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Every good Sea Scout Ship has a list of projects that it "hasn't quite gotten to yet," and Ship 25 is no exception.  Keeping in mind that one of the requirements for Apprentice rank is to "Log at least 16 hours of work on ship equipment, projects, or activities other than regular ship meetings, parties, dances, or fun events," it seems worthwhile to have a place to list some of the projects that can be counted towards this requirement.  The storekeeper "thanks you for your support."  If you know of items that should be added to or deleted from this list, email

General Items:

Make a bookshelf for the back of the quarterdeck area in the meeting room.

Make a chuck box for the Ship's portable galley.

Make storage lockers for the rest of the Ship's equipment.

Move the desk up on to the quarterdeck.

Make nylon cases for the Ship's flags.

Refurbish the railings for the land ship.

Repair the latch on the barn door in SW corner of meeting room.

Make a nice wooden case and base for the pelorus.

Replace the damaged propane bottles.

Luger sailboat items:

Install floatation in the three Luger sailboats.

Windrose items:

Get new tires for Windrose's trailer, and sandblast and paint the trailer wheels in the process.

Repair the front mast support on Windrose.

Procure and install a battery for navigation lights.

Install connectors on masthead light wiring where it exits the mast.

Whitehall items:

Install lifting pad eyes.

Install bronze bow eye.

Install leathers and buttons on the second set of oars.


"Work Your Passage" Tasks

Unlike the Storekeeper Projects that result in credit toward advancement hours, a separate program of Ship 25 is "Work Your Passage" that results in dollar credits to your Ship 25 personal crewmember account.  Monies credited to your personal Ship 25 crewmember account under this program are available for any Sea Scouting purpose (dues, uniforms, activities, etc.) but may not be withdrawn in cash for other purposes, and any unused balance remains with the Ship when and if you fail to re-register at charter renewal time.  See the Skipper for details.

Paint barn.

Fix lower barn doors.

Install water pipe to barn.

Trim trees along lane.

Take fallen tree branches to dump.

Clean out far end of barn.

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