis Lamp.

Although S.S.S. YORKSHIRE is known to have a sense of humor (at least people always tell us there is something just a little bit funny about our ship), we certainly don't claim to have a monopoly on the field.  If you have some good Sea Scout Humor, send it in.  Let's all share a good laugh together.  Send submissions to

Remember: "A Smile Turneth Away Wrath!"

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