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Here are some digital audio/visual projects Sea Scout Ship 25 put together using Microsoft PhotoStory or Microsoft MovieMaker software.  Click on the links below to view them.  Because of the large size of video files, either a high speed internet connection or else incredible patience is recommended.  

We trust you will find the results are well worth the wait!

If you prefer still photography, visit our Ship 25 Photo Album.  Many of our earlier activities are recorded in the photo album.


Click on the Play Button (>) below to watch a video.  In some cases, you may have to push it twice.

Video Play Tip:  If the video seems "jerky" at first, press the Pause Button (||) on the lower left corner of each screen and wait several seconds for the buffer to fill, then press the Play Button (>) which has now moved to the lower left corner of each screen and you should have a smooth run.  Also, after a first run, if you select to replay the video, your computer will likely read from its cache, thus improving the speed and smoothness of the video.

Ship 25 Year-in-Review 2010-2011

Ship 25 Year-in-Review 2009-2010

Ship 25 Year-in-Review 2008-2009


Michelle's Most Excellent Bermuda Adventure - BOR-2008


Ship 25's Bermuda Race 2008 Adventure - John Dawson's video - Part 1 - The Ocean


Ship 25 participates in the 2008 Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race - Brian Kurzik's photos


Ship 25 assists the Merchant Marine and Naval Gun Crew Veterans in the 

St. Patrick's Day Parade, York, PA - 15 March 2008


Ship 25 helps Pack and Troop 25 with Webelos Weekend

Camp Conewago, 29 February - 2 March 2008


Ship 25's Sea Scout Year 2007 in Review


Ship 25 helps staff the Venturing area at Wizard Safari, 28-30 September 2007


Ship 25 attends USCG Safety-at-Sea Day, 8 September 2007

Ship 25 participates in the Northeast Region Koch Cup qualifying races at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY, 24-26 August 2007


Ship 25 attends Venturing Visions weekend at Camp Tuckahoe, 17-19 August 2007


Ship 25 goes winter sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, 4 March 2007


BOR 2006 - Chesapeake Flotilla Sea Scouts in Bermuda - Photo Album - Part 2


Ship 25's participation in the 2005 Marion, MA to Bermuda Ocean Race (Part 1 - MD to MA to BDA)


Ship 25's participation in the 2004 Annapolis, MD to Bermuda Ocean Race


My Life as a Sea Scout 

Follow the adventures of one young man as he experiences the fun of being a Sea Scout in Ship 25, York PA


Sea Scout Ships 25 and 5 visit the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship USNS COMFORT, Baltimore Harbor, MD


Ship 25 participates in the first Chesapeake Sea Scout Flotilla - USCG Safety-at-Sea Weekend

USCG Yard CURTIS BAY, Baltimore, MD


Ship 25 attends the Northeast Region Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball

Holiday Inn Conference Center, Bridgeport, NJ - 2 April 2005


Ship 25's Long Cruise in 2003 as crew in the topsail schooner H.M.S. SULTANA


Sea Scout Marine Engine Training Cruise onboard der PeLiKan to Annapolis and St. Michaels, 13-15 April 2001


Ship 25 and 1993 Shipwreck Weekend, Hart-Miller Island, Chesapeake Bay, 7-8 September 2002


Chesapeake Flotilla Sea Scout Adult Leader Seamanship Training Course, 20-22 April 2001

Other Videos

Wreck of the Cynthia Woods - Today Show report on sinking of a boat in an off-shore race.

Life as a Sea Scout - Experience life as a Sea Scout from SSS YORKSHIRE - Sea Scout Ship 25 - York, PA - Run Time 10:01

Northeast Region Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball - April 2-3, 2005 - Run Time 6:48

Sea Scouts Visit the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship COMFORT -  February 27, 2005 - Run Time 7:19


The 2004 Army-Navy Game - "Go Navy" - Need I say more? December 4, 2004 - Run Time 9:08

Sea Scouts Visit the Adirondacks - October 21-24, 2004 - Run Time 3:15

Safety-at-Sea Weekend - Joint Sea Scout/USCG Safety-at-Sea Weekend, September 10-12, 2004 - Run Time 4:00 

Sailing Merit Badge - Teaching BSA's Sailing Merit Badge to land Scouts, August 26-28, 2004 - Run Time 1:15

The 2004 Bermuda Ocean Race - Our Sea Scout long cruise to Bermuda, June 10 to July 15,2004 - Run Time 13:06

The Royal Navy replica Topsail Schooner SULTANA SULTANA - Sea Scout Long Cruise, August 19-23, 2003 - Run Time 6:20

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