Sea Scout Training Vessel Willit Run ??

1987 34' Silverton fly bridge cruiser

Willitt Run??'s projected role in the Chesapeake Flotilla Wardroom ScoutFleet voyage to New York City will be act as the Wardroom CIC (Communications Information Center).  Her job will be to track the positions of the various Wardroom vessels on a periodic basic throughout the voyage.  With her speed, endurance, and sophisticated communications, GPS, and radar, Willit is the natural choice for this role.  Willit is also expected to be equipped with radar by the time of the voyage.  She can therefore act as a Radar Pickett Ship in the event the Flotilla becomes fog bound.  Ship 25 is also working out the technology to be able to upload periodic updates to the Ship 25 web site while underway to keep Wardroom parents and interested parties fully informed during the voyage as events transpire.

In addition, Ship 25 crew members embarked in Willit will stand underway and in port watches and work on the Sea Scout Small Boat Handler and Sea Scout Qualified Seaman awards.  Reference:  Sea Scout Manual, pages 98-100.

Where did Willit get her name, you ask?  Well, it's a long sea story, but the short version is that Willit Run?? is named for her predecessor, the first Willit Run?,  who was named after the P-51 Mustang at the Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Here are Willit Run??'s specifications:

Engines: Twin 270 hp 350 cube GM 4-bolt Crusader main engines.

Electronics: GPS, VHF (2), Radar, flow scan on dash.

Layout: forward V-berth, shower, toilet, galley, dinette for four, salon, cockpit, fly bridge.

Amenities: air conditioning, alcohol/electric stove, refer, bimini, fly bridge.

Tender: 10' twin-vee dingy capable of 25 knots.

Home Port: on the Bush River in MD (30 miles from Delta, PA) near Belcamp, MD.

Manufactured:  at Tom's River, NJ, Shark River Inlet.

Operating costs:  1 gal mile @ $1.75 gallon of diesel.  Best fuel  consumption is at 2800 rpm (14-16 knots) with 14 gallons per hour.  In trawler mode (8 knots), fuel consumption is 6 gallons per hour.

Owner/Skipper:  Mr. Chip Diamond, Scoutmaster Emeritus, Troop 99, York, PA.

Photos: The interior photos below are not actually of Willit Run??, but are close enough to give a general impression of her accommodations.





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