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Updated 02/23/2003 17:23

We are trying to get Google to crawl our website in order to enable you to search within our website exclusively.  This may not happen for a few weeks.  Until then, to search the contents of the SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25 website:

  1. enter your search term(s) below prefixed by the terms "yorkshire sea scout", then your search term(s);

  2. ensure the default "Search WWW" radio button is checked;

  3. then press "Google Search"

Example: Entering "yorkshire sea scout uniform" will pull up all our pages that reference the word uniform in our website.  

It will also find anything else on the world wide web with those four words in them.  However, our pages generally head the top of the results list when used in this manner.  There is an option on the results page to click to get further similar results.

For some reason, Google search will find what you want thisway on the WWW.  It just won't do it exclusively within our domain of  Sorry about that.  Stay tuned for and improvement in this situation soon.  In the meantime, to make it easy for you, here's a "cut and paste" for the "yorkshire sea scout " prefix:

yorkshire sea scout 

Search WWW Search

Remember: To return to the SSS YORKSHIRE Sea Scout Ship 25 website from the search results, use the BACK button on your web browser

Also Remember:  Google only crawls a website occasionally.  It won't pick up any references or changes since it last crawled the national server and, recursively, our website.  For the latest Ship 25 website changes, always check out our What's New page.

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