Chesapeake ScoutFleet 2002

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ScoutFleet 2002 participant medal

ScoutFleet 2002 is now history.  Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS YORKSHIRE, of the York-Adams Area Council, BSA, with its HQ in Emigsville, PA was a full participant in the ScoutFleet 2002 celebration and undertook its special Communications Information Center (CIC) mission for her sister ships of the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom.  Very little, if anything, however, went as originally planned.  Do to mechanical difficulties, our vessel Willit Run?? didn't, so we drove from our Sea Base in Emigsville, PA to Staten Island.  

There we were befriended by the skipper and crew of Sea Scout Ship ADAM HYLER, a 65' diesel engine former US Army tug boat. As supernumerary crew aboard HYLER,  we stood watches and sailed from New York's Lower Bay under the Verazanno Narrows Bridge up to the INTREPID pier on 26 July.  The next day, ScoutFleet Day, the HYLER was the marshal for the "Parade of Small Ships" from the INTREPID around the Statue of Liberty and return.  We manned the rail, and rendered honors as we passed the site of the former World Trade Center twin towers.  ScoutFleet afternoon included a ceremony onboard the hanger deck of INTREPID celebrating the 90th anniversary of Sea Scouting in the U.S.A.  Our skipper then gave us a "behind the scenes" tour of USS EDSON (DD-946), which had been his ship during the Viet Nam war.  We saw parts of EDSON the public never gets to see.  ScoutFleet evening consisted of dancing on the INTREPID pier, and making new friends from the many other ships in attendance.  In all about 400 Sea Scouts and Scouters from 41 ships in 14 states (including Texas) participated in ScoutFleet.  

On Sunday morning, 28 July, we helped crew the HYLER back to Staten Island and give her a fresh water washdown and a clean sweep fore and after before departing.  We spent the rest of our ScoutFleet long cruise week in the Adirondacks at our skipper's camp on Limekiln Lake in Hamilton County, Town of Inlet, New York.  We did canoeing, kayaking, guideboating, loon spotting, swimming, water skiing, and anything else nautical we could think of.  We toured Big Moose Lake in a 1955 mahogany Chris*Craft work boat.  We went horseback riding.  We took the chairlift to the top of McCauley Mountain for a bird's eye view of the Adirondacks.  We toured the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake.  We toured and enjoyed a buffet dinner at Great Camp Sagamore, and we went to a square dance in a barn.  We took a ride into the wilderness onboard the Adirondack Railway.  Our final night included attending Durant Days at Raquette Lake with a band concert, fireworks, and a moonlight cruise around Raquette Lake on a steamboat.  The steamboat's Captain even asked one of our Sea Scouts to help steer.  Not bad for a trip when nothing went as originally planned.  We returned to the Sea Base in Emigsville on 4 August.

As a bonus, we have now been asked to go back to Staten Island and help the crew of Sea Scout Ship SEA EAGLE bring SEA EAGLE back to the Chesapeake.  She was disabled leaving New York on ScoutFleet Sunday, and repairs have just now been completed. So.... It looks like we'll still get to cruise the Jersey shore, the Delaware Bay, the Chesapeake, and the Potomac.  Good things just keep happening.


The link, was originally set up so you could see the current location of Ship 25's Sea Scout Training Vessel, SSTV Willit Run??.  This link also gave you the option to view a topo map of the surrounding area.  The on-board APRS system (Automatic Position Reporting System) worked flawlessly.  The reason why most viewers thought is wasn't working was they always saw our position as Bush River, MD.  Unfortunately, that was very accurate.  Except for a brief visit to Annapolis, WILLIT RUN?? spent the entirety of ScoutFleet at her home port of Bush River, MD.  So.....  The APRS was working.  WILLIT wasn't.


We originally were supposed to act as the CIC Ship for the Chesapeake ScoutFleet.  We envisioned that would be done by twice-daily VHF marine radio reports from each participating vessel.  Since WILLIT RUN?? didn't, our skipper had to coordinate all reports by cell phone.  We "got the message through", but we can't wait to see what the skipper's cell phone bill is going to be this month!!!


Click here to read our trip report and see photos of our ScoutFleet adventure.  Remember that any thumbnail photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  We found it hard to upload daily updates, but we are updated whenever we could.  


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